All My Children Actors Staging a Coup?

This is gonna get ugly. TV Guide Canadas Nelson Branco is reporting several AMC actors are threatening to quit rather than move to LA. 

The Suds Report has exclusively learned that that a coup d’etat — helmed by the major veterans of the soap — is in the works. “We’re all banding together and threatening to quit to keep the show in New York,” a vet tells Suds. “You can print that.”

Uh yeah, good luck with that one! In other AMC Move-related news from The Suds Report, Chrishell Stause (Amanda), Jacob Young, Aiden Turner (Aidan) and Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) are all reportedly heading West, according to Branco.


CORRECTION: When I initially posted, I misread the Suds Report item. Nelson Branco reported that Aiden Turner was reportedly set to move to LA, not Bobbie Eakes.


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    Yeah, I agree – “good luck with that one.” It is sad that after 39 years AMC has to relocate to Los Angeles and that the talent has to decide whether to go or not, but they can’t exactly mutiny like that either.

    If the talent forms a strike or whatever, causing a force majeure with ABC, they are just going to cost the production MORE money.

    Maybe if everyone related to AMC took pay cuts they could stay. Realistically, they should be happy to still have jobs. Everyone is hurting and they are not in a position to make demands.

  2. Profile photo of arielade

    They are all going to get fired. I see no way of their coup being able to keep production in NY, and then AMC is going to be a shell of it’s former self.

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    None of those names listed for those headed west are surprising.

    But I’ve been wondering if this means Stause will be staying. A move to L.A. could be beneficial to her with wanting to further her career. I get the feeling AMC would accommodate her wish to do more outside projects in order to get more time out of her.

  4. Profile photo of KC121183

    It’s a shame that AMC couldnt do some kind of say, 3 month storyline rotation type arcs…and maybe that way some of the verts would be more open to commuting if it was for a couple of months at a time, as opposed to permantly.
    I used to love Port Charles’ story arcs and it really brought the show back to life for awhile.

  5. Profile photo of disillusioned GH fan
    disillusioned GH fan

    In this economy, if my employer told me I had to move to keep my job, I’d take them up on the offer. I realize these people have lives and families, but you really can’t expect a company struggling to make a profit in one of it’s divisions to keep on using an unprofitable business model do you? I mean, look where that got GM, Chrysler, the banking industry, healthcare and the airlines for cripe sake!

    I don’t think this mutiny on the bounty is gonna fly! It’ll be more of a “see ya later and buh-bye”!

  6. Profile photo of appleridge

    Everyone ABC/AMC is loving this. This Way they can rid themselves of the unworthy as they would call them and go after more LA people

    This already is gonna fail and I hope when ABC cancels a soap its this one.

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    Frankly, I think ABC should have moved production to either Chicago or Philadelphia. Both are closer to NYC and production would be cheaper. I read that Illinois offers tax incentives, which is why so many movies are filmed there now (Dark Knight). Oprah’s in Chicago. Something must be good about the place, otherwise she would have moved to either coast years ago.

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    disillusioned GH fan, when you’re Susan Lucci the last thing you have to worry about is unemployment. I mean, come on. That woman probably has more money in the bank than Erica Cane. And plus, if you’re one of these veteran actors, you more than likely won’t have very much trouble finding something else. But who’s to say that they wouldn’t? But really, if Susan Lucci, Walt Willey, and David Canary all quit, they are definitely not in financial danger.

    And, you can’t knock ‘em for trying. It is almost disgusting that that Brian Fronz is doing this to these actors, because we all know that being able to rid of all these highly payed, NY based vets was one of the great selling points on this deal. So, Note: Mrs. Lucci, HE WANTS YOU TO QUIT!

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    Why not just move to Toronto? The city is looking to expand its filming industry and investing a lot of money as it is in doing so. Moving production there I’m sure they could get a good deal, and it is not that long of a flight!! A lot more actors could remain in NYC if they choose to and just fly back and forth, its only an hour and 15 minutes, not much longer than many people do to communte to their jobs

  10. Profile photo of Llanview76

    Maybe Adam Chandler or Erica Kane could end up in Llanview? Adam and Dorian would be a delicious duo and Susan Lucci and Robert S. Woods’ characters could have that flirtation they wished upon a soap bubble back in the 80’s :)

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    So if Chrishell Stause is moving to LA that seems to me that her contract extension, which was 6 months would be longer than that if they are starting in La in January… The tiny little light of happiness for me in this is that Melissa Claire Egan is moving :) Love me some MCE! But this behind the scenes drama is making me very nervous for AMC…

  12. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    JMHO but I think if Robin Strasser had no re-signed, Lucci would have ended up on AMC. Maybe thats why tptb felt so comfortable giving Strasser the take it or leave it approach??

  13. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I cannot imagine AMC without Erica Kane! Can that actually work?

    Staging a coup is not going to make ABC change their minds, so it’s really just a waste of time! If these actors refuse to go to LA, then they better start looking for a new job because AMC will not stay in NY just because a few actors threaten to quit! ABC is probably hoping some of these vets will quit!

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    TV Gord

    Maybe the H1N1 virus will sweep through Pine Valley (or one artificially created by Dr. Davey Deathdoc) and it will wipe out anyone in Pine Valley over the age of 50. Kind of like an older cutoff version of Logan’s Run.

    Incidentally, I don’t get that part in the Suds Report about Kelly telling Regis she may consider moving to L.A. to rejoin AMC. Regis has been away from the talk show this week, taping the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? specials, so when did this conversation take place?

  15. Profile photo of KeriChandler26

    I don’t see this manuever working at all. I’m hoping that this is just a rumor circulating with all of the chaos going on. After Lucci’s appearance on Regis and Kelly, I’m not too confident about the vets moving.

  16. Profile photo of keanna

    What did ABCD expect? But I guess that’s what they wanted. I think we know who some of those vets are. Anyway this is a bad idea, I know they’re upset, I know they feel like they were blindsided by the move, and I wish they could have move AMC to Toronto, Philadelphia, or here in Chicago. But it is not going to work. I am sure ABC will just find some West-Coast based soap actors who are out of work and hire them. Maybe if it is true, they can get Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos back.

  17. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I could see her taking “recurring” and just flying out for occasional appearances. They could say New Beginnings has moved (ironically) to New York, so she’d be close to Pine Valley, but not there.

  18. Profile photo of inspiron

    I encourage them to go now–when we had a similar situation at work, only those who moved really got ahead financially. They can move back to NYC later and commute back and forth if need be. There are no other jobs for them in NYC with ATWT about to leave the airways next.

  19. Profile photo of soap1234

    Actually OLTL is in New York so there are jobs and ATWT hasn’t be confirmed canceled yet only renewed, it might go off next year if the ratings don’t improve. I hope the ratings improve so ATWT gets renewed.

  20. Profile photo of josser


    Kelly Ripa and Mark C. live in NYC. Ripa is the main breadwinner in their family and makes a boat load on “Live w/ Regis & Kelly.” She would have to take a HUGE pay cut to leave the “Live..” to go back to work on AMC in LA. It also wouldn’t make sense since there’s a chance that AMC would be canceled in a year or so after the move.

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    BTW, I don’t understand why the NYC-based soaps didn’t muscle their way into NYC’s tax breaks for productions. Given the number of jobs that those shows had in NYC, I don’t see why the city and state did want to fight to help to keep them.

    What if GL had those tax breaks? Would the show not have do have gone to Peapack? Would it still be on the air?

  22. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    That’s right, josstheguy. I don’t understand why Mayor Bloomberg didn’t raise a ruckus about this the way he did when there was some mild talk of Letterman moving his show to California several years ago. Yes, soaps may be a dying breed, but AMC has more than 40 contract and recurring actors and dozens more behind the scenes, not to mention what the stars do to with personal appearances and charities. They are economic generators for NYC. I hope he raises a stink once the summer doldrums are over and people start getting back into their routines.

  23. Profile photo of josser

    TV Gord,

    Bloomberg? Please, the man could have done something when GL got canceled or before that.

    Basically, every show employs between 100 to 200 people directly (actors, producers, directors, admin, crew, etc.). Now add onto that the people and businesses that provide services to those shows and the numbers grow larger. As of the beginning of this year, there were 4 soaps. By the end of the year, there will be two. All of those jobs in the New York economy gone. Forever. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    Bloomberg could and should be doing something immediately to fix this but he won’t.

    Frankly, I wish that OLTL were also moving if that helped to ensure its survival. If AMC is moving to Cali to save cash, why not also move OLTL there, too? It’s ratings are stronger and it has more critical acclaim than AMC.

    If keeping AMC is about the power of the AMC brand because of the fame of Erica Kane, what sense does it make to force Lucci out of her role? Doesn’t that hurt the brand?

  24. Profile photo of maine79

    If I am a vet on AMC with a home and family why in the world would I up root my family to move to California for a show that more than likely will not be around in 3-4 years unless something radical happens.

  25. Profile photo of gjr1969

    You know, I think this whole Stuart murder think hinges greatly on what the response of certain people is. If you asked me, it’s strange that Lucci got a paycut, yet is on every other day almost, as if they are pushing her minimum eps to the max early. It would make sense plotwise too: Annie is way too obvious, they live and breath for Kendell, they have invested heavily in Jamie Lumer. So then who does that leave? Canary? Lucci? Irizarry? Plus, it makes sense that Erica would now freak out that Annie has been cleared and Kendell is going to jail for this.
    I can totally see that if someone says he/she isn’t going to LA, they would go permanently on the run. They certainly wouldn’t send Erica to prison but they would love to send her off to Europe and then have Erica pop into town twice a year for a month.

    As regards the way this whole thing played out: I’m sure it has been in planning for months but they purposely let the actors know LAST to give them the impression that any one of them are dispensable. Even Lucci. Hell, with Lucci, she’s got so much going on for her product line, she probably doesn’t even really care. They would bring her in a couple months a year, put her up at a nice hotel and she pops in and out. It is the fact that we are losing Opal and others which makes me sad. David Canary is over 70. Why should he bother?

  26. Profile photo of keanna

    Thanks for the explanation, josstheguy, that’s just wishful thinking on my part. The names that have been confirmed don’t surprise me, remember Jacob (GH) and Bobbie (BB) were on West Coast soaps. If people like Thorsten, Alicia, Susan, or Cameron don’t go. They are going to need a big name to be the face of AMC. Any suggestions.

  27. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I can certianly understand why the vets would do this, I don’t blame them at all. It’s jus too bad Brian Frons won’t care one way or the other. *shakes head*

  28. Profile photo of ackgh73994

    All everyone is doing is worrying about Susan Lucci, but what I’d love to know is how Ray MacDonnell is taking this. At 81 years old and on the show since Day 1, he must be beside himself about having to move to LA. I doubt that TPTB would disrespect his tenure and put him on recurring.

  29. Profile photo of appleridge

    The PTB Dont Care About Ray McDonell. They Hope all these vets over 40 say no so they can rebuild AMC around the young set. Well that will fail. The only one they hope agress will be Susan Lucci and wouldnt be surprised if they let her commute and become recuring.

  30. Profile photo of maine79

    I truly believe that unless they get some key vets on board with this move All My Children will be cancelled first and it will be an absolute disaster. This isn’t like Days of Our Lives where the DH’s were largely backburned for a long period before they were fired. If you lose Susan Lucci, David Canary, and Alicia Minshew at the same time you can put a fork in this show. I don’t see Chrishell Stause, Bobbie Eakes, or Jacob Young carrying this show.

  31. Profile photo of gjr1969

    Well, the word is people like Robin Christopher, Eden Riegel and others may be willing to come back now that the show is in LA. That may be what they are banking on. They get rid of Canary but bring in Eden etc.

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