Y&R’s Kristoff St. John, “There Are No Black Writers, There Are No Black Producers or Directors”

The Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John (Neil) and his precious 6-year-old daughter Lola visited Buzz Worthy Radio where St. John got real about the state of the Winters family and other Y&R issues.  According to St. John, the lack of good storytelling for the Winters on Y&R isn’t so much about what we see on our screens, but what is happening behind the scenes.

"There are no black writers. There are no black producers or directors."

PREACH! It is a sin and a shame that a soap opera that owes so much of its popularity to its black audience doesn’t have any black people working behind the scenes. We can get a brother and sistah in the White House, but we can’t get one on the Y&R staff?

St. John also admitted he enjoyed Lynn Marie Latham‘s tenure at the soap because the Winters clan were better utilized (This portion translated by the awesome Roger Newcomb at We Love Soaps.)

I really enjoyed the Lynn Marie Latham year and a half that she was there. Never did I work more. We were starting to get back to the roots of my character and my family. One thing that’s mising in the Winter’s family is the clan itself, and black culture. Lynn and I talked about that for quite some time. Let’s put some church into it, some God, not too much, we don’t want to ram it down anyone’s throat, but you want to get something there. We need to be on par with the Newmans and Abbotts.

As much as it pains me to give LML any credit, the Winters were front and center during her run, that can’t be denied. Although I don’t know if having Dru (Victoria Rowell) in a straitjacket was much better than what we have going on now, but at least the Winters storyline was watchable.  As much as I have loved seeing the Newmans, Chancellors and Abbotts restored under Auntie R Ri’s direction, Y&R gets a big fatty F minus for it’s lack of a proper story for the black characters and for not promoting diversity behind the scenes. 


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    I think the problem is that there are NO WRITERS on the Show–period! You have Faux Bell, Ho-Again Sheffer and Producer Paul The Third Reich,, none of whom are talented and erroneously think viewers like to be tortured rather than entertained! HOWEVER, the lack of minorities behind the Scenes is painfully evident by the muck we see on the Screen; The Gutting of Lily and tormenting of of LANE and the Winters to appease the diversity-challenged hacks, half of whom are gay or lesbian themselves (one would THINK that would make them more acceptable of minorities–I guess not!)

    Josie and her Team must know that CBS’ Diversity Iniative is a joke, and it is apparent to all and sundry. Kristoff did’t have to say anything–viewers are not stupid!

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    Sing it again, Kristoff. That why I am still angry about the lack of diversity with in front and behind the scenes and there is no mention to change it. I don’t see no getting no good black actors to play the roles or black writers and there are good black writers that would love to work on Y&R or any other soap. They say the industry has change, but it still is racism and sexism and no will ever change until the soaps are cancel and then they will have to acknowledge maybe if they have diversity, the shows would of have a fighting chance to be on air.

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    This was a very candid interivew by KSJ, he spoke alot of truth, but I sincerely hope he has a job when he returns from his 6 week absence. I dont really think that Neil needs to be paired with a woman of colour; Neil and Phyllis would make an interesting pairing.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Thank you JESUS, he dissed that doggone ICE CREAM bull ISH on Generations! Why we gotta run an ice cream business? Why no Ebonytype magazine company or cosmetics firm?

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    Now, maybe, the Y&R folks will hire a more colorful behind-the-scenes staff, as in writers, to really beef up the Winters’ storylines, and integrate that family with the other GC folks!

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    I just finished listening to the Buzzworthyradio interview and WOW it’s very eye opening. I agree the Winters were front and center during LML’s tenure but having Dru go crazy wasn’t the best storyline for them in my opinion.

    I also agree with the F for MAB and Co. for the Winters clan. They have become so dimished on the show and it’s embarassing. I hope MAB and Co. get it together.

    KSJ also mentioned Nia Peoples and Eva Marcielle and from what he says they didn’t get along at all. I say if you are a fan of Y&R and the Winters family then this interview is a must listen to.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Kristoff speaks the truth!!! As much as I hated the LML years she did utilize the Winters family although I could’ve done without Dru acting a plumb damn fool.

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    Kristoff is great. Given a choice between Nia Peeples and Eva Marcille, I would have chose Nia Peeples HANDS DOWN!!

    I miss Nia Peeples. The show kept her down. She was on fire when they finally gave her good material. She ripped up the room when she released her justifiable fury.

    Sadly, I don’t think TIIC at Y&R will listen to Kristof. They obviously don’t have much respect for him or Bryton even though the both won Emmys in recent years.

    I might not have liked Dru being crazy jealous but how different was her behavior than that of Phyllis’?

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    One comment made above that I believe is ridiculous is “the tormenting of LANE” (Lily and Cane). Hello, it’s s SOAP OPERA! The couples ARE and SHOULD be put through the ringer–problems are grist for the mill. If they were all hearts and flowers and happiness every day, who wants to see that? Without the obstacles to overcome, what’s to cry for? To root for? To be upset about?

    That said, I think the Winters clan is being underused and poorly written. I wish they could get Victoria Rowell to come back. I’d be interested in seeing a triangle with Neil/Dru/Tyra–you know Neil and Dru would get back together, but what if Tyra stuck around to cause problems? Or what if Neil still felt himself attracted to Tyra despite loving Dru? The Winters family is without a matriarch (Drucilla) and I think that leaves them adrift.

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    I might not have liked Dru being crazy jealous but how different was her behavior than that of Phyllis’?


    josstheguy I’m not sure how long you have watched Y&R but Dru going crazy was VERY out of character. As far as Phyliss, she came on to the show being a crazy obsessed fan of Danny Romalotti who would scheme to get what she wanted. She was very jealous of Christine aka Criket. It’s Phyliss nature to be jealous. It’s in the roots of the character. Drucilla’s craziness was out of character and didn’t make sense.

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    I think President and Mrs. Obama show more of the Black culture than Soaps and Justice Sotomayor is more Latin than many of the Soap characters.

    The Soap opera fans are more and more non-white yet the Soaps do not write for them.

    And why do 20 year olds and teens dress like 50 year olds in many of the Soaps?

    I also think that Soap writers and producers need to visit middle America… middle America is much more Liberal and tolerant than the Soaps.

    To me it seems that soaps are writing for my 81 year old Daddy and leaving the views and wishes of Women 18 to 35 behind.

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    A night time Soap like Grey’s Anatomy…
    Black creator / writer / producer and a multi-cultural cast… a a fan base of Women 18 to 35 … I think a lot of White folks watch Grey’s Anatomy too…

    Grey’s is on the air and making money and soaps are trying to ward of extinction.

    Maybe those network execs. need to stop giving their buddies money and make money for the network!

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    I’m glad KSJ spoke his mind, and I hope her receives no backlash for this because he’s absolutely right.

    Y&R should hire Jamey. Wait, never mind, GH needs him much more.

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    Many soap producers, network execs, and advertisers have a stereotypical view of people of color as being poor and not a desired demographic. Gross but true. It’s the same reason why the same idiots discount older viewers.

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    Grey’s Anatomy has a mixed cast but the black cast no longer has romantic relationships. What made Grey’s novel was its novel casting of a powerful, sexual black male lead in Isaiah Washington and his character Dr. Burke. There hasn’t been a similar character on Grey’s or any other show since Washington left.

    Washington has spent his time in a Siberia-like exile, and it’s time to bring him back.

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    I really disagree with your attempt to pit gays and lesbians on the writing staff with people of color. Have you looked at how BADLY Y&R has handled its gay characters? They’re all terrible characters who will never win any GLAAD media awards:

    Adam: Stereotypical depraved bisexual

    Rafe: Underdeveloped, poorly used character strictly there to advance other characters’ stories.

    Phillip: Deadbeat dad. Insensitive dolt.

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    Kristoff had better tread carefully. If he is too outspoken he may find himself right out of a job. I am glad he spoke up. But I still say that his acting leaves a lot to be desired. He did do a good job when he was praying to Drucilla during the hospital scene. He needs to be given better material by the writing team.

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    Did you listen to the broadcast? Nothing that St. John said was awful. He spoke the truth.

    Also, given the little screen time St. John gets now, why should Y&R fire him? St. John explained that he won’t be working for close to six to seven weeks.


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    You shut up! Last I check this is America and Kristoff has every right to speak his mind. Now if your trifling butt don’t like it, don’t read it. Now move on.

    As for his comment, this is what Victoria Rowell had been saying for a while. In this day and age there needs to be more diversity behind the sceens on these shows. The truth hurts and some people don’t like the truth and that fool I just commented to is one of those people.

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    The same freedom of speech that gives Kristoff the right to express his opinion is the same one that affords NdaKnow the right to tell him to shut up and Thankulord13 to tell NdaKnow to shut up. America’s a funny place.

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    Watching these soaps…reading boards where people make off-color comments (like some will say of my post) about lack of diversity or about not wanting to see two people of the same sex kissing or more on their screens, shows the type of world in which we live. There will never be peace. There will never be total happiness and harmony. It is only a fantasy to think otherwise.

    Well that’s just depressing…

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    Finish the Phrase:

    “There are no black writers. There are no black producers or directors. There are no black ACTORS.

    One who speaks bad against ones own show may soon find work else where. LOL!!!!!

    HEY!! I just really don’t care for his character and after reading this I don’t care for him either.

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    Kristoff St. John has a right to voice his opinion, but he should be thankful he has a job. He would never make it on prime time television or the movies because he is limited as an actor. He knows it, we know it and the industry knows it. Having said that, he does deserve better than what he is getting on the show.

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    Update Quote from the interview.
    Kristoff St. John l: If you look at the storyline on our show with Adam and Rafe. That whole thing peted out and turned out to be such a crock. And forgive me for going there with it, but if you’re giong to do a gay storyline on the show, then do something topical and current. And what could be more topical than Proposition 8 in California but doing a same sex marriage thing. You don’t have to go there with that character whose going through so many things – being blind, screwing over Victor, doing the thing with Mary Jane, the baby with Ashley – man, come on. Don’t cheat the audience out of a really hot, good storyline that would reflect what is actually happening out there in our world and in our nation. That’s the kind of stuff that bugs me. Maybe Hogan Sheffer wants to write comical stuff with chipmunks and all that. If I get my head handed to me on a platter for saying this then so be it. We need to get more family-oriented, get back to the old school stuff, what originally made this show what it is before I got there.

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    None of St. John’s comments were out of bounds. They all reflected the feelings of many Y&R fans who are disappointed in the decimation of the Winters clan.

    “Uppity”? Jesus. It’s 2009.

    The link is embedded in Jamey’s original post.

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    Kristoff SAINT John was ahead when talking about how “There Are No Black Writers, There Are No Black Producers or Directors” behind the scenes at Y&R. Being a black person and actor himself, he has some authority to talk about that. He should have stopped there.

    Where SAINT John DID cross the line and what he had no business talking about was the Adam storyline. The character of Neal that he plays isn’t even involved in that s/l. Where does SAINT John get off criticizing a s/l that his character has no role in?

    Also, what was all that talk from him about how he thinks there should be more “religion” and “god” involved in Y&R storylines? Excuse me, SAINT John, but I like my Soaps and other entertainment as free from divisive religion as possible, thank you very much!

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    KSJ is obviously frustrated and he of course has a right to vent that frustration but it does seem that soap actors have become more vocal since the general decline in viewership and i am not sure whether this trend is a help or a hurt to the industry as a whole. I stopped watching Y&R for a variety of reasons but when I watched I loved that the Winters were prominent in mostly colorblind stories. In theory, there shouldnt have to be people of color behind the scenes to have people of color on camera. We are all more alike than different. I dont think the Blair Underwood character on Dirty Sexy Money was written for a black actor and its going back a few years but Denzel Washingtons’ character in The Pelican Brief was white in the book. As for his commenting on stories of which he is not a part, he is speaking on the decline of Y&R as a whole and based on recaps and spoilers I would have to agree.

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    I think you’ve misinterpreted KSJ’s mentioning of God. KSJ was referring to the show’s lack of understanding of African-American culture. He said that he felt the show was not authentic in how it portrayed aspects of AFrican-American life. One of which is religion. Are you African-American? If you aren’t, then you should know that the religion is a part of life for many African-Americans.

    In virtually the same breadth, KSJ also mentioned that the show needs more Asians, which would help to expand viewership. KSJ’s comments were based on how to grow the show’s audience by connecting to under served viewers.

    As for commenting on the Adam storyline, did you listen to what he was saying? The Adam storyline, no fault of the actors involved, is turning out to be a disaster that is turning off viewers. The Adam/Rafe pairing wasn’t a real gay relationship. If Y&R wanted to have its first gay pairing, it should have done something more meaningful or topical like a romance that leads to characters wanting to get married. (Y&R is set in Wisconsin which has a new domestic partnership law.)

    Adam/Rafe were never a couple. If anything, Adam’s dalliance with gay sex feeds into the stereotype of the depraved bisexual. The character is a monster. On Friday’s U.S. show, Adam’s girlfriend finds out about his affair with Rafe and breaks up with him. Everything in Adam’s life is falling apart.

    I’ve defended Y&R up and down the street but the Adam storyline is a mess. The character can’t be redeemed. There’s no coming back from causing the death of an unborn child and then continuing to drive its mother insane.

    Not only is the character painted into a corner, he’s painted himself a dark crimson red of dripping blood. Once all of the facts come out, Adam will have no ties to anyone on the show. Everyone will look at him as if he were a monster. He won’t be like a Phyllis who committed horrible acts but was redeemable.

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    Is your problem with the KSJ that he spoke out or that he is also discussing race and the lack of people of color working behind the scenes on Y&R?

    Also, did you listen to the podcast? I did. The podcast was mostly light humor fun.

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    Ndaknow doesn’t no-a-thing. She is just an opinionated individual. She is talking about how she doesn’t like the character or the actor, guess what? So what! She needs to get life and quit being so negative.

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    I think people should listen to KSJ’s interview. It was very funny. He hilariously joked about all of the times Ana was trotted out to sing, joking that he was surprised that Ana wasn’t singing to Lily was on her way to surgery.

    KSJ shared the same opinions that many soap fans have been saying but did so in a humorous manner. He also did so with a great deal of respect for the soap genre and Y&R.

    During the interview, KSJ’s toddler daughter Lola made an appearance and said that she liked Sponge Bob more that Y&R. KSJ told her that Y&R bought her toys.

    I mention this because some of the comments here are made by people who haven’t listened to the interview. Instead, there’s the typical backlash that comes from quotes in a very long interview.

    KSJ himself discusses how Nia Peeples joking comments were taken out of context to seem like a harsh criticism of him when they were part of a joke.

    That said, over the last several months, I’ve been very sad about the diminished role of the Winters family on Y&R. Learning that KSJ will not be working for the next 6 to 7 weeks just adds to my anxiety about Y&R pushing the Winters into a closet. Yeah, actors go on the back burner but it seems that the Winters get the brunt of it.

    I just read an online soap columnist mention that Y&R had initially planned to kill Lily but CBS’ Barbara Bloom prevented that. (Yep, Bloom did something right.) In the past several commenters have spoken out that they thought that there was some conspiracy to do away with the Winters. I thought that this was just paranoia but I’m not so sure now. :-(

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    And yeah, I miss Nia Peeples. She was Neil’s equal, a strong, intelligent woman of color. When Y&R finally gave her some decent writing, Peeples was a bundle of righteous fury. I would have loved to have seen Neil and Karen start their own business and take on Newman and Jabot.

    KSJ spoke in his interview how Neil’s actions, tossing Karen away, were antithetical to 20 years of Neil’s actions. I agree. Neil would never have cheated on Karen or dismissed her.

    KSJ also made it clear that Neil and Tyra were no more. The pairing was poorly conceived and executed in a misguided attempt to create a Dru clone even thought Dru had become a successful, mature business woman (discounting the craziness that infected her at the end of Dru’s run).

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    Josstheguy, thank you for the website. I heard the podcast and I enjoyed it. KSJ seems a little wierd to me. Playing old theme songs from shows back in the day. I have never heard this podcast before so maybe that is what they do. He is also an actor and many of them are free spirits. He was dead on with most of the things he was saying. In the beginning he was quiet about the goings on at the show. I think he has become frustrated (could it be due to the nearly two months off?) so he decided to say something. I think when Dru died, his character died with her. I also agree that they should make him a darker character and he should take on Victor. The unfortunate thing is that set up has just been added with Billy taking him on. You don’t want too many rivalries on the show. Otherwise, you would not have any friendships whatsover. For the first time in a while, I am afraid of where Y&R is going and worried that it too will be canceled more sooner than later. I hope I am wrong.

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    KSJ used to be a TV host. He hosted soap specials for CBS. I think he was playing music to enliven the show. If you listen to any of the other Buzzworthy podcasts, especially the ones with Daniel Goddard and Billy Miller, all of the actors have the same kind of fun.

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    Who’s “Michael M”? The only Michael M on Y&R is Michael Muhuney and he’s straight (married to a woman with an infant daughter).

    There might be gays behind the scenes but do you know that they are in control? The executive producers and headwriters of Y&R are straight to my knowledge.

    You’re assuming that white gays and lesbians on Y&R might be the decision makers. I’ve never read that.

    TPTB at Y&R:
    Maria Arena Bell
    Paul Rauch
    Scott Hammer
    Hogan Sheffer

    Again, look at the horrible representation of gays on Y&R. If gay people had the power you suggest, wouldn’t they have presented better stories of themselves and prevented, for instance, Adam from being a stereotypical depraved bisexual? Wouldn’t they have made Phillip less of a deadbeat enema bag hiding behind his homosexuality as an excuse to dump his family? Wouldn’t Rafe be less of a two dimensional tool to push the Adam storyline.

    I agree that the writing has been off, way off. (It’s ridiculous that both Phillip and Cane were forgiven so quickly by Jill and Katherine. Those to have been put through hell by Phillip and Cane.) But the headwriters of the show aren’t gay folks. So, why are you laying the lack of representation at the feet of Y&R’s queer staff? They seem like an easy target for you.

    If you look at my comments that precede yours, you can see that I am very upset about the Winters. I blame the headwriters and executive producers.

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    Have u taken your meds today Brittany? Does your mom and dad know your on a blog acting up? What the hell do LAME have to do with your stupid post. Shut up already and get over it! They aren’t hogging up airtime anymore.

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    Y&R is like any soap in that it can go through rough patches. Writers come and go. A better writer can reverse this situation quickly. Wouldn’t it be better to fix the show than kill it?

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    I hate to say it, but here it goes…

    Black is beautiful….and
    Tan is grand….and
    (insert others…brown you can stick around, yellow is mellow)…but

    BLACK is Beautiful…
    TAN is Grand…BUT
    WHITE is the Color of the BIG BOSS MAN…
    Now, know your place and stay in step.

    Point is: Like it or not, this is how things was in the past…is today…and forever will be. It’s never going to change. At most they would hire: one director, one writer, one producer. They would not be captains of the ship and would have to go along with everyone else. It won’t make a difference people.

    People of color will always be limited in opportunities provided in this genre and practically everything else. My personal feelings is that is neither right or wrong. You just have to deal with it and stop whining.

    Oh and there’s one more thing:
    Straights for Hate and
    Gays are Slayed.

    Look at the uproar around these gay storylines. We/(Me: Male, Black, Gay) are second-class in this world. Some say things have improved. In my 53 years, I say its the same old crap.

    Watching these soaps…reading boards where people make off-color comments (like some will say of my post) about lack of diversity or about not wanting to see two people of the same sex kissing or more on their screens, shows the type of world in which we live. There will never be peace or equality. There will never be total happiness and harmony. It is only a fantasy to think otherwise.

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    Sounds like how the NFL was a few years ago, but nothing will change. Don’t the TIIC realize African Americans and Latinos are a large part of our population and viewing base. I am white but I love seeing diversity on my shows. Glad to see OLTL is putting blacks front and center, like it is in the real world.

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    I’m new on this site. But I was just wondering if it really matters that there are no black writers,producers,or directors? I thought all that mattered is that you have a job when a million others don’t. I understand the fact that Kris would like to have some better s\l’s but that doesn’t mean you will get a better s\l or get more time on air just b\c of the color of one’s skin.

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    Yes! It does matter that there are no black writers, directors, and producers. Would it matter to you if Y&R had never hired any women behind the scenes? Never once finding a single woman worthy of hiring?

    First, it matters in terms of fairness. Would it be okay if there were no black doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, scientists, dancers, or artists?

    Victoria Rowell wrote that as long as she worked at Y&R, 20 years, there had never been any black people at Y&R who worked behind the scenes.

    The utter lack of hiring of ANY black people speaks badly to Y&R’s hiring practices.

    Second, it matters in terms of whether or not the writers, etc. who are there have an understanding of another culture and are able to write for that culture authentically instead of relying on cliches and stereotypes. For viewers belonging to represented minorities, seeing real parts of their culture matters to them.

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    three things…. everybody should seek diversity in hiring practices. That doesn’t mean that no white people should be hired, but that differences make for a better world. Too much of one thing is bad.

    having said that Bill Bell was as white as one can be and yet he brought the Winters clan to life. So just because one is not black doesnt mean that one can’t have front burning black people in the show.

    3. What I see as the Winter’s biggest problem is they are trying to write about a group in which it’s biggest baddest character is missing. DRU! The family and the show has not been the same since she left. Ok if you arent gonna hire her back, create a Dru type character to drive story. The characters in the current Winters clan are BORING!

  43. Profile photo of cynthiamsmith

    KSJ is right. There is no repect for the Winters clan with the lack of a storyline. I am tired of seeing Bryton underused; he is a terrific actor and needs a strong storyline. Bring back Victoria Rowell to beef things up fast before I stop watching.

  44. Profile photo of cajuncreation

    :(( I cant believe all of this! Most of you are CRAZY! Poor Poor Poor KSJ… no brother or sistah behind the scenes. That right there, has a lot to say. I am so sick of hearing about poor pittiful me. Just because Im black this is how they treat me! I dont get any airtime! Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah! (Poor me my husband works away so he can provide a living for us and you dont hear me fussing!) Its life and thats how it is…DEAL WITH IT!

  45. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Well, when majority of your audience is AA women and the AA characters are being treated like crap, then it is a problem and the majority of viewership will erode because Y&R pride in itself on being a diverse cast. So when we see the quad eating up screen time and the terrible s/ls on here, I thinking he is just speaking what the fans are feeling about the show. So I glad he spoke out and he is not happy with the state of the Winters family and hope that some changes will happen to fix it.

  46. Profile photo of Tisha0922

    |( This show has been one the absolute worst soaps on television!! The story lines are horrid. The characters are sluts and EVERYONE on the show has either slept with, married, had children with each other.

    But the major negative impact against the show is their lack of realism and exposure of the black family. I am grateful that “when” they do show the Winters family, it is in a positive light. No beer drinking, hip hop drama, gang activity or low income antics because not every black person is struggling or banging their head to a hip hop beat. My goodness the Winters family barely gets ANY airtime. I rather they not be on the show at all than to lessen their existence on a daily basis. Prominent black families have scandals just like the mess we see now on Y&R so why can’t we create a story line for the Winters family also?

    Get some good writers in there and bring some TRUE cultural diversity to the show!

    And the story lines with Amber and those dumb kids is just a plain JOKE!!!! But their stupidity gets a lot of airtime.

    Thank goodness I DVR this show because I only watch about 10 mins of the entire 60 mins of show.

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    J Bernard Jones
    Thank you JESUS, he dissed that doggone ICE CREAM bull ISH on Generations! Why we gotta run an ice cream business? Why no Ebonytype magazine company or cosmetics firm?

    Because there was no gangster rap music label or chicken & waffles restaurant chain to rip off. Marshall’s Watermelon Soda would have been even worse.

  48. Profile photo of reggyreg


    Do you have the address to the broadcast? I would like to hear it. I know what he said might be harmless but you know it is. They may think he is being to “uppity” and should not say anything. Also, is there any reason why he is not working for nearly 2 months? Is he going on vacation or are they not going to write for him in the next 2 months?

  49. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    Because there was no gangster rap music label or chicken & waffles restaurant chain to rip off. Marshall’s Watermelon Soda would have been even worse.

    WTF kind of comment is that, J Benard Jones? :| :-| :stare: There didn’t need to be a gangsta rap label or a chicken & waffles joint to give a black family. The Johnson family were already making millions, even billions, on publishing and cosmetics. Bob Johnson was already a billionare for founding BET. Cathy Hughes was already a hundred-millionaire for founding RadioOne. There are some RICH black people out there who have nothing to do with sports, singing or chicken but people don’t want to see that on the news.

    I did find myself wanting to high-five KSJ several times during the interview. He was definitely right a lot of the time, but I especially agree that nobody wanted to see that Chipmunk Bull-sh*t.

    PS: I hope he has a job when he comes back. This team doesn’t talk to it’s actors from what I’ve heard. And looking at this bullshit they’re airing… I’m sure Paul Reich and Faux Bell (along with Hoghead Sheffer) are more than capable of retaliating for any criticism.

  50. Profile photo of Brittany

    Let me add clarity to my comment. I should have said “Gays and Lesbians Behind and In Front of the Camera” then!! Unfortunately, for minorities, we cannot “Closet” ourselves on Screen–that’s why I respect Clementine Ford, and Michael M who, unlike their counterparts on the Show, refuse to deny their sexuality.

    All I am saying is AIC–be fair!!!! Since so many of you and your cast are gay and lesbian, at least TRY to endorse the Diversity Iniative and be all-inclusive! How dare YOU discriminate when you may have suffered the same fate at the hands of others?

    As for the writing, true–it BLOWS! However, Adam, Chloe and Phyllis are on Screen alot more (too much IMO) than LANE and the Winters, and you know it. Make it equitable to reflect the Y&R audience–one-third Screen Time each for the Newmans, Abbotts and the Winters! After all, at least one-half of their audience are minorities!

    For the record, I ADORED Nia and Karen was great with Neil. They Flucked up there big time–thanks Ho-Again!

    Finally, as for Y&R planning to kill off their Golden Girl LILY, I wouldn’t doubt it–not with the current bunch of Klaners! They HATE the character and her Fans, and had to find some way to make Chloe, Amber and even Mac shine a bit, and Lily is in the way. Since they couldn’t kill her off, they did the next most hideous thing–make her Sterile in that Great American Southern Jim Crow Tradition. And Women 18-49 ((including Minority Women) are supposed to stick around and cheer this S/L–Fluck that! Even JC and CLB and GR said this S/L was beyond awful last weekend!

    MAB has completely outed herself and blown all credibility with Y&R Fans! The Show should be cancelled, for it sends out the wrong message in this Diverse Nation!

  51. Profile photo of Brittany

    Poor Crush Thingy:
    I do Wish they Would prohibit the mentally challenged borne of subhumans Who are kin from posting on Sites–what a bore and arse you are–same post over and over! Isn’t it past curfew at the home for the mentally deranged?

    By the way, showing LANE for 12 minutes in over a week is hardly “hogging” the Screen. Maybe if you could count to 10 (without using your fingers OR toes) you could figure that out!

  52. Profile photo of reggyreg


    But isn’t that the problem? The reason Tyra did not work is because they were looking for someone to be like Dru. Just get a good African American female who can act and have her be her own person and fit in with the Winters’ clan.

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