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Is everything about to be exposed with Genoa City’s own troublemaker? Thanks to beautreal for the tip!

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    I somewhat agree with you. Though Adam is depraved and I want him to be caught, I eventually want to see him reformed/redeemed. Preferably via the classic daytime story involving the love and understanding of a good woman. Or man. And after Friday’s episode, we know that woman will not likely be Heather. If Michale Baldwin, Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman and Kevin Fisher can be redeemed, so can Adam “Victor Newman, Jr.” Wilson.

    By the way, wasn’t Vail Bloom really good in the “revelation” scenes with Michael Muhney on Friday?

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    By the way, wasn’t Vail Bloom really good in the “revelation” scenes with Michael Muhney on Friday?

    I must admit I ff’d those scenes. LOL! I didn’t care for Adam and Heather together so I didn’t care if they broke up but I’ll look at the episode again and see if Vail earned her Emmy nomination a year later.:P

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    SoapSnob yes Vail Bloom’s Heather gave it to Adam!!! I had to do a double take to make sure it was her LOL.

    I don’t want Adam to get caught just yet, but I imagine he will be caught sooner than later. As long as it brings out Victor Sr. lies as well. They both need to go down together.

    Adam can and will be redeemed. Y&R usually does a good job of redeeming it’s villians so I’m not worried about that.

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    From the spoilers, MJ/Patty clues JT in that Victor is behind her visit to Genoa City. The question is whether or how JT will use this information.

    I really enjoy Michael Muhuney as Adam. When every thing comes out, I don’t see how his Adam can avoid jail time and not avoid being taken off the canvas. How can Adam be revealed? How would Y&R actually handle a blind character?

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    I quite enjoyed seeing Heather rip into Adam. Vail Bloom always delivers a delicious performance. I’m not saying she’s Meryl Streep, but she brings so much “oomph” to the role that I’d say she owns it.

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    How would Y&R actually handle a blind character?


    Hope Wilson, Adam’s mom was blind and was on the Y&R canvas for years. She handled herself mighty fine. I don’t see the blindness as a major factor when it comes to keeping Adam. He isn’t and probably won’t be the last blind character.

    Trust me Josstheguy, Adam can avoid jail time. There are a number of characters on the show that have done a lot more crazy things and have avoided jail time.

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    Was I the only one really happy to see Jack/Billy and Ashley all finally in a scene together? I’m actually pretty excited about the fall out of the cameras being found. Nicet that they are involving JT in this storyline. I am loving Eileen these days and think she’s handling the storyline nicely. So far I haven’t warmed up to Michael as much as I would have liked to by now.

    I liked Heather ripping into Adam. I want him to feel like he’s completely alone because that’s when he’ll be at his best. With nothing to lose and getting closer and closer to being caught he’ll try harder to keep his secrets.

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    It looks like Adam’s secrets are being revealed. He never thought anyone would learn of his affair with Rafe, but now every one knows. The shocking part for him was that Victor didn’t care. But losing Heather seems to have hurt him.

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    I agree. I don’t know if he really loves Heather or just using her. Maybe it is a little bit of both. Adam is going down. I am conflicted about Michael Muhney’s portrayal as Adam. There are times when I think he is pretty good and others when he is lacking. I just don’t know why that is. Maybe it is me and I expect to see Chris Engen’s version of Adam. Also, I believe Thom Bierdz is getting better but they have seem to put that storyline on the back burner.

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    I liked Heather ripping into Adam also. At the same time I kinda felt for Adam. He can’t blame Nikki for this. It’s his own warped games that made this happen. I am finally glad the secrets are starting to come out. I’m really hoping that these ‘visions’ of Sabrina are Ashley’s conscious trying to tell her she is no longer pregnant. This storyline has gone on way too long.

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    I’m so sick of Sabrina’s appearances. I just roll my eyes when I see her trying to act all menacing. The vision where she’s holding “her baby” was laughable to me.

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    Is everything about to be exposed with Genoa City’s own troublemaker?

    I sure hope so. I’m tired of his vendetta against Victor. Has he done anything to put a dent in TGVN’s mustache? No. Billy’s done better in making Victor look like the jerk that he is. Adam only gets kudos for fooling them so long.

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