B&B’s “Man and Horse” Make The Soup

I don’t really need to comment, Joe McHale pretty much covers it all on this hilarious segment of The Soup.

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    I really don’t think this show is so so so bad as you make it. It’s campy and doesn’t take itself so seriously, thats good. I would have much rather saw that scene above than a really over the top serious “Stop the wedding” scene. I love it, because it’s not so dark, it makes me laugh. Come on, even they aren’t going to expect the audience to take the BrookeTaylorRidge triangle so seriously. Campy yes, bad…no.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I liked this episode of B&B, and it was the first one I liked in a long time. At this point a spoof of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor is much more enjoyable than seeing Brooke cry croc tears over this guy. My vote is B&B is getting its groove back. I can at least sit through a week’s worth of eppys without wanting to call in a prescrip from my therapist. Can’t say the same about AMC, ATWT or even GL.

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    reggyreg, I’m glad I found someone in my corner over here! I think a lot of ppl over here think I’m just a young viewer, but I’ve been watching soaps since birth 20+ years and follow this industry like a hawk. Not saying my opinion is always right, but I’m not clueless as to what makes good/bad tv. As for GL, it’s a shame the way it is going out. . . good returns, but just hard to sit though…and Rob Bouge has killed it for me.

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    Well I am definitely in your corner. Sometimes I think some on this site want to be negative all the time. I am all for criticizing a show when it is warranted, but when a show is trying we need to give it credit. Unfortunately I stopped watching GL in 2002 so I don’t know what on earth is going on there. I have been a daytime viewer for over 25 years so I try to follow the industry the best I can. We need to continue to support daytime television despite some naysayers.

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    DaytimeFan0001, I am liking you more and more! The Bold and the Beautiful is not that bad. It has certainly gotten better. It still needs work but people make it out to be the worst soap on television and it is not!

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