Constance Towers Returns to Port Charles

After Helena flew off to destinations unknown it was rumored Constance Towers would return later in the year. According to SOAPnet, Towers will be back in Port Charles on September 30— the same day Anthony Geary returns as Luke.

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    Couldn’t Helena come back without Luke? Just a quick picture of Luke frozen in suspended animation next to Stavros would be a nice way to close out the saga of Luke Spencer for the next 5 years.

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    I read somewhere that when Helena comes back it will be revealed that Rebecca REALLY is Emily, and that Helena had brainwashed Emily or something like that..hopefully this is true, or maybe it’s fanfic, who knows? My fingers are crossed though.

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    My bet is Helena’s return will be the reveal that she is in fact the mastermind behind the whole Rebecca scam and the obvious truth that she is in fact Emily will come out. Of course by that time Nik will be well on his way to become a true Cassadine. If you watch closely the more and more you hear the way Rebecca talks and acts she is more and more like Emily everyday. When she originally debuted she was totally different and now not so much. I don’t by that has anything to do with her making herself like her sister to be closer to Emily. She would still be different. Now not so much. All I can say is I am happy to finally have my good GH back. Keep up the great work!

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