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Hey Guys!  So I’m back, sort of. With needing the time off from DC to attend to some personal stuff I also had to take a break from the rest of my life as well. So its catch up time for me with everything including my soap watching. The time away was supposed to turn me into a daytime TV bum but that didn’t happen. Now that I am back and desperately trying to get back into the swing of things, I also have two pretty big projects going on that may keep me away from DC just a bit longer. I want to thank everyone who sent me well wishes and I especially want to thank Luke and the DC crew for having my back and being incredible friends.

I hear I was mentioned during all the KeMo gate stuff (as Daisy put it) and since then both Steve Burton and Nancy Lee Grahn have said Kelly Monaco isn’t going anywhere. You all know that I’m a true believer of where there is smoke there is fire. Monaco SHOULD be negotiating a new deal right about now and sometimes a casting call is a way to get the actor or actress to take notice. If my memory serves her deals are usually up in the fall. Some are saying that when she left to take on her Vegas role, her current deal was adjusted at that time. Do I think TPTB would put out a fake casting call for KeMo’s role? Honestly no. Did I squeal like a schoolgirl when I first saw that bit of news, absolutely! As a Liason fan and not a JaSam fan, I don’t see the JaSam pairing working without Kelly. I like Monaco, just not her pairing. I’m sure this has been discussed plenty here on DC. Honestly, I think Ms. Monaco most likely extended/adjusted her contract when she left for PEEPShow.

Some quick hits on what’s out there… There are RUMORS that Greg Vaughan is on the list for the next season of Dancing with the Stars. He claims it’s not true but he knows the date the new cast will be announced. Hmmmm…. Does that mean he is doing it or another GH star? Maybe he’s just a big fan of DWTS? The residents of PC are carnival bound and it looks like it’s another all cast involvement on this one. This is the sort of stuff I like. Its summer, it’s realistic that there’s a carnival. Plus, one of my favorite GH fanfics has a carnival scene in it. But in true GH form is something fun turning into a tragedy? Some pics from the set surfaces and a couple of extras are all banged up. Nikolas and Elizabeth RUMBLINGS are still out there. Anyone happy about those? I’m not so sure. So Dante is an undercover cop. That I like. I don’t need another Sonny spawn thinking Daddy’s job is the coolest. Dante gets busted and Mac finds out he has an undercover cop working the Z Family crime scene. Is he saving Johnny’s hyde? Dante puts on the big brother hat when Kiefer bullies Morgan. Does Jerry tell Jason Claudia is innocent and it was all one big set up? Jason’s in trouble and Jerry leaves him to die. Will he have the typical GH hallucinations? The tables are turned and Sam rides in to rescue Jason. Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca… Nikolas wants some answers and she gets into it with Elizabeth. Will she also have to face Alexis once again? Is Ethan going to tell Lucky the truth? Did the Mayor’s wife kill the mistress? When she hits the carnival with a gun looking to take out Robin one would think that’s a pretty good indicator. Some RUMORS still suggest that while Andrea Floyd loses it, she MAY not be the killer. Did Spixie fans really get their happy ending? Remember I mentioned they would be Guza’s newest angst target?

That’s it for now kids. Like I mentioned, I have a lot to catch up on in the soap world and reality. I hope you have been well and thank you for rolling with the punches with me.

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    Regan-Welcome back! yaaay! don’t understand why you would want to be burned out though…you can’t be burned out on GH, we need you. Thank you for trying to help us with KeMoGate. Please let us know as soon as you find out what’s going on.

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    REGAN-Did you mean that when Kelly adjusted her contract when she left for Peep show that it’s probably NOT up this fall like it normally would be? First you said you don’t think they would let her do that, then the last thing you said is that you think that might have happened so I’m confused.

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    Regan Cellura

    What I meant was I didn’t think TPTB would use a fake casting call to get Kelly to re-up. What I BELIEVE happened is that when Kelly asked for the time to do PEEPShow they adjusted her deal then.

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    Welcome Back Regan I really missed you …………….
    I really hope it is not true I like Sam and I like Kelly and in my opinion Kelly is SAM …..
    And I am Jason fan and Liaosn fan fan But i really Like JaSam at the moment really ………….

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    Just read a spoiler on SOS that says Jerry will tell Jason the hit on Michael was not Claudia’s doing. Could this be the start of Guza trying to redeem Claudia for SJB?????

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    Regan! You were missed! Hope everything is going well with your projects. :)

    No, I wouldn’t say that Spixie fans got their happy ending. More like we got our happy two days LOL. This proposal storyline isn’t doing much for me. Angst target? Hmmm…that could be good, or that could be bad. It’s GH…so I’m going with bad. ;)

    Dante continues to be made of awesome. I hope your spoiler sources will give you some scoop on scenes with Lulu (and I also loved him with Spin on Friday).

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    I agree with you Im so not a JaSam Fan but i love KeMo (Sam) and i really dont think that if they were to recast that roll JaSam would be JaSam without KeMo playing Sam. This whole secret of Dante is coming out fast i can feel it i think that it’ll be part of November sweeps. Im really excited to see Dante in Big Brother mood protecting his baby brother Morgan. I cant wait for the Carnival scene its about time we get some event that has the whole cast involved to bad it ends with a shoot out but then again it is a soap it has to have something dramatic in it. The whole Niz business i dont think it will be anything serious i dont see it happening but who knows right. I love Greg V. I’d love to see him on dancing with the stars if he is on the show just to look at him more. I really hope that Guza does some how redeem Claudia i love SJB i dont want her to leave GH .=]]

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    I’m so happy you’re back….and with a cool shot of KeMo no less…..

    Hopefully you find the soaps interesting so that catching up won’t be a chore lol……

    Can’t wait to hear you on the podcast again…

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    Welcome back Regan, we missed you.

    well is seems to be another boring week for GH once again.
    I am glad that Jerry’s back maybe he will finish what he started when he was going to blow up Sam.
    I would return to watch that but other than that nothing else interest me. Liz and Nik together is way to gross and I know Maxie is not going to marry Spin and it seems that all the other characters take a backseat to Sonny and his kids and his women.

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    Welcome back Regan…

    LuvSonny – I think the reason Dante would save Johnny is because he knows about Johnny and his mother, and even though he would want his mother away from him, Dante probably doesn’t want to hurt his mother. He seems very protective over his family even those he doesn’t know are his family

    Can’t wait for his scenes with Morgan…

    Big time love for Dante, i for one am very happy Tom Pelphrey did not take the job.

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    Welcome back you are the one who puts it all in perspective for us!!
    Heard Alan was going to another soap on CBS. Do the writers ever look at the poles cause SOD always shows Liason as the favorite couple.

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    EET-aren’t you excited about the possibility that Claudia may be redeemed? Just because it would take them rewriting history and us having to pretend we didn’t see Claudia order the hit…..
    still, it might keep SJB in town

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    Welcome back Regan!!!

    Thanks for weighing in on Kemo-gate! The thought of her leaving is too upsetting for me to even think about, so I’m just going to hope for the best and assume she’s staying. And we might actually agree on something JaSam!! I don’t see a JaSam pairing working w/o Kelly either :)

    GV possibly on DWTS?! I might actually watch!

    LikNiz: I think it *could* work, but the writing – oy – so far it’s been pretty lackluster. But what else is new?? lol

    Let us know what you think of the show when you get caught up. Some of us think there’s been a slight improvement w/ the show, so I’m curious to hear your opinion.

    Oh and thanks for the FAB pic of Kelly!! :)

    Again, Welcome Back!!! DC wasn’t the same without you!!

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    Regan Cellura

    Thanks everyone… I’ll need to work it out with the bossman aka Luke about the podcast. This week I know I’ll have to skip so keep an eye and ear out for me in the next couple weeks. I know everyone has been holding down the ABC podcast without me and I’m sure you have had plenty to listen too. DC has a mean podcasting team!

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    CURACAOMAN-how did that rumor start that they were coming back? I should go comb the streets for Kin to ask him what’s going on but the good news would be that I didn’t find him, because when he’s shooting GH he’s not in Florida.

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    I saw a TV ad for ABC Soap Opera in Depth that hinted at the return of Laura and Scotty. Also it has been hinted on Soapzone that they will be back for a short stint.
    It does appear though that no one cares.

  17. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Curacaoman-We care, why don’t you think we care? I made my caring clear in an earlier thread. However, I think we just don’t have a way to find out if it’s true yet

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    Totally agree EET, but I wish it were for a longer stay and that Laura and Scotty and their extended family would become the new core family. So much possibility there!
    And I thought no one cared, because almost no one made a comment. Glad to know that is not the case!

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    Welcome back Regan!
    I read on another board that the casting call was for the Sam character but that Kelly was not leaving. She was just not going to be Sam–let me explain, according to the spoiler the birth certificate that Helena was holding was for Sam and that Helena is hiding the “real” Sam with Luke. Have you heard anything about this spoiler?

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    I heard something similar without the Helena stuff because didn’t the birth certificate mention a year in the 60s. I mean sometimes Kemo has a few bags under her eyes but I’ve never taken her to be a day over 30, even if she is.

    I heard that the person would be the real Sam McCall, and KeMo Sam was not Alexis daughter

  21. Profile photo of ghaddict

    That’s an interesting spoiler but I doubt that it’s true…
    If GH were to go that route I doubt that they would spoil there own story by sending out a casting call for the character actually naming Sam McCall…..they would have pretended it was some random character……

    However if t is true….I’m not sure how I would feel about that…

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    Didnt they test Sam’s dna against the strand of hair Alexis kept? Add to that the age issue and the fact that Lila was a perfect match for Kristina when she needed stem cells, I think it would be pretty hard to undo and have it make sense. Sure, tptb have written nonsensical stuff before and will again, but there would be big holes. And why am I not seeing this on Sami’s, D&T, Soapzone, EOS, among others…where are you getting this from?

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    welcome back Regan…

    I’m so glad you were able to clear some stuff up about KeMo. I would be so disappointed if they recast her and would not like a JaSam pairing if it doesn’t involve her. Hopefully the casting call is for someone else.

    As for a Niz pairing. I’m feeling it if the writers do it right but I doubt that’s going to happen. I would like Nik paired with Liz just to get him away from NotEmily. Plus I really do like the chemistry between Nik and Liz.

  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan there are some scoops out there that Jason in a haze makes a confession about his feelings for Sam and then in the morning Sam basically says oh you were rambling on about nonsense. Jason then tells her he remembers everything he said and that he meant every word. THen he seduces her. After they make love, they get interrupted, and then Jason tries to pull a hesistant Sam back in to bed.

    Saw that a couple of places today. Any truth. If so, I am thrilled that its Jason doing the persuing.

    Also, a couple of days ago maxsmom brought up a rumor that Jason was going to say that his feelings for Lizard were jumbled up with his love for Jake and that his love for Sam never died. A few of us said that we didnt see that happening, esp. so soon, but now I am seeing that in more places. What are you hearing.

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    It’s great to see your comments again, Regan. Hope you are doing better.

    LLL (Long Live Liason)!!!! No matter how tiic twist it, I will never buy into a JaSam reunion. Way too much water under the proverbial bridge with them. jmho. And, Niz – I don’t know what to say about them other than ‘weird’.


  26. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    EET-what is D & T and what is EOS? I too think it’s highly unlikely that that spoiler is true, mostly because of all the reasons you gave (espec. that they would not scoop their own surprise and in light of KM’s age).

  27. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    i saw the same scoops that EET mentioned, and both make me ill. So in less than a month just to appease to his own sense of self worth Frons is having Jason and Sam say ILY and have sex. Yeah this is typical dumbass GH writing, and while I am happy for all JaSammers on here (really just the ones that stuck around through the breakup) it is not the way to make me embrace them again.

    Hopefully a slow burn and some regret for Liz and Nik, some stolen kisses, and angst. I don’t care if its weird because there is nothing that is ever too weird on GH

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    GH is soooo boring now!! I’ve been watching this show for about 20 years (since I junior high), and this is the most boring it has ever been….Something’s gotta give!!! The JaSam storyline is boring…TIIC ruined it for me when Sam watched Jake get kidnapped and then sent two guys to threaten and scare Liz/kids. Also, Jason said that he would kill her if she threatens Liz again. So how does he go from “I will kill you” to “I love you?” Wake up GH!!!! And pay attention!!!!

  29. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    tODAY’S SHOW: How AWESOME was it when Claudia called Olivia a slut and Dante got all defensive! I so love him.
    Someone please refresh my recollection about LIz, Lucky, emily and Nic on a “brass bed.” I don’t remember that for some reason. I wish Liz could have added “because you are Lucky’s BROTHER” to her list of reasons why they shouldn’t be together!!
    I think it’s awesome that Molly pointed out to Alexis that she’d be motherless if she went to jail-just as we’ve all been saying.
    I laughed out loud when Mac said Maxie didn’t really love Spinelli she was just throwing a tantrum and Maxie was like “I DO TOO LOVE HIM!!”
    Did anyone else hear a cat meowing when when Robin and Patrick told Mac to go to work and shut the door on him???? That was weeeiiiirrrrd

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    LuvSonny…D&T is Dominos and Tequilla which is a JaSam site and EOS is Eye on Soaps.

    I hope when Jason is in a fog he talks about the I Will Kill You thing. I suspect that will be addressed at some point and if I had to guess he will say something like I was so mad, I loved you so much and trusted you like I never trusted anyone and you broke my heart when you betrayed me. And I was angry at myself for what I had done to you. The worked too hard at the redemption for him to totally whitewash it, so I imagine that he will still hold her accountable, but also recognize his role and Lizards role in her breakdown.

  31. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    True, but Guza has never met a soap staple that he didnt steal LOL. But who knows. I just hope its addressed so the haters can stop bringing up the fact that he said, in a moment of anger, that he could kill her. I never thought he would do it, not for a minute.

  32. Profile photo of LuvSonny


    My guess/prediction is now that the whole Helena/birth certificate thing will be forgotten and never mentioned discussed brought up etc. Unless it has to do with the mysterious woman who is locked up with Luke but I don’t think she’s supposed to be 44 years old either.

  33. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Sue I have no clue how old they are suppose to be anymore. Sam has been on I think about 6 years and supposedly she ran with Danny around 18 and spent some time on the run, some time with the car ring, some time doing salvage and then some time chasing the dead mans hand, so it made sense that she was about 22 when she came. Then they added in the five scam husbands, she would have had to have been older, but Alexis was I thought about to start college when she got pregnant, which would be about 17 — if Sam was 22 when she came to PC that would make her like 28 now and Alexis 45. Its one of the many reasons I hated the Bill Monroe crap…timeline wise it made sense without it, but not so much with it. If Alexis is 45 it means her BD would be about right for a 1964 birth certificate.

    Now off to watch todays epi.

  34. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Welcome back Regan, I have missed you, since I have stopped watching GH, I always enjoy any comments you may have. Personally, I love DWTS, so if GV wants to join so be it, I can’t stand Lucky, but Greg I like.

    Welcome back from one sad Liason fan to another!!

    Long live LIASON!!

  35. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    EET, did you see today’s ep? How did you like Jerry’s “Jasey Jase” line? I cracked up!! I wasn’t happy about Jerry’s plans for Sam — why does Guza always have to go the sleazy route??

  36. Profile photo of curacaoman

    I hope GV win DWTS, maybe then TPTP at GH will finally notice him.
    As a matter of fact that would be a great way to protest for changes at GH. People who want change should overwhelmingly vote for him each week. Oh, now I really want him to be on DWTS. The protest and the costumes, off course!

  37. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    EET-awww I had done my whole little commentary on yesterday’s show last night and you hadn’t even watched it yet. No wonder why you didn’t make any comments or answer my question last night lol

  38. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Sueboo-I think the birth certificate could definitely be Alexis’s but I don’t understand why Helena would want it. I still think it’s Holly’s and Ethan is part Cassadine/part Spencer.

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jerry Jax is so awful…and I totally love it. Yeah Daisy, it is sleazy, but he is the one person in recent memory to go up against Super Jasey Jase and seem like he could actually possibly win (ok we know he wont, but it seems like an even fight.) When he was telling Sam about how he wanted her to tell Jason it was him, I had chills.

  40. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh I agree EET – Jerry is a FAB villian! This is how I’ve always wanted him to be. Sebastian Brings It!

    I just wish Guza wouldn’t resort to sexploitation :(

    But whatever, I’m going to enjoy what’s on my screen :)

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    because like liz i am a delicate flower, i need to clarify, i specifically did not reveal the spoiler because it was a Perkie thread and I get the feeling she doesnt like spoilers. i did reveal the site where i read the spoiler. I am glad you are back Regan since I found that site in desperation for spoilers but I have not visited that site since that day, the pain of that rumor has not fully subsided.

  42. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Maxsmom you crack me up. I am sure you are a beautiful flower, but you dont strike me as nearly as fragile as your gal LOL

    I hope Regan can tell us one way or the other what to make of all the stuff floating around. i think the “will kemo stay or go” stuff has ginned up the fan fic on both sides like never before. And if not, I guess we will know next week or the week after…I think Sexico in Mexico is suppose to happen the 24th?

    And hey my birthday is Saturday, I totally think Frons reunited JaSam just for me. I hope I get something on Friday in honor of this important national holiday LOL.

  43. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    He is my Boo..hmmm 8 days til they announce DWTS…when was that posted…8 days from today would be next Wednesday…4 days late for my birthday, but I accept belated presents and GV shirtless dancing with Cheryl Burke or Karina Smirnoff would make me a happy happy birthday girl.

    I am also holding out hope that we do get a story for Lucky, maybe with the girl that Luke is suppose to be trapped with given that it looks like LikNiz is a go. (and you know, if girlfriend wasnt dead to me before, when she sleeps with Lucky’s brother…..GRRRRRR LOL)I said this in the how to save GH thread, I think instead of doing a romance for her they should let LL2 have a co-parent story with one of the boys being special needs or needing a bizarre new cure like that movie Ulee’s Gold – I think that was what it was called. They could use that as a stage to chem test her with Matt as their doctor, nik being around, Lucky being a good dad and give Lucky a chem test with whichever females were involved in the story from the hospital or as moral support.

  44. Profile photo of bardougle

    I don’t know Regan, but welcome back anyway.

    You’re right, blackchic, another useless week on GH.

    Liason Forever: |( \\( :angry: Such a waste for us and continues to bring home the stupidity and insensitivity of TPTB and their cousins, TIIC. This storyline has had such delicious meat for so many years. Too bad the scribes could not pen the problem for a joining of Jason and Elizabeth.

    Not a JaSam fan…never will be. Do do not care for KM–even when she first appeared on Port Charles then was “promoted” to GH.

    Sonny and his women and children need an extended vacation to Never Neverland–never again to darken the doors of GH!

    Get back to the hospital with stories from there. You know, those stories about love (sex) in the afternoon with so-and-so’s husband or wife. The “illness of the week” and finding its cure before it took the life of our most beloved character. Those stories that drove GH back in the day when Steve, Audrey, Jesse, etc., were at the nurse’s station. Oh, the days…

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