Oprah and Jay-Z Tour Brooklyn

Talk about worlds colliding! In an upcoming episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jay-Z and The Mighty O, hung out in the rapper’s old neighborhood in Brooklyn this past Sunday. The duo took a little trip to Hova’s grandmother’s home and then went by the infamous Marcy projects which the rapper immortalizes in songs. The episode is all part of a show where Jay will talk about how his childhood in the projects, becoming a rapper turned mogul, his life with wife Beyonce and his assistance with helping disadvantaged children.

I guess this will put to rest all those haters saying Oprah vetoes rappers coming on her show.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Well, Oprah had Russell Simmons on last year and I believe she might have had P. Diddy on several years ago. So that means she’s covered the three ultra-trillionaire rappers worthy enough to appear on her show. The next one is scheduled for November 12, 2023.

    Kid Cudi, we’ve got our Tivo’s set for you!

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    Would it shock anyone that I was NOT born and raised on the Upper East Side? Shocking, I know!

    Jillian, didn’t Jay-Z “retire” from rapping? So, he is a former rapper. Which means that Oprah still hasn’t had a rapper who is currently making rap music on her show. If you’re a rapper and want to be on Oprah, you have to retire first! LOL! **Jillian rolls eyes at GossipGirl**

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    Jillian Bowe

    Diddy hasn’t been a rapper since… EVER! Shame on you J Bernard for calling his foolishness RAP! Russell doesn’t count because HE never rapped. Gossip Girl…. Yeah you know the eye roll I gave you was correct! *LOL* Jay-Z’s STILL rapping even if he doesn’t know what the word retire means.

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    Do any of you remember when Ludacris (Chris Bridges) was on Oprah (along with Don Cheadle) to promote their movie CRASH?

    She didn’t care for what they had to say and talked over them.

    I don’t think it matters if you are a rapper and on HER show. If she doesn’t like what you have to say, she won’t give you the platform to speak.

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    J Bernard Jones

     Jillian, now YOU know Oprah ain’t make no distinction between Diddy, Russell or Jay-Z! (And I do remember that Luda appearance on Oprah, too! LOL)

    Gurl, I was talking in the context of how OPRAH sees them, not me. LOL

    Next on Oprah:

    Fabolos – May 11, 2041
    Drake – February 23, 2050
    Gucci Mane – September 4, 2137

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    Jillian Bowe

    You know O don’t see Rush as any rapper! *LOL* Touche on the Diddy thing though… She may see him as a rapper but we know the truth! *LOL*

    Gucci Mane? *LMAO!* That’s funny and a damn sure way to make me stop watching O!

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