Guiding Light Films Last Episode Ever Today!

After 72 years in show business, Guiding Light officially films its last episode ever today in Peapack, New Jersey. Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer), Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper)Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines), and Liz Keifer (Blake Marler), have all been live updating their Twitters from the set. Be sure to check all those out and also join into the Guiding Light Twitter Party( hashtag #guidinglightforever).

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    I never watched GL a day in my life but I’m very sad for the show’s fans and daytime in general. It won’t be long before other soaps are canceled as well. Sad day.

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    When shows like this say goodbye as ABC saves saves ‘ships’ far worse off it’s a sad day.

    The ratings can suck it.

    GL joins the ranks of other shows way better then their fate as true (sarcastic) classics remain daily or weekly viewing.

    Sad day indeed

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    I am truely so so sad about this. it came up on the news tonight and I felt as though I had to talk about it. I knew I could on DC. I am so saddened by this, I knew this was happening and it would be wrapping, but now that it’s over, it’s so real. I wish I wasn’t so connected emotionally to this show. I can’t stand the way it turned out since 2.28.08 thing but I love those people, I love Reva, I love Josh and I love clinging onto what this show could do if someone else took the reins. Say what you want about Passions, but i still am not over that, but I’ll never get over the loss of Guiding Light, my lifelong friend.

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    Granny of 2

    I started watching GL 30 years ago after the birth of my first child. After returning to work I taped (and more recently TiVO’d) the episodes to watch when I returned from work. I am so upset with CBS for ending this show. I don’t know if they realized how many truly loyal viewers they have,but if they do, then shame on them for taking our “story” (as my mother used to call it) away from us! Boo, hiss CBS!!

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    My mom been watching the show since it began on TV; she has seen the very good and the very bad. Looks like the GL writers are hard at work destroying ATWT. If you want to see them in there prime go to youtube.

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    Don’t watch “Let’s Make a Deal.” I have no problem with Wayne Brady or the creators of LMAD. They’re probably all good people.

    If CBS sees that LMAD is an utter failure, maybe that will prevent CBS’ execs from canceling ATWT. If CBS’ hopes of making more profit fails to materialize because LMAD’s ratings are horrifically terrible other networks might take notice.

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    Everytime I read about they finished shooting scenes or seeing pictures of the wrap parties I get more depressed. It’s great that we still have a month of show left but it’s also depressing to know that. I have a feeling i’ll be crying watching the show here soon until the end.

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    Clearly CBS does not care or respect viewers, fans and tradition. After they air the last episode of GL, I’m dropping CBS shows. I’m just… yeah, not feelin’ the network right now.

    I’m heartbroken that I won’t see GL anymore. I came to love the show and the characters and I really am so sad right now.

    I’m really hoping that the cast will get new shows to move to like Crystal Chappell did. I would LOVE to see Jessica Leccia, Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman and the rest of GL cast continue their careers on daytime. I really do.


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    Fuck those bastards at CBS – especially the “decision makers.” Here’s to hoping they’re all unemployed some day soon! CBS is done done done in this house in five weeks. I’m sure they don’t care..obviously..but it will feel good to tune them out for good. Monday, September 21 is going to be a very, very tough day, because after all of these years – even the ones I didn’t watch much – GL and Springfield won’t be there anymore.

    I’d also once again like to send a big shout out (FUCK YOU!) to Telenext and P&G – y’all can go fuck yourselves too! You and CBS killed this show dead, or at least tried to, until you both had enough ammo to pull the plug. You hired the shittiest writers, gave it the shittiest time slot, and then the shittiest budget, which of course equaled the shittiest ratings…just what you wanted all along. Then you could hide behind the bad ratings like a bunch of sissies. The best part was the crocodile tears, and the “we’re looking for a new home” bullshit. Bullshit. All bullshit. You must think your audience are a bunch of fucking idiots! It’ll be tough to boycott P&G, because you make just about everything…but I’ll do my best.

    It’s a shame this show couldn’t have been declared a an old building can be…or maybe an industry in turmoil…like the auto industry..then maybe Obama could have thrown some money at it to keep it afloat.

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    Sad day for the daytime industry. GL died, and the rest of the soaps are in real danger now. This economy and so many other factors are slowly killing the whole industry.

    I’ve only watched GL since Jan for Crystal Chappell’s storyline and I’m so disappointed in the pre-mature ending of a soap love story. I can’t imagine what long time GL fans are feeling. They watched these characters for so long, it’s like you went through life with them. Josh & Reva- actors were in their 20’s when they started on the show!

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