Lisa Rinna “Trolling” For Third Great Character

In an interview with Hollywood Chicago, Lisa Rinna reveals that she believes she has a third great character in her, yet to be discovered, and is trolling for one more.

HC: Finally, through all of the soap-opera-actress, Melrose-Place-villain-ess, Playboy-posing, Dancing-With-the-Stars Lisa Rinna, what do you feel casting agents are missing about you, in regards to potential TV or movie roles that you know you have the chops to handle in the future?

LR: Comedy. People see the outside and what you’ve just described, but when you get to know me, follow me on Twitter and you see me in my real life, then comedy of some kind is the next step for me.

What’s next for me is an open book, I’m writing another book. Harry and I did a reality show for TV Land Prime. That looks close to a hundred percent to be picked up this fall.

Finally, I feel I have a third great character in me after Billie Reed Days of Our Lives and Taylor McBride Melrose Place, I’m trolling for one more. That is out there for me. I just have to keep moving and grooving.

What type of role do you think could be Rinna’s next "big" role?

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    Lisa Rinna has boxed herself in with the plastic surgery. She would need to find and probably finance and independent movie where she changes her look and shows some range because there are surely thousands of women her age with the same surgeries and spray tans. At this point, i suppose the other route is a reality show where she documents her struggle. I recently watched a couple of episodes of Tori Spelling’s show and was surprised that I liked her after watching the show when I hadn’t before. I wont watch Tori again and wouldnt watch Lisa because in general i dont like that type of show but it seems to have Tori get work and might help Lisa too.

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    What? Lisa Rinna looks fine. She looks far more natural than Nicole Kidman, Cher, Joan Rivers, Mickey Roarke, or several other soap actors/actresses.

    Rinna is smart. She’s only in her early 40s. Why do people continue to say she’s old? It’s such talk that forces beautiful people to undergo unnecessary plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures.

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    First off,she meant second role,cause Taylor McBride sucked!Second,I think she needs to suck it up and see if it’s in Ken Corday’s shoe-string to let her back on Days.I like Lisa,but nobody is trying to hire her in primetime.

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    I think that her getting another soap role might be good for the soap opera she’s hired on. Like it or not, LR is a media pro, and gets attention for almost everything. Doesn’t she also work for one of those entertainment shows? Wouldn’t it be great if the show covered her first days on the set or did behind the scenes looks once in a while? The more publicity for our dying genre the better! And I think she looks fine. I certainly don’t constantly think about plastic surgery when I see her the way I do with a certain B&B actress.

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    If they ever bring Billie back for a short stint, Lisa should play the role.

    Billie is no longer a viable long-term character, but she’s still important enough to come back for short stints, what with Lucas and Kate still main characters on the show.

    Would LOVE to see Billie face off with Carly again.

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