Devon and Tyra's Hot Plot Mess of a Romp, Plus How to Fix Y&R's "Black Storyline"

When I first read the spoilers that Devon (Bryton McClure) and Tyra (Eva Marcille)— whom he believed was his aunt up until just a few months ago— would be hooking up on The Young and the Restless, I decided to wait and see how the story/scenes would play out before making a judgement call. Sometimes the most taboo, illicit circumstances can lead to good, juicy drama on soaps. That wasn't the case with this ridiculous plot twist.

Devon and Tyra ripping each other's clothes off, before getting busy on the couch, was all shades of nasty, and just plain wrong on so many levels. For starters, Devon and Tyra's attraction came out of left field. Does Y&R's brass really believe the one, tired wet dream Devon had a few weeks back was enough to set up this hot plot mess? This isn't how you spin stories on a soap opera. You don't drop some dangling plot point and then pick it up weeks later, believing it was proper enough set up for an out-of-character twist. 

Unless I am mistaken, we've never seen Devon so much as lose his virginity on this show. Now the character's first real love scene has McClure playing Billy Bob to Marcille's wannabe Halle Berry?
"I half expected her to start grunting I want you to make me feel good," Luke wrote to me in an email after watching the scene play out.

To make matters worse, there hasn't been a hint of romantic or erotic subtext played between these two characters, ever. Devon has been furious with Tyra ever since he learned the homewrecker wasn't his biological relation, however McClure hasn't been playing it as "I hate you because I want you." For weeks, any time Devon has been in Tyra's orbit, he has looked at her with revulsion, contempt and pity. Which brings me to what I felt for Marcille after seeing her woefull attempts to emote during the scenes.

I am sorry, but it's time to stop tip-toeing around the hair model in the room. Eva Marcille just plain cannot act and Paul Rauch and Maria Arena Bell know it. You put out a casting call for a "new Dru" and this is what you came up with? What exactly were the requirements for this "new Dru", that she be African-American, pretty and the star of a reality show? Marcille is as bad an actress as she is a breathtaking beauty—and she's quite beautiful.

 I can name half a dozen strong, black and yes, beautiful actresses who could help fill the enormous void left by Victoria Rowell on Y&R. Vivica A. Fox, Nia Long, Robin Givens, Holly Robinson, Amelia Marshall, Renee Goldsberry all come to mind. No, they weren't top models, but they are actresses, and one would hope that still counts for something on a soap opera.

Even Tatyana Ali, whom Y&R has failed to utilize as Roxanne, could shine opposite fellow teen sitcom alum McClure if given half the chance and a decent storyline. Emmy-winners Kristoff St. John and McClure deserve better than to have to spend their sparse screen time trying to teach Marcille how to act. It's dragging down their performances and making fans apathetic about a family unit we once loved.
Here's a thought, put Ali on contract as Roxanne, recast Marcille with someone who can do more than furrow her eyebrows to denote feelings (Passions' Brook Kerr would do nicely), then pit Roxanne and Tyra against each other. It's not like we can take back yesterday's disgusting episode—unless Y&R borrows from Dallas and makes it all one big nightmare— so they should go balls to the wall with it! 


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Git down, Jamey, gon' 'head git down! Thank U. This whole incest storyline is a hot, steaming bowl o' sh*t.

You know why we're watching this ish? right?

$10 bucks says they'd never pair Ashley up with Jack or Billy - even though they don't have the same mother or father. They grew up together and it would be nasty, right? So why is it OK to merely unplug the genetic link between Devon and his Aunt and expect for it to be OK.

This was all kinds of nasty. Do they want us to be so disgusted that we wouldn't mind it when they dropped Bryton down to recurring status and then wrote him off altogether?? Are we supposed to be riveted by another WTD storyline between father and son?

I'm so angry, I can't even see straight. This whole out-of-left field, out-of-character story is EXACTLY why I was not excited to see Mrs. Fake-ass Bell, Hogan Shitter, and Paul Reich in the first place.

I stopped watching GL and B&B because of this same bulls****.

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Bravo...if Y&R would hire you then the ratings would definitely go up!

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I think the storyline with Neil, Tyra, Roxanne and Devon that you have here will be cool. If Roxanne and Devon DO get back together (I hope so, plus they SHOULD give her a storyline), and Tyra gets knocked up, I'd want it to be Neil's child. Remember, Neil doesn't have a child of his own. Lily isn't his, she's Malcolm's. And Devon is adopted. IF and I say IF Tyra DOES get knocked up, something good could come out of it. Neil will finally get what he always wanted: A child of his own. Of course Lily and Devon would still be his children, but it'd be nice to have someone with his name even and his very blood (even though Malcolm is his brother) running through their veins.