Morgan Fairchild On the Term “Cougar”: “It’s Demeaning”

On Air On Soaps’ Michael Fairman chatted with The Bold and the Beautiful’s, Morgan Fairchild (Dottie), who gave her thoughts on soaps’ older women romances with younger men:

MICHAEL: What do you think of the ‘cougar’ storyline on B&B between Owen and Jackie? Even Susan Lucci (Erica) has a ‘cougar’ storyline beginning on AMC!

MORGAN: I think older woman/younger guy is great. I think the term ‘cougar’ is demeaning. No offense to this show. Just as a woman, I find it demeaning. What is reciprocal one for a guy… letch? (She laughs) I think the whole concept of women not being limited to someone older than they are is great. The way it was before, a woman used to be married to someone at least five years old than she was. I think that’s great that those set of norms have become passé. On the other hand, you look at some of these woman and wonder, “What do you talk to him about? He does not look that bright!” It’s sort of the same thing you think when you see older guys and dim blondes. “What do they talk about?”

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    Regarding the “Cougar” thing: Sarah Brown said something similar at her event. She doesn’t like the term cougar because she doesn’t get why it always gets put on the woman. If it’s an older woman/younger man thing: the woman gets called a Cougar. If it’s an older man/younger woman thing: then the woman is called a gold digger. I think her point was that why is it the woman that always gets the label? I thought it was an interesting observation.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Older men are called sugar daddies. I’m sure for some older men who date/marry women it can be offensive, but some may like it, just like many women like the term cougar. What if older men like Trump or Harrison Ford took offense to the disparaging remarks made about their relationships? Sure younger women dating older men are called gold diggers, but for the men who genuinely fall for these women, the assumption that the women only want them for money diminishes their relationships the same way the term "cougar" could diminish an older woman/younger man situation. My mother is married to a man ten years younger and she isn’t bothered by it. Neither are a lot of my female friends. They laugh about when they hit 40, they are gonna get them a 19 year old boy and be his cougar. 

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    I really don’t find ‘cougar’ even in the same ballpark as sugar daddy or gold digger. I think it’s a rather catchy term really. I don’t even see it being sexist. It’s almost in a way, making it seem like this older woman is the one that is in control, ans is rather youthful. I like that term for one. Like the Beth/Coop thing on GL. That was a steaming cougar love story. Nothing demeaning to Beth, because she is a VERYYYY attractive older woman, and her love affair with Coop was nothing but amazing chemistry. So I really wish women would not take offense to this word. It almost comes off to me in a rather playful, good way. It’s hot actually! Haha.

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    The term seems enpowering to me. The term can be enpowering, if one chooses to let it be. Women are now capable of dating who they choose and the term cougar solidifies that fact. Actually, I never seen it any other way. When portrayed, the woman is either the victim of the young man or is in charge if she “keeps” the guy. The guy is portrayed as scum usually. Coop and Beth seemed above the question of whether it was right or wrong to them. I think Lizzie had an issue with it, but Lizzie is annoying in general. Who takes an annoying person as the moral authority?

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