Mary Janes Confesses the Truth on Y&R

Looks like the jig's up for Mary Jane (Stacy Haiduk). Meanwhile Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and JT (Thad Luckinbill) are getting freaky with others! Thanks to beautreal for the tip!


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6 January 2008
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I hope boring Victoria doesn't ruin Deacon like Mac is doing Billy.

Victoria can turn a man to stone.

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23 July 2008
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Oh my that girl that plays Colleen is just so fugly and terrible. At least JT's other half is pretty. But that hoe betta not make Deacon a stone like she did JT. Paging Gina Tognoni.... : )

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BigDede: The Way you replied is way to funny!
I would like to see Chloe and Billy stay together. I love these two and The attitude is laughable and makes for a interesting day for me!

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Victoria is so boring she barely has a pulse. She is like Mac, she just drags the men she is paired with down. I am sure Deacon can use this to his advantage though.