Maura West Returns to ATWT in September

Maura West is returning to As the World Turns in September, according to Cady McClain on Twitter. "Maura West’s coming back to play with us in Sept! Can’t wait! It’s gonna be good!" All I can say is thank goodness. As The World Turns is improving, but it isn’t the same without Maura West." Thanks Addie for the tip!


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    I could never got into Carly. The character was always too much of a mess while her great love, Jack, was just arrogant.

    I’ve been enjoying the show lately.

    Not sure how things will go now that Paul has memories are back. Amnesiac Paul was a hoot. I’m not looking forward to another round of Todd Manning-Lite.

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    I can’t wait for Maura to come back, I’ve missed seeing her on the show she brings so much, the show is really good at the moment but I have a feeling it’s going to get even better once Maura/Carly return.

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    Yes ATWT is improving if keep the GL writers at bay that went over their, I hope they don’t F it up and don’t forget about ATWT history like they did with GL, great to see James back. Soaps are forgetting about the older audience which GL did; ATWT has a good storyline with Bob and Kim they should bring back Lisa and Lucinda. That is why soaps ratings are dropping like flies; great to see Maura coming back too. Craig and Carley make a great couple, they are funny and refreshing. Like it when Craig stick it to Jack.

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    I’ve nothing against the character of Carly but I can’t say that I have missed her. At the moment I am loving ATWT. I like seeing the Hughes family upfront in a story.

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    If anyone of significance at Sony, CBS, or the ATWT writing staff reads this, CONGRATS to you for getting a FIRST CLASS star back in Maura West! She is truly a class act and does one heck of a job as Carly Tenney. She continues to be the ONLY reason I watch the show. So… I haven’t been watching it much lately with the story lines.

    I’m hoping with Mark Collier coming back in November as well… you’ll have the smarts to pair of Carly and Mike. They were any amazing pair. It’s time for Carly to call it quits on Jack; he doesn’t deserve her. And Craig certainly never was in her league!! I VOTE FOR MIKE!!!


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    I agree with you completely! The Stenbeck stuff has been somewhat entertaining but the whole Holden thing is too silly. We all know he’ll be back soon, better would have been a WTD between Holden/Jack. Now THAT’s a good story!

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