Check Out Episode Two of WORKSHOP: The Series!

Check out Episode Two of Nate Golon (Jeff) and Kimberly Legg‘s (Kaitlyn) funny, new web series WORKSHOP: The Series. Passions fans will laugh-out-loud at scenes featuring Phillip Jeanmarie (Adam) that give a wink and a nod to his breakout role as hermaphrodite, serial killer Vincent on the now defunct NBC/DirecTV sudser.


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    Thanks for posting Jamey I would have forgotten a new episode premiered if you hadn’t posted it. And that nod to the “major soap opera” was nice. lol I bet they are glad they can laugh at it now.

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    I hearing nothing but positive things of this show. I am going to tell Nate (the creator of the series) about keeping an eye on the positive views and comments that I am hearing of this show because that would help him find a sponsor for this show and that also means more money to the show and actors and more exposure with the help of sponsor. Right now Nate is doing word of the mouth and I am helping him and so far so good but still we always want new audience to this show. So if someone wants to laugh and feeling down please spread the word about Workshop. No cost to them we just want a few minutes out of their day per week for comedy relief.

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