From The Soapgeist: Will Thorsten and Alicia Pass on AMC’s LA Move?

Though unconfirmed at presstime, TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco is hearing the actors who portray one of All My Children’s most popular couples are planning to leave the series— along with two beloved patriarchs— when AMC moves to LA.

PLANNING TO LEAVE AMC: Thorsten Kaye (Zach), Alicia Minshew (Kendall), Ray MacDonald (Joe) and David Canary (Adam/Stuart)

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    Whoa… It’s going to get ugly. How are they going to write Zach, Kendall, Joe, and Adam/Stuart out at the same time??? If SL does resign, they better hope Eden Riegel returns because Erica needs a daughter’s life to meddle with!

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    If Jesus was a cast member and decided not to make the move to LA it wouldn’t matter. Unless, they move and give Pratt the wrong address this show will F-A-I-L and I won’t shed a single tear!

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    This is actually no suprise. From the begining these four were all rumored to not be going. Zach & Kendall together can both just move out of Pine Valley. The writers have set it up to kill off Adam. But with Joe, TPTB will probably let him stay on contract and do a few episodes a year, bump him to recurring, send him to be the Chief of Staff at Llanview Hospital, or kill him off for the 40th anniversary episode.

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    All this speculation is just grist for the mill it seems. For me if Susan Lucci, David Canary stay – fine, if not – that’s fine too. I will say that AMC probably will not be the same w/o either but we’ve lost Mona, Jenny, Phoebe Tyler Wallingford, Langley, the Hubbards (first go round), the list of departed fan favs over the past years go on but we’ve manage to still hang in there with the show. How about when Robin Strasser’s Dorian wasn’t on OLTL for a lot of years or Andrea Evans’ Tina when she left? We hung in there and I will say this I’ll probably be watching AMC until it’s canceled.

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    I am trying to think whats left.

    If SL stays, I am sure it will be with significantly less airtime so she can be bi-coastal.

    Adam probably loses it because he killed Stuart.

    Kendall gets free of her charges and she and Zach decide to go off somewhere for a Ryan-free fresh start.

    Taylor-Tad, Colby-Petey, JR-Marissa, Frankie-whats her name, Liza-her eyebrows pairings all more blah than Big Brother Slop.

    The possible return of Jamie Martin and Greenpea. YAWN.

    David with someone other than boring KWAK, the return of Rianca (?? is that what they are called), Jamanda front and center, a real storyline for Aiden as well as Jessie and Angie and a possible Scott/Annie pairing COULD maybe possibly keep me watching.

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    I’ve always said that if Alicia Minshew ever vacated the role of Kendall that Susan Lucci’s daughter, Liza Huber would make a bee line for the role and tptb would hand it to her to ingratiate themselves to Lucci. In the common climate, giving Huber a role opposite her mother might be incentive for Lucci to continue to appear on AMC.

    Do I think Huber would be good in the role? Nope.

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    I think TK already knows he has a place on OLTL if she doesn’t go. I think that AM is expecting and going to be having her baby around the time of all these moves. So the actress will be on leave anyway, why let the cat out of the bag early, they can use it for all it’s worth.

    We have been hearing that DC is not in good health for sometime now, so perhaps he would not have been around anyway. Maybe he will go recurring.

    I think ABC has an ABC plan, based on who stays and who goes and who they court and what shows court them.

  8. Profile photo of east.west

    Oh no! I liked Liza on Passions (loved Natalie Zea more!), but if she became Kendall I think it would be the “Amelia Heinle as Victoria Newman” effect, but much worse. And “Momma Seasons” you crack me up. If they had Jesus in the cast he would be like a day player, when Denise Vasi gets to be the new star of the show (which will happen mark my words ppl!).

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    I can’t say that I’m surprised. While I haven’t been happy with Kendall’s story for a while, Alicia Minshew has been my favorite AMC actress for a long time now and I’m going to be really sad if she doesn’t stay. I get it though, she’s due in November, her husband owns that bar in NYC.

    The interesting thing, to me at least, is that the actors who decide to stay in NYC will possibly be hoping to find work on the two NY based soaps left. Those two are supposedly next to get the axe in the next couple of years so it’s all just temporary anyway.

  10. Profile photo of DavidsMuse

    The only one I’m interested in is VI. I left AMC with him in ’06 and will do so again if he doesn’t continue!

    I’m very glad that BE is continuing with AMC (via her own Facebook post), but without David I can’t stand to see Krystal be Martinized or Chandlerized again!

  11. Profile photo of Crustee

    Pine Valley without Adam and Joe–very sad. Huge loss for the show. I have never been a fan of the Zach character–he’s too morose or something. TK was always best in his scenes with Myrtle. They had chemistry. They should of written him with more humor. I know TK has a great sense of humor–why not incorporate it into the character. I liked Kendall until she and the other fab 5 ate the show. Frankly, I could happily do without Zendall, Aiden and Ryan. The only one who I didn’t get sick of was Annie. I love evil Annie. I wouldn’t mind seeing AM and TK move over to OLTL as different characters. It would help their ratings.

    I had a very selfish thought. Suppose David Canary moves over to ATWT? I would LOVE to see him paired with Liz Hubbard (Lucinda)in a romantic and/or business type way. That would soap opera heaven. The sparks would be flying with those two actors. Perhaps a triangle with Babs. I think their ratings would improve greatly.

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    TC irene

    Never been a Zendall fan myself since I never liked or got the appeal of TK. Know people like him but to me he is like Ryan “the thing that ate Pine Valley” so of course the over exposure made me care for him even less.

    Sadly as a now former viewer of AMC after over 30yrs with the show.I don’t think with Pratt writing the scripts it really matters who goes or stays the show will still be an incoherent mess.

  13. Profile photo of uofmichgrad99

    Victoria Rowell on AMC has a nice ring to it. My gut is telling me that we are going to lose some AMC favs, but who we get in return may be just as spectacular.
    Out of everyone though, I will deeply miss Alicia Minshew. She has held AMC down for practically the last 5 years and I wish her nothing but the best :)

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    Thorsten and Alicia as Zach & Kendall are the main reason I’m still watching this horribly written show. If they leave, so do I. I’m hoping that One Live To Live is an option for both of them if they don’t move. The Slaters in Llanview would be great. I think RC would write well for them.

    AMC will suffer without Adam as well. ABC is nuts to not consider who they might loose in the process and not to plan better for it on screen.

  15. Profile photo of Pavarti31

    Well, Thorsten Kaye and Alisha Minshew are the main reasons I was sticking with this show. I love them dearly. My old favorites are mostly gone-Eileen Herlie, Julia Barr, John Callahan, Ruth Warwick, Frans Heflin, Louis Edmonds. I was so hopeful with the return of Darryl Williams and Debbie Morgan, which was foolish of me I guess. And I love Susan Lucci with a passion. Her Erica is an icon who deserves better.
    But Zen is/was one of the best couples I’ve ever seen in Daytime. They had the potential to take AMC to the stars but tptb had no idea of the juggernaut they had right at their fingertips. Zen was so obviously unappreciated, at least by tptb. And if the actors are going to leave, it’s best I go with them. I don’t think Pratt or Frons are particularly interested in my viewership anyway.

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    Kathy J.

    Zendall, Alicia and Thorsten are the only reasons I still watch the show. If they go, I go after 20 years of every day viewing. I don’t really care for OLTL although I guess that would be better than nothing and I do wish them all the best in terms of employment. I do wish, if they leave AMC, some intelligent network out there would snap these two up for a prime time show. That would be magical.

  17. Profile photo of keanna

    I got to read the entire article on Nelson’s column, and none of the names of who’s going/ who’s staying doesn’t surprise me. I am sure ABC will bring Thorsten back on OLTL and I also think that they may bring Alicia in to play Kelly, especially if ABC doesn’t want to lose them. I would like to see Victoria Rowell on AMC that would be interesting. I would like to find out about everyone else, I hope a few do say no. I know I sound like a broken record, but AMC needs new writers pronto…

  18. Profile photo of laurad

    Well my decision to quit watching AMC will be an easy one if Thorsten Kaye leaves. Not interested in watching without him. I wish him the best of luck on whatever he decides to do.

  19. Profile photo of wbl_amc

    Thorsten Kaye leaving won’t make me shed a tear. Never really felt anything towards him as Zach. Alicia leaving, if writen right will be ok with me (although i doubt it will be as Pratt can’t write two days ahead of himself). She was never my favorite character, but she was on everyday and involved in virtually every SL that it will be very strange not to see her everyday. MEK heading west is good to hear. Also glad to hear that Debbie Morgan is moving. I dunno what i’d do without the weave of the week! haha.
    Melissa Claire Egan will always have a place in my heart so i’m glad to hear her going. Losing Canary will hurt the show, as will losing Darnell because i can’t see who they would pair Debbie Morgan with. I hope that Stause resigns cause Jake and Amanda are the small glimmer of happiness on the show. As much as i HATE HATE HATE to say it, i think the show needs Cameron Mathison, and only because i think the show needs some stability while it finds it’s footing. I REALLY hope the Eden signs because if LaLucci signs and Kendall isn’t going to be there, what the hell is she going to do? Any word from people like Jamie Lunar, Bobbie Eakes, Ricky Paul Golden, Beth Ehlers, Vincent Irizarry, or Jill Larson?

  20. Profile photo of binksfan999

    Well, if Zendull goes, then I’ll celebrate. These two have to be the most overrated couple in soaps. Nothing would please me more than to get Eden Riegel back, but I really don’t want either her or Tamara coming back after the Breese fiasco. DC leaving would be a major blow. AMC cannot survive if TK, AM, DC, and SL leave, it just can’t.

  21. Profile photo of KathyNYC

    If this is true, I will miss Thorsten, Alicia and David so much. They are the main reasons I am watching AMC these days.

    I hope to follow their careers and hope to enjoy their talents in other venues. I wish them the very best.

  22. Profile photo of CGat

    Well, I think that this is just the writing on the wall for AMC. Really, where are you without these people? Are you going to turn in into a version of Guiding Light circa 2008? My oh my.

  23. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    When I first read about the move here on DC, I knew David Canary wouldn’t go. I just had a feeling. I just knew for certain he wouldn’t, I could end up being wrong. I mean he’s lived in New York for ages, he’s an older man, he’s not going to uproot himself at his age. Nor will he commute back and forth at his age, that takes out alot on the older actors. Same thing for Susan Lucci. AMC is, no will lose it’s beloved vets. I mean AMC without Susan Lucci, I can’t imagine.

  24. Profile photo of poolbaby

    I really couldn’t care less about Zach and the only reason I care about Kendall is because she’s Erica Kane’s daughter. Zach, Kendall, and Ryan have eaten AMC whole. I found myself ff the whole show because they were on constantly so I just stopped watching. TK the star of AMC did I blink? I don’t think anyone outside of daytime would recognize him…same can’t be said of Susan Lucci. I don’t always like Erica but I’m always interested in what she’s up to.

    I have no interest in watching anyone try to be the new AMC diva except maybe Victoria Rowell. I’d check in to see that.

    I really do hope Breese returns but I’m terrified of what Pratt would do to them. At least I wouldn’t have to endure Zach popping up in their scenes like a jack in the freakin box.

  25. Profile photo of poolbaby

    I really couldn’t care less about Zach and the only reason I care about Kendall is because she’s Erica Kane’s daughter. Zach, Kendall, and Ryan have eaten AMC whole. I found myself ff the whole show because they were on constantly so I just stopped watching. TK the star of AMC did I blink? I don’t think anyone outside of daytime would recognize him…same can’t be said of Susan Lucci. I don’t always like Erica but I’m always interested in what she’s up to.

    I have no interest in watching anyone try to be the new AMC diva except maybe Victoria Rowell. I’d check in to see that.

    I really do hope Breese returns but I’m terrified of what Pratt would do to them. At least I wouldn’t have to endure Zach popping up in their scenes like a jack in the freakin box.

  26. Profile photo of Jack661

    Perhaps with the show in L.A. and if Lucci doesn’t make the move, Sarah Michelle Gellar will make a triumphant return as Kendall!! LOL ….. hey, question for Nelson or any others in the know: what exactly was the beef between Lucci and SMG? Looking for specifics. Over the years, we always read about friction and not getting along but always generalities. Seems SMG had several castmates in her corner, so it couldn’t have been that SMG was solely at fault. Just always seemed odd that Lucci would openly detest (at least in front of cast and crew) someone who was only a teenager back then. Kind of puts Lucci in a bad light to let a teenager get to her like that. So does anyone have specifics of what exactly occurred between the two??

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    Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew are the reason I watch AMC. In my opinion, they are hands down, the best couple on this show and in daytime. They are both incredibly talented actors who drew me in from the moment their on screen characters met. The chemistry between Thorsten and Alicia is undeniable. They gave AMC something special – it’s too bad Mr. Pratt and his predecessors didn’t have a clue as to how to write for this amazing couple.

    Right now, most of who is going and who’s not is speculation. I will however say that where AMC moving to LA may help the show financially – that doesn’t solve the larger problem.

    Viewers are turning the dial for a reason- and it has little to do with funding, but more to do with writing and editing. As of now, it seems the network plans to keep Mr. Pratt on as headwriter- that alone is a problem. I’ve yet to see any positive feedback on any of the stories he’s penned for this show. His returns and recasts have been flops. I know longtime viewers that tuned out because of the writing.

    Now the network opts to move the show cross country – keeping the same writer, but risks losing the core actors that both long term and short term viewers want to see.

    My question is…the move saves money, but will it matter if the remaining viewers continue to change the channel?

  28. Profile photo of Chris

    Zach(TK) and Kendall(AM) are the reason I started to watch AMC and are the only reason I am still watching. So if TK and AM decide not to move I have no reason to watch the show. I will be sad to see my favorite couple go but they need to do what is best for them and their families.

    In my opinion you can move the show to anywhere in the country but if the writing and editing is bad it’s going to bad there too.

  29. Profile photo of pah

    If Thorsten Kaye isn’t there, I will have no reason to watch AMC. It’s as simple as that. I will watch whatever show he goes to next. I watched AMC every day for 20 years but with lame-brains Frons/Pratt at the helm it is no longer worth watching. Only Thorsten’s enormous talent and appeal keeps me on board. I hope he is not absent from the screen very long during his switch-over period. I will miss him terribly and be anxiously waiting for his re-appearance, wherever it is.

  30. Profile photo of dirksunboy

    It doesn’t matter who stays are goes as long as Pratt and Carruthers are in charge of the show. It’s doomed with those two nitwits.

    Why even call it All My Children if Erica Kane and Adam Chandler aren’t on the show?? I will miss Alicia and Thorsten, but AMC without Susan Lucci and David Canary is just unthinkable.

  31. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I’m more worried about Ray McDonald, Susan Lucci and David Canary than AM and TK. Sure I liked Zendall, but I’ve been watching that show since 1988 and they weren’t on the show when I started watching and I don’t think they an make the show for me.

  32. Profile photo of CGat

    That’s a really good point. Even though it is for all intensive purposes “All My Children,” all the children ain’t gonna be there no more. So they should almost pull a Loving/The City, and rename it, because with out a Susan Lucci, David Canary, or Ray McDonald, your children just ain’t there no more. This show will be a sham of what it was intended to be 40 years ago, and I think they should retire that name while it still has a small amount of dignity left, and before they give poor Agnes Nixon a heart attack.

  33. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    It will be interesting to see if characters get written out or if they will get the “Brooke English”.

    Thanks for that by the way Julie Carruthers and Megan McTavish.
    Simply fabulous.

  34. Profile photo of writestuff05

    If Thorsten and Alicia do not go – I agree a network should snap them up for a primetime show. ABC could either do a spin off for the Slater’s and use what will be the old OLTL studio. Or create a whole new show with these two in the leads. It would be dynamite.

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