Kelly Ripa “Sad” About AMC Move To Los Angeles

Renaissance woman Kelly Ripa sounds off on former stomping ground All My Children’s move to Los Angeles. The Live with Regis and Kelly host recently spoke with AOL Television about Masters of Reception, the upcoming reality show that she and husband Mark Consuelos are producing, when the news that rocked the soap world came up.

Speaking of All My Children, are you both sad about the news that the production is moving from New York to Los Angeles?

Kelly: I really am. I’m sad for the actors and the crew in New York, because that show has employed so many actors and camera operators, production guys and sound technicians over the years. And, I just saw [AMC creator] Agnes Nixon‘s daughter last weekend, and I was thinking about how without her and [AMC], Mark and I wouldn’t have met, wouldn’t have gotten married, wouldn’t have our three kids. We wouldn’t be doing the show, or ‘Live,’ maybe none of the things that are happening with us. This interview wouldn’t even be happening, and I think we can all agree that would be a very sad thing.

Masters of Reception airs tonight at 10pm EST on TLC

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    Okay I wonder if this to save face from the larry king show where Larry showed an AMC clip & Kelly avoided watching it. Mark did but he looked like he could throw up.

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    Kelly a high-profile actress? Please she co-hosts with Regis and if not for Regis she woldn’t have that show either. It pisses me off that Ripa/Conselous & others diss soaps especially since they spent a long time at AMC. She 12 years, Mark 7.5 years.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Kelly has never dissed soaps. It’s not a diss to move on to a higher profile job. She has never said negative things about soaps in the press, like so many others have, only to return with their tails between their legs. Antonio Sabato Jr made a big deal about how he didn’t want to go back to GH, because B&B was better quality or what not, then now he is begging for a job at GH in every interview. Kelly has never done that. She made Live! a PR platform for AMC , and even starred in a sitcom spoofing the genre lovingly.

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    … but you have actress’s like vanessa marcil and kelly who say dont recast or i’ll never return.

    gush900, I remember many years ago Vanessa saying that she would never return to the role of Brenda if someone else was currently in the role. She was basically saying she would never pull a Rebecca Budig. At least that’s how I interpreted it.

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    Okay I wonder if this to save face from the larry king show where Larry showed an AMC clip & Kelly avoided watching it. Mark did but he looked like he could throw up.

    Are you sure they looked at the clip in horror because they were ashamed of being on a soap? Maybe it was seeing themselves when they were younger. They weren’t Laurence Olivier and Betty Davis back then and they sure weren’t setting any fashion trends. Who hasn’t seen an old picture of themselves and cringed at how they looked or dressed or behaved?

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    TC irene

    I took the supposed cringing on LK to be because of their limited acting skill at that point.Kelly loving recounts the tale of how AMC sent her to more acting classes cause she was so bad but they liked her and didn’t want to see her not succeed and have to be fired….LOL
    (Maybe they should adopt that practice now)

    Anyway, I have never heard or gotten the sense that Kelly or her husband Mark is in any way ashamed at being on a soap.If anything they always seem to recall it fondly.

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    I think that sometimes that the writing for soaps is so bad that people stigmatized the genre. But the genre is also the bad for not moving forward and still doing the same crap decades ago.

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    Err, Kelly did AMC *and* Live! simultaneously for a couple of years. How is that “turning her back” on soaps?

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    TV Gord

    If anything, Kelly makes fun of “her performance” on AMC and not the soap itself. I guess people who are inclined to not like her can twist that to seem as though she’s dissing the industry. In fact, she has said a number of times on R&K that the reason she hasn’t been back on AMC is because she has never been asked.

    One more thing…that bit about her saying she’d never return if they ever recast Hayley is ridiculous and unsubstantiated gossip. People really believe what they want to believe, despite the facts, don’t they?

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    No, what Kelly really wants to say is that she is sad that AMC has gone to hell in a handbasket since she left. But, I don’t think she would blatantly say that on-air. Guess she took a few lessons from Beth Ehlers?

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    I think you all have too much time on your hands. I believe Kelly stated she was “sad” to see AMC go to LA because they didn’t go there when she was on it. From what I have seen, she loves the LA weather and the fact you can have trees in your gardens that bear fruit. Stop looking for the negative and focus on what she really meant: she will miss her old buddies from AMC who move to CA and she wishes she had a great job that would take her to a beachfront condo, while also being able to keep her fabulous place in Manhattan!

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    TV Gord

    lyndsd, I hope you didn’t mean that “too much time on your hands” comment to be as confrontational as it sounds, but regardless, thanks for wasting some time with us tonight! ;-)

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    Jamey jamey i love this genre but you have actress’s like vanessa marcil and kelly who say dont recast or i’ll never return.But i have to admit brenda barrett is unrecastable

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