B&B’s Gareis and Battle Show Muscle Power

In her latest video blog installment, Jennifer Gareis talks fitness with her costar Texas Battle. The onscreen mother/ son duo then decide to flex pecks for viewer enjoyment. Meanwhile, why in high heaven did that makeup artist have to chew gum like she’s eating steak!!?

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    Not convincing enough for me them two being mother and son and it has more to do with the visual/physical aspect of it and plus the actors aren’t that far apart in age: Jennifer Gareis born 1970; Texas Battle born 1980. That little repartee between them on the clip is cute and all but something is missing. I can’t say I am an authority or claim to know a whole lot about how kids of different-raced parents should look but I know it varies and depends on the genes. Take Lily for example, the actress herself Christel Khalil is a product of a Pakistani father and an African-American mother. Lily’s on-screen mother Dru – well I don’t even need to go there as far as the physical because we all know it’s just casting; however, not very realistic. Malcolm her father, on the other hand, well I can buy him being her bio dad more than Dru being her bio mom.

    Your thoughts…

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    First, I loved the podcast. It was a hoot and I enjoyed the mother/son teasing. And, OMG, there was a black woman make-up artist! Someone should call Victoria Rowell! (In years past, Y&R didn’t have anyone in the make-up and hair department who could style African-American cast members. They had to do their own.)

    Second, I disagree with you about Gareis and Battle, they look no more unalike than most other soap family members in general. Really, do you buy Jack Wagner being the son of Leslie Anne Down? He looks older than her by a mile!

    In terms of mixed families, there is no rule as to how children will turn out.

    Have you seen a picture of Victoria Rowell’s daughter?

    If you compare Rowell’s and her daughter’s bone structure, you can see that daughter Maya is the spitting image of her mother.

    I think too much is made about how

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    ITA with you in that Nick and Jackie are so miss-matched as mother and son – that is really a suspension of disbelief because the actors are contemporaries. But you know what rarely if ever when shows are casting kids for the parents do they take into consideration that the actor or actors portraying the kids should at least come across as being believable as the kids in terms of resembling the parents or parent. I can’t recall watching any show where the actors portraying the kids looked like they were related to the parents. There are some rare exceptions. Wait – I can recall one recently and that would be the actress Erica Gluck who portrayed Kelly and Jason Pitts’ daughter Brittany on The Game. Kelly was White (blonde at that) and Jason well he might have been mixed race. Jason’s parents were portrayed by Lonette McKee (very light/fair skinned) and Charles Robinson. Erica Gluck was quite believable as being their daughter.

    I don’t mean to belabor and like I said has a lot to do with genes. Besides we know that soaps are just an imitation of life and are not to be taken seriously.

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    “Imiation of Life”? Oh my! The double entendre of the figurative phrase and the movie was quite serendipitous or very sly. ;-)

    Which version of the film “Imitation of Life” do you prefer? The original with Fredi Washington or the remake with Susan Kohner?

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    Funny you should ask which version of the film Imitation of Life I prefer and I happened to have seen both: the original 1934 w/Claudette Colbert/Louise Beavers/Fredi Washington and the 1959 remake w/Lana Turner/Juanita Moore/Susan Kohner and I have a preference for the 1959 remake. Claudette Colbert is one of my all time favorite actresses though. Who made the better representation of a bi-racial/mixed daughter … well I can’t say but Susan Kohner did turn in a memorable performance.

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