Breaking News: Lesli Kay Returns To ATWT

Emmy winner Lesli Kay is returning to As The World Turns, according to Soap Opera Digest. However, Kay will not be quitting her current role as Felicia Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. She’ll be pulling double duty and working on both soaps at once, commuting between LA and New York.  

Kay portrayed Molly Conlan on ATWT from 1997 to 2004, winning a Daytime Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in 2001.

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    This is fantastic news, Lesi is such a great actress and just so under-used/rated at B&B, she was brilliasnt as Molly and I have a feeling this will have something to do with Carly return as Maura’s due back at a similar time.

    And ‘J Bernard Jones’ you are definetly right about ATWT pulling out the stops with these great casting moves, and with their slight move towards giving the fans what they want.


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    wow good for her! She is one of the smartest actors in Daytime. She collects the check from Bell, then goes to NY, plays around over there, then goes to her primetime gig and collects over there. Not bad being an actress. Best of luck to her and…what the hell ATWT as well.

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    So, I guess this answers the question about her being on recurring at B&B. It’s all in-network, so there’s no conflict.

    I’m sure that Windsor Harmon wishes that his Del could return to AMC.

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    This is great cuz she is not being used on B&B and we all know it.

    I always liked Molly. I hope she and Carly make up cuz they weren’t on the best of terms last time.

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    I was shocked to read that headline, thinking she’d be out at B&B. I don’t watch ATWT and would be so sad to lose her as Felicia.

    I’m very happy for LK, but as a B&B fan, I keep hoping for Brad Bell to finally wake up and write a story for Felicia. I’d like to think there’s a reason he brought her back from the dead and kept her on contract all this time.

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    Wild. This is the first time someone has simultaneously played two different characters on two different soaps.

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    Hi All….So, I wonder if this blurb from Nelson’s column is about Lesli?

    Also, as I hinted in last week’s Suds Report, expect a major Emmy-winning star to return to the show very soon in a groundbreaking casting decision.

    Is Lesli staying on both B&B and ATWT at the same time the “groundbreaking” decision? If so, that’s a bit disappointing since I was hoping it would be something juicy happening on screen, not off.

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    I’m going to go out on a limb and say ATWT is trying to save itself. I’m glad Kay is coming back. I really liked her character. I will tune in. Thank goodness for a dual recording DVR so I can watch both OLTL and ATWT.

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    Yes, it’s encouraging that ATWT is in a “fix-it” fever mode.

    If you write it, we will come. I will anyway.
    But it better be good. None of the dreck as of late.
    You don’t know the laughs I had when I read about the microchip in Paul’s BRAIN.

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    Maybe I’ve been under a rock, but is Holden really dead? I mean…all these returns for his funeral – Molly, their son, and I think another person is coming back. I just wonder what is really going on…or maybe ATWT is really going for broke.

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    Holden is not really dead and Aaron is not Holden and Molly’s son. He’s his son with Julie Wendall. Holden and Molly have a daughter: Abigail. It doesn’t like she’s going to the funeral and neither is Molly. Molly will start airing "late fall". My guess is around the time Maura returns as Carly.  

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    The folks at We Love Soaps have it right: if anyone should return, it’s Larry Bryggman.

    I just don’t see the value of Molly returning to Oakdale whereas John coming back would have more of an impact to the entire canvas.

    I don’t see this casting move as ATWT pulling out all the stops to save the show.

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