Meghan McCain and E.D. Hill Fill in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Republican fans of The View can breathe a little easier. There will be other Republican voices on The View while Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on maternity leave. The New York Post is reporting that Meghan McCain is returning to the chat fest for three episodes and former Fox News anchor E.D. Hill will also be filling in during Hasselbeck’s absence. The View’s new season begins airing on Sept. 8, but Hasselbeck’s maternity leave doesn’t end until mid-October.

Meghan McCain is a columnist at The Daily Beast.

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Photo Credit: NBC, Fox News

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    Hoosier Daddy

    Meghan McCain will be pretty much the 4th liberal on the show. She has gotten publicity from the media for two reasons: 1.) She’s John McCain’s daughter. 2.) She bashes people on the right and that makes her a media favorite.

    I would have preferred Ann Coulter. Yes, she’s batsh1t crazy, but she’d be entertaining. I’m not Hasselbeck’s biggest fan by any stretch, but at least she’s passionate about her beliefs. They could’ve done a lot better than Meghan McCain IMO.

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    TV Gord

    Now, bear in mind that I love Rosie O’Donnell like she’s the sister I never had but have been able to watch on TV…

    I would hate Ann Coulter on The View for the same reason Rosie didn’t work. She would take over. It would upset the balance of unnature that is The View.

    I also love Sherri and I know she has more conservative in her than she has been letting on lately. I hope she steps it up a little more in the new season, and maybe she can help to better balance out the panel. I am really enjoying watching her “grow” on The View (even as she “shrinks” ;-).

    I have no inside information to base this on, but I am concerned that Joy might leave the show as she segues into her new show on HN. I think there’s a realistic possibility that she could eclipse Larry King in the ratings (at least she can ask a hardball question, and she has an attitude), and that could mean she will outgrow The View. It would make me sad personally, but very happy for her. I remember listening to her radio show on WABC and thinking she could be a superstar in the talk genre.

    Finally, I don’t think it matters much who fills in for Elisabeth until she returns in October. When she reclaims her chair, it will be hers. She’s outliving the critics who dismiss her as an airhead simply parroting the party line of the Bush era. Like it or not, she DOES have a mind of her own.

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    Hoosier Daddy

    I think that there are plenty of intelligent women that can articulate the conservative point of view out there that are not the “lightning rods” that Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are.

    I like The View, but one of the biggest criticisms is the lack of balance on the show. Sherri is culturally more conservative, but is left of center on a fair share of issues. Joy is pretty hard left and Whoopi is to the left (although I think she does a very good job as moderator).

    Meghan McCain is not the best representative of a conservative woman IMO. I don’t mind that she’s more socially liberal, but I think you need more of a balance. Joy is pretty partisan, so you need someone to counteract that partisanship on the other side.

    I think E.D. Hill will do a decent job though.

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    I’m very happy about this. I enjoyed Meghan McCain when she filled in during the season. Her voice doesn’t shreek, she allows others their opinion and doesn’t act like a child. I have no problem with the conservative view- it was EH’s view that I had a problem with. I am not familiar with the other individual. Maybe Patricia Heaton can fill in as well.

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    TV Gord

    elle, I hope Patricia Heaton is too busy to do The View for quite some time. This strays a little off topic, but I’ve seen the pilot for her new ABC sitcom, The Middle, and it’s one of the funniest shows coming up this fall! I hope that show keeps her busy for…oooooh….the next seven years or so. ;-)

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    Don’t really know enough about either to make an opinion, but a rather good, more than likely conservative woman, would be Fox New’s Megyn Kelly. She would be perfect for something like this. She’s not obnoxious, makes good points, and can stand up for herself and stand up to others well. She makes for very good conversation, and would be a welcome fill-in. But, that’s just my humble opinion : )

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    TV Gord

    CGat, do I know you from (back when they were still fun)?

    I don’t know much about Megyn Kelly, but I will pay closer attention to her, based on your view. I lean to the left, but now that Obama is making some clear mistakes (what the HELL is going on with health care?), I’m interested in hearing what the rational right has to say. That’s who I really want to hear on The View. Not Ann Coulter. Someone who is rational, please?

    Remember when David Kelley shows (Picket Fences, The Practice) would argue BOTH sides of an issue? I miss those days.

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    Nah, I don’t recall being a member of TV Guide online. Lol. But yes, I very much understand what you’re thinking lately. Political blunders and fixes and solutions are just being shot around so crazily, don’t nobody know what the hell’s gonna happen :/ But yes. I find her very entertaining. She doesn’t have an absolute, pin-pointed screaming biased, but she makes for one hell of an argument. And yeah, I DO NOT EVER want to see Ann Coulter on my TV screen. She really gives the right a bad name.

    And, I miss David Kelley show’s period. TV Gord, television sure ain’t the business it used to be, that’s for sure.

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