OLTL’s Stacy Morasco, No Longer a Fiasco?

I would like to take a moment to step away from the Texas sized awesomeness of Tuc Watkins‘ return as David Vickers, including his attempt to film a reality series, his hilarious lines and his funding of Matthew’s legal bills, to discuss Stacy Morasco (If you have missed any of this week’s One Life to Live watch the SOAPnet marathon. You will not be disappointed).

The best thing that ever happened to Crystal Hunt was OLTL’s decision to cast Amanda Setton as Stacy’s onscreen sidekick Kimberly. Suddenly Stacy’s scheming seems less one note. Her antics may be just as desperate and convoluted, but with drastically improved dialogue and Hunt’s apparent desire to stay employed, the character is being transformed before our eyes. When she asked a shocked Kimberly “Do I look pregnant to you?” and stated that she’d be returning to sleep with Fish it had me laughing out loud. I’ve laughed a lot at Stacy over the past year, but rarely because it was a good thing. Maybe Hunt decided to channel her inner Annie Douglas, but for a brief moment, today’s scenes reminded me of Sarah Buxton on Sunset Beach.

A while back Daytime Confidential’s J. Bernard wrote that the character of Stacy was a classic soap scheming sociopath, saying Stacy didn’t bother him as much as she did the rest of us. More recently, Jamey gave Crystal Hunt kudos on a "Performer of the Week" episode for finally tuning in and actually acting in her scenes.

It is still too early to know if Stacy’s recent improvements will last, but even if they don’t you should still be watching, because David Vickers’ return has been must see TV. OLTL is playing to Tuc Watkins’ comedic strengths. Stacy’s storyline has improved, but it has a long way to go.

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  1. Profile photo of rachels

    Sorry-The only way Stacy Morasco would no longer be a fiasco, is if she was gone! Can’t watch her, or her new friend. It’s like chalk on a blackboard. Please let it be over!!!!

  2. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Just finished today’s and yesterday’s episodes and no Todd, no ffing. I am actually intrigued by a Natalie/Jared/Jess storyline for the first time. I like Brody. I like Schuyler. What if they brought back Adriana so that Rex/Gigi/Schuyler/Adriana was a square. I hated the way Rex/Adriana ended. After all the goodwill Rex amassed in his pursuit and support of Adriana, it was dropped for this ex-girlfriend from nowhere.

    And yes, I like Kimmy. She immediately made Stacy less one note, after all if Stacy could have a loyal friend maybe she is a human being rather than a malfunctioning cyborg.

    Tuc Watkins seems to enjoy his visits to Llanview and he shares that joy with the audience, I was stunned that he is footing Matthew’s bills, nice twist.

  3. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    I’m sorry but watching those two girls is like watching nails on a chalk board. They can not act, I literaly wanted to throw myself out the window and end my life after 10 minutes of them on screen. If my nephew were not coming into this world in Dec., I would of done it to escape those two. I don’t have tivo, I can’t fast forward them! Ugh.

  4. Profile photo of jsg03jd

    The Annie Douglas comparison is a pretty good one. I hate to admit it, but since Kimberly arrived, Stacy has been more tolerable and (gasp!) funny. I never thought Stacy as anything more than irritating and annoying prior to Kimmy’s arrival. I loved how Stacy called Natalie a “bitch,” as it takes one to know one, and Kimmy calling Kyle “Miss Thang!”

    And welcome back to Tuc Watkins. The way David’s reality TV series is being filmed reminds of Lisa Kudrow’s late, great HBO show THE COMEBACK. David teaming up with little brother Matthew was a welcome surprise (though it makes me laugh that the two are brothers because Matthew could easily be David’s son).

    But yes, I have a feeling Stacy’s one-note days may be changing. Just as long as they keep this Kimmy chick around.

  5. Profile photo of wbl_amc

    Luckily I missed most of the worst of Stacy since I only just moved to OLTL in May but even in the short time I’ve been watching I can honestly say that Amanda Setton is a perfect sidekick for Crystal Hunt.

  6. Profile photo of Travry10

    I hate to admit it, because I have despised the character since day 1, but I too am enjoying this new duo! They just crack me up running from one gay guy to the next trying to get pregnant! At this point, I’m rooting for her to actually win Rex. I used to love his character, but I can no longer stand him, and I am hoping Gigi and Schuyler end up together. Thus, Stacy can have the annoying runt! On a side note, I am just counting down the days until we learn that Rex and Schuyler are brothers. It just seems so obvious to me!

  7. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Hopefully an improved Stacey will help OLTL. I just saw the most recent ratings and OLTL tied it’s lowest ratings again :(

    I’m thinking about watching OLTL again…I wanna support my soaps even if there’s stuff on them that I don’t like

  8. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    I am sorry… she is even MORE annoying with the edition of this “friend” It is a good thing that the rest of the show is so strong right now because I am so tired of the Stacey character I can’t even begin to tell you.

  9. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    OLTL has been REALLY Very Good the past several weeks. The show became infinitely better when it started to use everyone on the canvas – in very interesting stories – no matter their contract status.

    What I find interesting about this genre is that, in this current day and age, it appears that no two (or more) soaps can be REALLY Very Good at the same time. Other than OLTL and Y&R, the other daytime dramas range from VERY mediocre (B&B, ATWT, GL) to VERY bad (AMC). Admittedly, I do not watch DAYS and GH, but why can’t OLTL AND Y&R be HOT/Firing on ALL Cylinders at the same time? A few months ago when Y&R was CAN’T MISS, OLTL was WATCHABLE 2 DAYS A WEEK, at most. And now, the tables have turned. Hopefully, Y&R can get its groove back – quickly – AND OLTL can continue to give us good, soapy drama. We deserve it. :-)

  10. Profile photo of snizzle

    OLTL is so good right now. I don’t understand why their ratings are so low. Maybe it has something to do with their timeslot between the awful AMC and dreadful GH?

  11. Profile photo of KeriChandler26

    Kimberly makes Stacy more tolerable by a very small margin. They both still suck imo. Kim is not humanizing Stacy, she just happens to be more annoying than her so Stacy doesn’t seem that bad.

  12. Profile photo of season1217

    I’m thinking about watching OLTL again…I wanna support my soaps even if there’s stuff on them that I don’t like.

    I think if One Life was to be cancelled before AMC it would be a travesty and I want to support it but every time I see Todd I want to punch a puppy in the face I can’t stand him. I’ve seen Stacy and I’d rather watch 10 Stacy’s than 1 Todd.

  13. Profile photo of cokeyloveshersoaps

    OLTL, YNR and Days are my fav soaps i love my Todd and Tea David cracks me up.Stacy i could care less about nobody will ever make her interesting to me Jess and Brody are the only couple i like on that show.

  14. Profile photo of maxsmom

    At least OLTL is a show you watch a couple of days a week to catch the sls you like. Noone is more than 4 days a week so there is balanced storytelling unlike GH where there are weeks when Sonny and Jason are on 5 days. Todd and Tea and Blair and Marty and John and Starr and Cole are my fast forwards but I still have the Buchanans(I am including David), the Evans, Brody and even though I dont like Rex/Gigi/Stacy, I like Schuyler and now Kimmy. I also like Oliver and Kyle.

  15. Profile photo of sudsmuffin

    I think Crystal has gotten much better lately. She and Kim are a hoot. Their attempted three way with Kyle had me in stitches. I think RC and co. were wise to bring in a side-kick to make her less one note. I would actually like to see her get over Rex and move on to somebody else. She could give Todd a run for his money.

  16. Profile photo of Pepe1958

    I wasn’t a Stacy hater, but I could see why others would hate her. But with the addition of Kim, Stacy has become more, shall we say, likable–Stacy and Kim’s hilarious attempts to get her re-pregnant are a delight to watch.

    The show itself as a whole right now is a delight to watch. It mystifies me that this extraordinarily good program isn’t #1 in the ratings.

  17. Profile photo of Pepe1958

    I wasn’t a Stacy hater, but I could see why others would hate her. But with the addition of Kim, Stacy has become more, shall we say, likable–Stacy and Kim’s hilarious attempts to get her re-pregnant are a delight to watch.

    The show itself as a whole right now is a delight to watch. It mystifies me that this extraordinarily good program isn’t #1 in the ratings.

  18. Profile photo of goyankees

    I would “watch the SoapNot marathon” but the idiots over there -don’t they still run OLTL in the middle of the %$#@% night (must pave way for the long-ago-cancelled ‘OC’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’, ya know)

    I stopped watched S-Not a year ago for those reasons…..Grrrr….Forgive, I’m just in a NASTY mood this AM!!

  19. Profile photo of matilda

    Stacy has always been in the grey zone, no love for her and no particular hate, but the last few episodes made me laugh a lot: on his potential daddy list she chose as first the two gay guys! XDD

  20. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    Close, but no cigar. Stacy is still a one-note character but what’s been great about the scenes is that Kim is doing the all the heavy lifting, and Stacy has less to do except be the punchline. But as soon as Stacy was in a scene without Kim, it went back to one-note dullsville. So yes, still a fiasco, but kudos for Ron and Frank for finding a way to make it bearable and dare I say, even funny at times!

  21. Profile photo of Luke

    I watched with this newbie Kim and I saw no difference. In fact, the annoyance factor grew. It was like literally watching a Paris Hilton reality show with her current BFF of the moment and I wanted to vomit. They have still yet to add anything redeeming about Stacy and like many have said before, she should have been gone yesterday

    And to compare this wretched character to Annie Douglas is insulting, IMO. Sarah Buxton as Annie would act circles around this chick. I’m sorry, but I don’t see the hype about Crystal Hunt

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