OLTL's Stacy Morasco, No Longer a Fiasco?

I would like to take a moment to step away from the Texas sized awesomeness of Tuc Watkins' return as David Vickers, including his attempt to film a reality series, his hilarious lines and his funding of Matthew’s legal bills, to discuss Stacy Morasco (If you have missed any of this week’s One Life to Live watch the SOAPnet marathon. You will not be disappointed).

The best thing that ever happened to Crystal Hunt was OLTL’s decision to cast Amanda Setton as Stacy’s onscreen sidekick Kimberly. Suddenly Stacy’s scheming seems less one note. Her antics may be just as desperate and convoluted, but with drastically improved dialogue and Hunt’s apparent desire to stay employed, the character is being transformed before our eyes. When she asked a shocked Kimberly “Do I look pregnant to you?” and stated that she’d be returning to sleep with Fish it had me laughing out loud. I’ve laughed a lot at Stacy over the past year, but rarely because it was a good thing. Maybe Hunt decided to channel her inner Annie Douglas, but for a brief moment, today’s scenes reminded me of Sarah Buxton on Sunset Beach.

A while back Daytime Confidential’s J. Bernard wrote that the character of Stacy was a classic soap scheming sociopath, saying Stacy didn’t bother him as much as she did the rest of us. More recently, Jamey gave Crystal Hunt kudos on a "Performer of the Week" episode for finally tuning in and actually acting in her scenes.

It is still too early to know if Stacy’s recent improvements will last, but even if they don’t you should still be watching, because David Vickers’ return has been must see TV. OLTL is playing to Tuc Watkins’ comedic strengths. Stacy's storyline has improved, but it has a long way to go.

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Close, but no cigar. Stacy is still a one-note character but what's been great about the scenes is that Kim is doing the all the heavy lifting, and Stacy has less to do except be the punchline. But as soon as Stacy was in a scene without Kim, it went back to one-note dullsville. So yes, still a fiasco, but kudos for Ron and Frank for finding a way to make it bearable and dare I say, even funny at times!

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I watched with this newbie Kim and I saw no difference. In fact, the annoyance factor grew. It was like literally watching a Paris Hilton reality show with her current BFF of the moment and I wanted to vomit. They have still yet to add anything redeeming about Stacy and like many have said before, she should have been gone yesterday

And to compare this wretched character to Annie Douglas is insulting, IMO. Sarah Buxton as Annie would act circles around this chick. I'm sorry, but I don't see the hype about Crystal Hunt