Victoria Rowell on Fan Reaction to DC Interview: “My Website Was Overloaded!”

Vanessa Who? Victoria Rowell is once again the most talked about soap alum on the web! Thanks to an item on Mr Brooks Genoa City News, rumors and speculation about Rowell possibly reprising her signature role as street urchin-turned-supermodel-turned-corporate exec-turned-cliff diver Drucilla Winters on The Young and the Restless has soap fans all lathered up! 

Rowell recently chatted with TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco, where she discussed the rumors, her recent nuptials to famed artist Radcliffe Bailey, her Summer 2010  steamy beach read: Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva and so much more! Check out what Rowell told Branco about the reaction fans had to her interview with Luke and I for DC’s 300th podcast episode:

TVG: What was the reaction from your podcast interview last year?

VR: My website,, was overloaded! The fans appreciated my candor and honesty. They were surprised to learn everything that went down. They now understood why I left the show. I don’t think a lot of people know this but before I left Y&R, I went upstairs to talk to the executives. I informed them that I wasn’t planning to renew my contract — and everyone just hid under his or her desk. After that, my manager and I never heard back from Y&R. They didn’t try to keep me on the show. Alas, I miss performing for my fans. I loved growing with that character so much. That’s what I miss the most. I also miss working with the likes of Jeanne Cooper [Kay] and Eric Braeden [Victor].

What, little old Luke and I caused a ruckus? Never! Rowell also revealed her charitable past with Y&R showrunner Maria Arena "Auntie Ri Ri" Bell to Branco!

TVG: What’s your relationship with Y&R executive producer and head writer Maria Arena Bell?

VR: We have high respect for each other. We both served on the Americans for the Arts advocacy and preservation board, and she still does. She was the best chair we’ve ever had. I enjoyed working with her very much. Like [Y&R creator] Bill Bell, she loves artists. Maria will do what is best for the scenario at hand. She’s very adept at kicking things up a notch and kicking things into gear. Maria and I work very well together. We have similar interests above and beyond daytime. She would always attend my high teas. We care a lot about children’s charities. Maria is also an engine in helping ensure art programs are still in schools and teachers are paid properly. We often collaborated in those issues, including working with the Museum of Contemporary Arts and Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan. I would love to work with her again as the executive producer of the show because I like to believe it’s as close as I could possibly come to working with Bill Bell again. And that’s a high compliment.

Want more of Rowell? Check her out on Buzz Worthy Radio Aug. 24!

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  1. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    This is why Y&R definitely needs Victoria Rowell back on the show. Even though it was so bad blood, but look at the ratings. Y&R is still losing viewers and Victoria can bring them back.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    What’s taking MAB so long? I mean this is about business and she should get what VR could bring to this show again. And Victoria made it perfectly clear that she would be working for Y&R again. So what’s taking MAB from picking up her phone and give her a call already?

  3. Profile photo of ATLn30318

    Do any of you recall Dru’s exit? I posted the clip of the fall and I really don’t see how she could have survived that. But I know the majority are so gung ho at the thought of having Dru come back that they wouldn’t care how she’d be written back in or whether it made any sense at all – just get her back. Y n R is supposed to be the best, the best writing I suppose (well not so much) and I thought known for its attention to detail (maybe that’s just me and wishful thinking) but it is supposed to be THE BEST in the genre. All soaps are just an imitation and shouldn’t be taken seriously with what they present to us – it’s really science fiction and we’re expected to suspend disbelief. The best that can be described are events taking place in an alternate universe. Surely we aren’t watching them for realism.

    At least VR let it be known that she “went upstairs to talk to the executives. I informed them that I wasn’t planning to renew my contract.” But shame on them for not making every effort to keep her and give her better written storylines. At least she’s following in Eileen Davidson’s footsteps – sorta – with her writing. There will be other acting opportunities that will come along.

  4. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Well, what do we expect about her going upstairs and the execs not giving a crap.
    LML was running the show then.

    And I remember her exit. It was a pretty cheesy shot sequence. Cheddar and Swiss.

  5. Profile photo of Smitty


    I was watching and I vividly remember the fall. Do I think it is possible that she survived? Heck Yes, Sharon Newman Abbott also fell off the cliff as well and survived. I don’t think it would be far fetched for us to believe that Dru survived as well. I want Dru to have survived and come back with a little Neil Jr. We find out that she was found by some strange man and was in a coma for months and they discovered she was pregnant while in the coma. She woke up from the coma with amniesa and didn’t realize who she was. Went on to have the baby and is slowly gaining her memory back which leads her to the Abbott house in Genoa City. Wouldn’t it be great if Aunt Mamie was visiting the Abbotts and the doorbell rings and she is shocked to open the door and see Dru standing there. Ok I know a little far fetched but hey it could work lol.


  6. Profile photo of reggyreg


    I would LOVE if they brought Mamie back! I thought Veronica Reed Forrest was great. Her battles with Jill were also great to see. I miss those days!

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