Wishful Casting: GL’s Liz Keifer as ATWT’s Frannie and Sabrina Hughes!

With so much going on with the Hughes family on As The World Turns, wouldn’t it be great for Dr. Bob’s lookalike daughters Frannie and Sabrina Hughes to pop up in Oakdale? I have the perfect actress in mind to recreate the roles Julianne Moore made popular before going on to movie stardom, and P&G is already quite familiar with her work. I’m talking about Guiding Light‘s Liz Keifer!

I started watching GL in 1993 after my beloved Santa Barbara went to the Great Soap Opera Museum in the Sky. Immediately, I took to the sassy, saucy C. Blake Thorpe, as played by the ravishing Keifer. Blake was my kind of soap character, a sexy schemer, cut from the same cloth as her infamous father Roger Thorpe (the late Michael Zaslow), yet possessing the heart of her mother, dedicated-yet-neurotic journalist Holly Norris (Maureen Garrett).
I thought Alan-Michael (Rick Hearst) and Frank (Frank Dicopolous) were fools to have been fighting over who got to have a big fat greek wedding with boring, goody-goody Eleni (Melina Kanakaredes), when they could have had fiery Blake! Okay, so they did have her, but they didn’t keep her. Ross Marler (Jerry ver Dorn) sure did though!

Ross and Blake quickly became one of my favorite couples on soaps, thanks to their sultry, comedic, explosive on-again/off-again love affair. GL started dying for me long before the new production model. It was when Ver Dorn was shown the door (along with countless other beloved actors) and Keifer was moved to the backburner so GL could tell tales of screwing cousins, Marvel Comics characters and heroines locking up people in woodsheds. Oh well, no use in crying over spilled visions.

Perhaps As The World Turns could rise out of the ashes of Guiding Light by bringing on key, popular GL stars, not as their Guiding Light personas, but as characters ATWT fans want to see back in Oakdale. I say start with flame-haired Keifer as Frannie and Sabrina! Keifer could pull off a dual role easily, and I’m sure she could master Sabrina’s British accent. Jon Hensley (Holden) proved he worked good in the middle of two warring sisters played by the same actress when Lily and Rose (then Martha Byrne) were duking it out over him. Maybe now it’s Frannie and Sabrina’s turn? Then NuLily could be with Damian, since Noelle Beck smolders opposite Paolo Seganti, yet comes off as lukewarm and forced opposite Hensley. Whaddya say, Goutman? Hook up my girl Liz and her legions of disgruntled fans!

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    Yeah Joss has a point. ‘Cause we know that girl don’t make no money as Blake anymore. I mean really. Up until lately, we saw her tops 10 times a year? WASTE. She might be like poor Michael O’Leary (Rick), and have to sell real estate on the side :/

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    Michael O’Leary is smart to have a side career in real estate. What’s going to happen to the rest of the GL actors who aren’t the big money makers?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Jorpa, if Liz is planning to act on soaps in NYC, her only options are ATWT and OLTL, both who are skating on thin ice. ATWT’s is decidedly thinner, but I am afraid not by much. Unless she plans to move her family west, her options are slim. I was trying to help a sistah out! LOL

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    I know Liz is east coast based but if she did move to the west coast I wouldn’t mind seeing her as a new and improved Kristen Forrestor on B&B or Diane Jenkins on Y&R.

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    I think it sounds like a great idea. I have seen her play alot of different levels on GL and I think her talents would be fabulous on ATWT, what a great idea!!

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    That would be great! Liz needs to be on another show ASAP! She’s been great as Blake and I’m glad they have used her as much as they have been this year, too bad they waited so long before they utilized her again.

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    With only three months of production left on ATWT before they go dark FOREVER—(sniffle, sniffle), there is not enough time to write an adequate story for ANY character—in my opinion, and I don’t believe that bringing back a character that has not been on the canvas for over 20 years would be a wonderful idea.  

    However, I do think she would be great on Y&R as Diane Jenkins, even though I did enjoy Susan Walters’ portrayal. I would even enjoy watching her on OLTL or B&B. I think until AMC rejuvinates the show and brings the quality of the writing back up again, all actors should be highly encouraged to avoid that show!!!

    Also, DAYS is so up and down in terms of the quality of the writing, and sometimes with the mediocrity of the dialogue (even though it has gotten A LOT better!!!), I feel like I am watching "Passions" all over again……

    I would recommend her for GH, but I would hate to end up having to watch Sonny, Jason or Michael pump her full of bullets…..which seems to be their pattern with every other female character on the canvas. Either that, or impregnate her and then push her away to "protect" her…….

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