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On Days of Our Lives this week (August 24 – 28), Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) rescue the kidnapped Ciara (Lauren Boles). As the music swells, will the supercouple reconcile?

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    I think they will struggle, but this constant let’s try and split up Bo & Hope is ridiculous! Putting Bo & Carly together or Hope and whoever, would just be another replay of the horrible Bo/Hope/Bille/Patrick crap! Bo was ONLY with Carly because he thought Hope was dead. That’s not to discount the relationship of Bo & Carly, but Bo and Hope are soulmates! And their fans are pretty frustrated that it appears these pathetic writers can only come up with this same lame butt story for Peter & Kristian! Here’s hoping that this storyline will be about Bo & Hope dealing with ALL the crap they should have dealt with when Hope came back and especially when Zack died! Here’s hoping that this will be about two people that truly love each other fighting, crying and working on what it takes to make one of the last true love stories on this show save a marriage that is well worth it! Because onlike someone said earlier, for many of us Bo and Hope are still very interesting! We just need the writers to do a better job of writing them that way! Believe me. There are way ALOT more BORING people on this show than Bo & Hope! JMO

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    Well I always enjoyed Bo and Carly more than Bo and Billie, but really I like Carly and Lawrence I don’t doubt they’ll flirt with the idea of putting Carly and Bo back together but in the end they’ll probably use her with more of the cast. She almost married or did marry Victor (cant remember) and I can just see them trying to pair her with Daniel for some reason or even Justin except I heard Lawrence might be coming back to. At least there getting a storyline thats more than I can say for most vets on other soaps but I agree Bo and Hope can still be interesting if written well, well…I loved the princess gina storyline but I don’t know if it was written well or not.

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    Well, Allistair Crane, since your screen name is after a character on arguably the worst soap of the genre, imo, clearly your opinions and mine are about a zillion miles apart.
    Bo and Hope have done something few have done……kept a couple believably in love for 25 years, despite hacks like Reilly and Dena.

    As for their stories, the plane crash and Bo’s subsequent illness was classic soap opera: umbrella type involving many characters; emphasized love and family; introduced characters who did not fall from the sky, come out of a magic potion.

    The silly stores with magic and villains with powers come from the JER mentality and sadly that had sneaked into many shows; or the mobsters as the leading men. The dumbing down of women to 1950s damsels in distress are a pathetic trend in the shows.
    Bo and Hope have been stuck in crap since JER and those that worship him (Dena and Tomlin sadly) came to town but the are not alone in that. Fortunately Peter and Kristian have enough talent and charisma to rise above nonsensical.

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    Dear JJ,
    I stopped reading your offensive post 15 words in. So please don’t try and have a conversation with me if you’re going to insult the best soap in the genre. kthnxbye

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