Bradford Anderson Guest Blogs for USA Today

General Hospital's Bradford Anderson is a guest blogger at USA Today's Pop Candy blog. In his blog he talks about what it means to be nominated for a Daytime Emmy and to be a part of the daytime community.

I'm proud to be a part of the daytime community. It's a group of hard-working people that does its best every day to put out a quality product. We have the responsibility of producing an hourlong show for every day we work -- a whole show in a day! Prime-time TV shows take upwards of two weeks for a single episode. In that time we will have shot 10 episodes.

Thanks to mk1814 for the tip!


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Love Bradford. <3 He's a really good representative for daytime--articulate and classy.

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Yay for Bradford! He' makes great points about Daytime and why people should treat it wit with more respect. It's nice to hear an actor reflecting what the fans feel about the industry on an outside source.