Erika Slezak Renews Contract

Erika Slezak has renewed her contract with One Life to Live, according to a message on her Official Website.
Erika’s contract was renewed. To fans she shares, "I am very happy to be remaining with One Life to Live for the next few years - and am looking forward to good stories and lots of fun."

News of the six-time Emmy winner's renewal comes just weeks after the much more public negotiations between Robin Strasser and OLTL. Llanview wouldn't be the same without either actress and now that both have re-signed lets hope for a good old Dorian vs. Viki feud.


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So glad for this news...even more so than Robin's signing. Erika/Viki has always been the backbone of this show and I almost always like the Viki character. Dorian...not so much. She's been so over-the-top lately I can hardly stand to watch her.

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Great news...