La Toya Jackson to Guest Host on The View

La Toya Jackson will be a guest host on The View Sept. 16 and Sept 18, ABC announced.  The View is in the process of lining up a string of celebrity guest hosts to fill in while Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on maternity leave.

The popular daytime talk show has also lined up previous guest Kathy Griffin to appear on the Sept. 18 episode, while Victoria Beckham will be a guest on Sept. 14. 

Meghan McCain and Eddie Hill are scheduled to fill in on Sept. 9-10 and Sept. 23-24, respectively.

This is the first time since 2007 that Griffin will appear on The View. I wonder if Barbara Walters will be on that day?

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    Kathy Griffin will be on The View? I thought she was banned specifically by Babs herself! I would love for BW to be there on that day, but I doubt it. I will definiely be taping The View that day!

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    I hate Kathy Griffin, she’s not funny. She ws never banned from the show, her lies. But it is true that Babs doesn’t like her, so swhe most likely won’t be on that day, lol. I’d skip that day to.

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    TV Gord

    The reality is it was down to Griffin and Sherri Shepherd for the fifth chair on The View, so Barbara has been both hot and cold on Kathy. It just depends on how serious Barbara is taking herself these days. It probably helps that Walters’ pal, Joan Rivers (now THERE’s your unfunny!), is now buddy-buddy with Kathy.

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    I love Kathy Griffin, love how she makes everyone uncomfortable. I’m sure she doesn’t care that she didn’t make the view, she has a popular show on Bravo that has been on for many seasons. But i’m sure she’d still love to be on another show cause she’s a fame whore, even she’ll admit that! LOL

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    I’d almost bet she’ll say or do something outrageous that if BW kicks her off again it will provide enough fodder for at least one Bravo special. lol

    Luke, it’s pretty much a given that she’ll upset Barbara Walters in some way! It seems pretty easy to tick off BW in the first place, but with Kathy’s crazy antics I am just imagining BW turning red with steam coming out of her ears! Which means that this a must see episode! LOL!

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    I haven’t seen a pic of La Toya for years (I’ve managed to avoid all coverage of her brother’s death) so forgive me if this is a well known observation but is she turning into Charo?

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