Martha Bryne Leaves General Hospital

Martha Byrne is on her way out of Port Charles. According to the print edition of ABC Soaps In Depth, Byrne’s character Andrea gets a "pretty intense ending" the week of Sept. 7.

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    It’s no wonder. TPTB just weren’t committed to her storyline. The lack of writing and airtime for it shows that. Does anyone know if this was a mutual decision?

  2. Profile photo of Grimm

    Since Andrea seems the lead suspect in the murder mystery, I’m going to guess she winds up also murdered. Another serial killer in Port Charles?

  3. Profile photo of ajsmom

    I love her on ATWT, but on GH? Really glad to see her time here come to an end. Another serial killer mystery? Do we really have to go through this nonsense again? *sigh*

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