Victoria Rowell Talks to Buzzworthy Radio

Victoria Rowell appeared on Buzzworthy Radio last night to talk about Drucilla and all the rumors swirling about her possible return to The Young and the Restless. You can listen to the episode here or visit Buzzworthy Radio for more information.


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2 January 2008
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Im right with you victoria where the hell is mamie.This show needs to bring victoria rowell back and recenter the winters family back.This show was the bomb when the late bill bell was writing it.Cant lee bell write this show

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14 April 2009
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Love Love Love VICTORIA ROWELL! Seemed like the writers wrote her crazy just before she left the show!

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28 November 2008
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As is to be expected, Ms. Rowell does not hold back her opinion.

She is so sorely missed, and Y&R would be very foolish not to beg her to come back.

Victoria is a strong, intelligent actress that deserves to have her voice heard. She must scare the hell out a few people on the set, because she does not suffer fools well.

The show has a serious void without Dru and co. featured as a core family.

CBS and Maria Bell wake up stat.

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2 February 2009
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I just love VR and desperately want Dru back on Y&R! I love her strength and intelligence, and want her back influencing Y&R once again. The people in charge over there really need to get it together. An ovarian cancer storyline with no mother to comfort her daughter? A wayward and unrecognizable husband with no direction? A family with no foundation???? Dru will fix ALL of this, and VR's return will bring the ratings. Every day I open DC hoping to see a big picture of VR with the headline "Dru Returns!" WHAT IS MAB WAITING FOR???

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What happened to the item about Justin Barber from BB?