Gloria Fisher “Polished” Off By Jill Abbott on Y&R

It was only a matter of time before Gloria discovered Jill’s little nail salon secret on The Young and the Restless. Watch Gloria gloat over Jill after the jump

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    This Evil Jill down on her luck and Kaye being everyone’s rich sweet super grandmother is getting old and borrrring.

    Memo to MAB: Check your history. We all know that Jill is not all evil and Kaye isn’t sweetness and light 24/7 so can we flip the script and start even it up a little. Geez!

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    When we watch the Soaps or let me just say ME — it is a willing suspension of disbelief and what’s often portrayed and presented is outlandish, over the top and very Soapy. That’s pretty much what Soaps are all about and it’s probably asking too much to have them make sense all of the time. If they all made sense all of the time then it would make for pretty boring TV and we’d lose interest I guess. BUT Jill being flat broke and having to hustle for money ain’t cutting it for me. Granted she does own half of the Chancellor mansion but Jill after all these years no money, no resources other than the monies she had deposited in an off-shore bank in the Cayman Islands – C’mon. Anyways I’m just going to continue my willing suspension of disbelief and see where this storyline goes for our Jill Abbott. If nothing else, it’s getting to see Jill in a more comic/comedic light and laughter is good for the soul.

    Speaking of laughter being good for the soul – I am still reeling (it’s 9:38 pm as I am writing this) at Kendall bashing Liza or strawberry short cake (thanks Jamey) – over the head with what looked like a laptop when Liza kissed Zach on 8-25-09 epi of AMC. With that one fell swoop it’s as if Kendall was saying “Bitch – you better get up off my man.”

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    I too love Jeffery ‘n Gloria….I understand how some Y&R fans can be annoyed w/them, but ‘we’ need some laughs on this show now ‘n then (everytime I see Ash with her departed fetus I recoil….so some FUN is desperately needed!)

    But any of us who have ever worked a job knows if you need cash fast? AND A HUGE AMT like Jill needs? She’s not going to get it ASAP painting nails….So it’ll be fun (yes, FUN) to see her, Glo and Jeff consipire to bring Mary Jane’s crazy head of wig on a silver platter to that $#@%$ Victor Newman….

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