Grant Aleksander on Phillip's Reaction to Otalia

Guiding Light's Grant Aleksander visited with the Red Room's Lana M Nieves about his time on GL as Phillip Spaulding, choosing a pet, GL's production model and Phillip's reaction to Otalia.

On Phillip's reaction to the same-sex relationship between Olivia and Natalia:

Phillip comes into this now, at this stage in his life, in a way that is different than he might have at any other time. He's been through a lot of changes, and he's examined his life. He knows that, if you find the person you love, you need to value what time you have with them, no matter who they are. He sees the relationship that Olivia and Natalia share as something special...something that provides a safe and loving environment for his child. It's good and healthy for Emma, so he supports it. Phillip is a character who has always thrived on and caused conflict. And conflict builds story. If the show had a future, there would have to be some kind of conflict between Phillip and Olivia/Natalia in order for a story to exist between them. I could easily see something upsetting Phillip, and him seeking custody of Emma...but it would be something Olivia did or some other issue he perceived as a problem. I don't think it would be the same-sex nature of her relationship - this just isn't an issue for him. On the other hand, I could also see a totally different type of conflict having nothing to do with Emma - like maybe Phillip and Natalia forging a friendship and Olivia not being very comfortable with that, or misunderstasnding it.

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Funny before the shows cancellation there was talk of a unique friendship developing between phillip and natalia but i guess due to time restraints it never happened

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Great article, as well as the one written about the Paley center event for GL... Grant Aleksander is a class act. I am so glad that he came back this year. It would have been a very very different "final" year for GL if he hadn't. Thank you Grant.