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Question: Does anyone really believe that Blair doesn’t want Todd? I don’t believe for one moment she is "stuck with him." Though after Blair’s scenes with Rex, I’m beginning to think the two might make an interesting couple. Check out unaired scenes from One Life to Live after the jump.

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    TV Gord

    Blair and Rex would be very hot, although I got more of a sibling vibe off of that scene than one of hotness. And it’s not me, because my sister ain’t that hot! ;-)

    Incidentally, whatever happened to that infamous subplot where Cris’ mother was going to suspect that he’s gay? Did they scrap it because of all the controversy? It seems to me that now that it’s coming out that Fish is gay, the opportunity for misunderstanding has passed (well, except for that idiot, Stacy).

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    @ TV Gord I think the scene comes after Fish finally admits to himself that he’s gay. He buys the book, accidently leaves it on the counter, Carlotta finds it, and hijinks ensue.

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