Kamar de los Reyes Denies Y&R Rumors

Former One Life to Live heartthrob, Kamar de los Reyes has put to bed all the rumors swirling around the internet regarding him going to The Young and the Restless. On Twitter, Reyes addressed it head on, in a tweet saying that he:

is not doing Y&R...very flattering...just a rumor.


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What in the most unflattering photo of Kamar de los Reyes? HA! Y'all had to search high and low for a bad photo of this fine guy. Smile Sucks he's not heading to Genoa City.

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Didnt Sean Kanan say the same thing?

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I wouldn't mind if he does go to Y&R because I haven't been watching it like I did.

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Aw, Crap....I got excited when I saw the rumors myself...I always liked him on OLTL.....and he would have been believable as Rafe's older brother...

I think what I liked about the RUMOR was that he was supposed to be a new 'love' for Sharon, which I was happy to think this TRIANGLE would FINAAAALLY come to an end! Ah well....

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isn't that what Sean Kanan said for months???

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I was never much of an Antonio fan on OLTL