Crystal Chappell On GL's Last Day: "No Air Conditioning and all the Toilets Stopped Functioning"

Crystal Chappell just gave a wonderful interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan. In it she speaks about her new highly anticipated web-series Venice, her return to Days of Our Lives, and of course her time on Guiding Light. Crystal tells us exactly what it was like on the set of GL that last day and shares what Carly will be up to when she returns to Salem. Below is a snippet of the interview, but be sure to check out the full piece.

After roughing it on all those location shoots for GL—and changing your clothes in the back of cars—having a real dressing room at Days will be nice for a change, yeah?

And working toilets! On our final day at GL we had 45 cast and crew people working in a house in Peapack, New Jersey, on a 100-degree day in August with no air conditioning and all the toilets stopped functioning. So my attitude about the show coming to an end—besides a feeling of extreme loss—is enough already. If a show has flushable facilities, I’m your gal! That’s all I need. I’m very easy to please.


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Sounds like Carly has murdered Lawrence and we'll see Michael Sabatino in flashbacks.

And Crystal is right: after being buried alive, there's not really anything that can top that for Carly.

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At least Crystal had sense a humor about the shitty production values GL suffered through. A great actress like her should have never had to dress in the back of a car, but that's how much a a trooper she is. Wink

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It makes no goddamn sense how the cast & Crew of GL have been treated for the past year and a half. A part of me is glad that it's over...

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Great article, thanks for the link.
I thought the last day of GL had the whole cast out to do their last scenes with everyone supporting each other. How awful about no air condition and toilets! Poor GL can't catch a break. rip

So glad Crystal has Days to go to. Can't wait to see her back in a studio.
Nice addition of Venice too to see her in.

Crystal's storyline limps to a premature close on GL this summer-so sad and disappointing. Move on to fall and not one but two stories with Crystal!

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I think the cast and crew weren't always treated as well as they should, but I am sure most of them would rather have their jobs than not. Most of GL's cast and crew will not find similar steady, middle-class paying jobs. Of the actors on Passions, how many of them do you see on TV regularly? Two or three? Another World's vets? Sunset Beach? The economy and the TV business, soaps in particular, are in the toilet.

In some cases, a job that might have annoyances is better than no job.

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Well Passions actors are being scooped up by Days I see 3 of them weekly and I hope the same goes for the cast of GL although its hard for vets to find work these days, it helps if your coming back to a character like CC is.

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Crystal is amazing! I'm a little bummed to find Venice won't be "Otalia 2.0" but I'm glad ther will be a kiss between the two ladies. And Venice will still be awesome!