Nick Busts Sharon On Y&R

Sharon’s lies have finally caught up with her on Monday’s US episode of The Young and the Restless. It really sucks to be Nick these days with Summer reverting back to a toddler, his stepson in trouble with the law, Noah being…. NOAH and now this! Watch the clip after the jump.

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    Noah being…. NOAH

    I like Noah being Noah. I love every time he digs into his parents about how stupid they are and how irresponsible they’re being I L-O-V-E it. God, I hate Nick!

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    Noah can be lucky he isn’t my son. He would be spending his time in room. After getting his mouth slapped for disrespect. I used to like the kid now I can’t stand him.

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    Noah can be lucky he isn’t my son. He would be spending his time in room. After getting his mouth slapped for disrespect. I used to like the kid now I can’t stand him.

    I don’t see where Noah needs to be respectful of his parents. I’m sorry but parents can’t continually put there children through the ringer and expect a Stepford child. I hate it when Nick tells Noah with to and not to say to her mother. Whatever Sharon and Nick are going through it’s no where near as bad as what it’s like to be a teenager with directionless parents. Growing up everyone quoted the Bible saying “Honor your mother and father” but the same Bible also reads “Parents don’t provoke your children to anger”.

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    Phyllis didn’t seem to offer any consideration for her son who might go to prison when she opted to take Summer to Zurich, so I doubt that Nick’s giving him any consideration.

    Overall, though, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for Nick when everyone knows that he lied about Summer’s paternity too. Now two children of Jack’s have been stolen…

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    I hope Sharon doesn’t fall back into Nick’s orbit. It seemed like she was having a moment of clarity about her decisions lately. She was having an epiphany about the mess that her life has become,and her mother was finally getting through to her and then NICK walks in.Ugh!!! I am a Sharon and Nick fan,but he doesn’t deserve either of them at this point. Nick needs to sit in the corner for a few months and let these two women reclaim their ‘pre-Nick’ identities.jmo.

    If memory serves me correctly Nick TOLD everybody he was Summers father very soon after Cassie’s death when he was acting out with Phyliss,and right before he was in that plane crash that made him lose his memory….just sayin’…lol.

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    Is anyone else as tired of Nick and Sharon as I am? I am a Phick lover but jesus tap dancing christ! How much crap can Phyllis take from Nick before wanting to kick him out of her life for good.

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    its about time .. i like sharon but really this is just getting stupid!!!!! nick needs to stay with one of them for longer then a week and at this point i dont care which. i have always loved him with sharon but even with P is fine at this point but just pick one for a while this time

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    This triangle is starting to wear me. I want my Shick, but the both of them have some growing up to do. Phyllis also needs to see the light. She deserves better.

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    They play the beats too much with this quad. Nick and Phyllis needs to be broken up because of boredom and Phyllis needs her spunk back. I would get Phyll with Deacon, and Shick needs some long work with them before I get them back together again.

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    Sharon don’t want to participate in her group sessions telling Doc it’s all a misunderstanding, she raising her voice @ Mama Doris , If Phick stay tha hell away from Sharon’s Room, Jack stop callin like a lil HighSchool Boyfriend maybe Sharon can get a grip If these three MF’s stop baggering her to def Maybe the woman can start to heal….Security Security..hehehe

    On a serious note really after watching the Daytime Emmys tonight Y&R betta do sumthin BrandNew these long s/l ain’t hittin like Sharon being in the Phick Orbit every since LML and now it seems MAB continue the string along (Why is that?)and some of the other Plot Driven storylines or the drop s/l,,\\ I just don’t get where it’s going I have been watchin this Soap since I was 5yrs with my Grandma and judging from the Emmys tonight even though Y&R still hold #1 it is not a good look. JMO

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    When are you people going to get over Summer being Jack’s?? Why would Nick have lied about that??? There has been nothing onscreen ever to make anyone think Summer is Jack’s child. I know if some woman had a kid and I found out I wasn’t the father I sure would not claim it just to claim it. Especially considering how much Nick “loves” Sharon when he had the chance to go back to Sharon he could have just came out and said “well Summer really isn’t mine, she’s Jack’s so I don’t really need to go back to Phyllis”. Then he could have stayed with his “soulmate” Sharon. But he went back to Phyllis and his daughter Summer.

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