The Young and the Restless Promo

With Mary Jane being revealed as Patty, it looks as though the walls are caving in on Victor. Or is it? Watch the clip after the jump.

Thanks to beautreal for the tip & tvobsessive2008

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    I hope this is just an arc for a “Who killed Victor?” storyline,or a “Jack Abbott finally takes down The Great Victor Newman” storyline OR I’M GONNA BE PISSED!!! It’s just too much to watch the man just run roughshot over an entire town,and never get one drop of blood on his hands. If you are trying to make me root for his sociopathic son IT’s WORKING!!!jmo.

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    I love Victor, alway have, and I want to see him cut off at the knees just like everyone else, but we know that won’t happen. I just want to see Victoria’s face when she finds out JT was right about her father.

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    I’m serious. If Victor doesn’t pay then I’m done with Y&R. The only person that will bring me back is Victoria Rowell. Seriously, this Victor always gets away crap is old and tiresome. It’s always been my main beef about Y&R.

    Victor standing there and talking that “I better not find her” crap to Paul’s face and patronizing Phyllis, who looks like she’s actually falling for it, makes me sick to my stomach. If Paul walks out of that room without busting that old fart in the face, then I’m done.

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