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On this week’s Days of our Lives (Aug 31-Sep 4), Dr Baker (John Callahan) has written a tell-all letter about the baby switch, making partners-in-crime Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) a tad nervous! What will they do? Watch the clip after the jump.

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    Ah, ang, you assume that he *will* get his brain back after he finds out the truth!! I’m not sure I have that much faith in the writers, but I must say it will be better for him to know than be walking around like a dumba$$ and believe the flimsy excuses all the time. Man, but I never thought that would happen to EJ.

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    Ok..I’m praying EJ gets his brains back. After he finds out what Stefano and Nicole have done to him, I would hope he doesn’t trust anyone and questions everyone! But with out luck he’ll still believe the garbage that he is being fed. Sigh. The writers really do suck. This group surely won’t be nominated for an Emmy next year.

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