Daytime’s 2009 Emmy Fashion Show

The Daytime Emmy Fashion Show may have received mixed reviews on the podcast, but one thing is certain. Ricky Paull Goldin and Chrishell Stause were smokin’ hot. I thought the segment was an injection of fun into the telecast and an opportunity for each show to feature a couple they wanted to promote. The CW figured out a way to zoom through seven couples and Susan Lucci faster than an As the World Turns storyline evolution. That is says something, I don’t know what. Watch the clip after the jump and tell us what you think.

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    Hot or not it made Daytime look a tacky joke. Half the couples played it to the hilt and the others like the pairs from GH and Y&R looked confused or bored. They don’t need to take it super serious all the time but this was pointless and when broken out only managed to do two things:
    1) gave them an obvious highlight Tyra moment – could she have talked longer in that intro?

    2) resulted in a time crunch which shrunk the B&B’s win and GL’s tribute.

    Not to mention the sheer stupidity of placing it as a segway for Lucci into the section about starving people in Africa. Whomever thought that a good placement should see a therapist.

    “I know let’s have high “glamour”, naked ladies, and hot guys. Let’s spend $5,000 on the production cost. Then let’s move Lucci right into a speech about kids starving in Africa and what they saw over there. Yeah that’s the ticket.”

    Next time write a bigger check to the starving kids in Africa instead.

    That was as horribly arced a moment in TV as you guys here snark about half the stuff on GH or ATWT’s, or B&B.

    People thought Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White on the Oscars was a piece of dumb award show history… It is but this rivals it for the charity segway alone!


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    Luke Kerr

    I agree that stuff could have been cut to make time for those things…However, I would suggest the second VW dance number. It was really long and at least this is featuring somethin from daytime and not DWTS. Yes the Susan Lucci part was tacky as all get out, but the couple’s portion of it had some merit imo.

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    Who thought of this stupid thing? A fashion show and a song and dance segment with daytime?! Cut this and give more time to the GL tribute. It was just sad. GL deserved more than what they got. Why didn’t they get the Life Achievement award? It would have made sense.

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    The segment would have worked better if it had been iconic outfits from each soaps history, they specifically referenced the Laura wedding dress, i thought La Lucci might have worned something from Erica’s fashion model days for instance

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    Luke they should have cut both the fashion show and the 2nd dance number

    Or domne away with the red carpet and aired the show from 7-10pm. They would have had an extra hour

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    The producers behind the show, decided to NOT cut the 2nd singing number, the “fashion show” (which had a really bad segway into “Feed the Children” segment). Who in their right mind, thinks that something as vapid as a fashion show segment is a good lead-in for a charity based feature, that’s being supported by the Daytime industry?!

    Tacky, tacky, tacky.

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    I appreciate the fact that the Daytime Emmys were even on this year. Let me get that out of the way. But seriously! This as a segue to Feed the Children, um no. And where was the GL couple. Would Otalia have been HOT up there or what!? But totally could have been cut for GL and B&B to get more time.

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    SimonStuart2003 – The intro wouldn’t have had to go down that tired and tried route. When they had Tony Geary and the other GH actress that participated in the charity campaign on stage, they could have introduced the segment.

    IMO, it’s just common sense, which wasn’t used at all in the production, but I guess we should just be grateful and happy that the Daytime Emmys for 2008 were aired.

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    I don’t think we had a choice but to keep the fashion show, it was sponsorship thing:

    Good Housekeeping is the official print partner of the Daytime Emmy Awards…In addition, a special style section, “Winning Looks” will appear in the September 2009 issue of Good Housekeeping to celebrate the Daytime Emmy Awards. “Winning Looks” will spotlight daytime actresses and personalities, highlighting must-have products. The September issue will be available on newsstands on August 11.

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    I wouldnt of minded the fashion show if they hadnt treated GL so crappy during it, they didnt include them because they were treated as an afterthought it really worries me about next year will any GL people be nominated? Even if they deserve it

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    This was tacky and tasteless at its worst. To have bikini clad women dancing around right before a segment about starving children in Africa? Are they serious? Most of the actors looked like deer in the headlights. I though that girl from B & B was going to piss herself. The other couples cheesed it up so bad it wasn’t funny trying to impress the nearest producer. A total waste when Brad Bell got cut off and GL got cut off.

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    As offensive as it was, and as embarrassing as it was for the performers, I’m surprised no one has mentioned that they completely ignored Guiding Light in that segment. Every other soap was represented (AMC even 2x) but GL was ignored.

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    oh i noticed that and that was one of the tackiest things of the night imo that cutting GL off and B&B were just awful. GL might not be on the air after Sept. 18 but they had JB which one and are eligible next year and to not include them was classless and tacky. They could of easily had JB and GT or heck CC and JL or even KZ and RN but they didnt want to because in their minds GL is gone and why bother tacky tacky tacky.

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    Did Amanda really wear that outfit on GH?

    I thought that the DOOL couple were the only ones who looked a bit over the top.

    They should not have coupled the segment with the Save the Children business but the segment wasn’t bad. It actually did have something to do with daytime.

    Vanessa Williams should not have been singing and dancing. That was more out of place.

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    As I mentioned earlier, the segment was a tie-in to this month’s Good Housekeeping article. Does anyone have it? Maybe they were trying to replicate the article, which may not have included GL because they didn’t wan to or weren’t chosen to participate at the time?

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