Regan Checking In & Some General Hospital Scoop Too!

Hey DC’ers! I’ve missed you all but I’ve also missed a ton of Daytime TV and have been playing catch up all weekend. Since I have a head start on a lot of the General Hospital storylines, I’ve been focusing on catching up with the peeps in Llanview and I am not disappointed! One Life to Live is on fire and I’m loving every minute of it.

The JaSam fans got their wish, that episode got the delete off my DVR. I’m happy for their fans as you all know I love you despite your pairing affiliation but I’m still recovering and I was afraid that episode would set me back. Just kidding! Even with my advanced knowledge of most of what’s happening in Port Chuckles, I still may have missed something so when I start dishing a little, I may cover some things that have already hit the screen.

First, let’s talk Emmys. I got to hang with the DC gang last night and record the Emmy podcast. It was a great time and a fitting podcast to make my return! I love my GH but that golden lady for writing was in the wrong hands. I also would have preferred the other blonde one standing up there with a win for younger actress. If you were on Twitter with us last night you saw my sigh of relief when Tony Geary did not win and I was over the moon with Susan Haskell’s trip to the stage to pick up her Emmy! Overall the telecast was a little weak, way too rushed and didn’t show any respect to Guiding Light or The Bold and the Beautiful. Both shows deserved their moment and both were victims of the cut off. I know that Friends re-run was way more important than B&B being allowed to utter a simple “thank you.” I can’t end my little Emmy opinion recap without mentioning The View. None of them could attend? I get that after being locked out year after year you get a tad bit discouraged but one of the ladies should have been in attendance. Tacky ladies, tacky.

Jamey called in with a little scoop from the red carpet. Bradford Anderson dished that the Spixie wedding had been filmed. Will they make it to man and wife or will Maxie’s cold feet and anxieties get in the way? Speaking of Jamey, how great was he? I always said he’d be famous someday. Two years ago I stood on the Emmy red carpet and from a fan’s perspective it was pretty cool. I can only imagine how giddy Giddens was interviewing the stars! I gotta give some props to Melodie and Jillian who blogged their hearts out last night. You two were great!

Shall we Scoop a bit? First, it looks like the Emmy telecast did alright in the ratings department for The CW. Will it have a new home on The CW or will ABC take their turn in the rotation? Word is the will! In my opinion, ABC produces the best Daytime Emmys out of the bunch. Kudos to ABC for the well placed and well targeted carnival promo for General Hospital. They definitely catered to The CW audience but where was the love for All My Children and One Life to Live? One step forward, two steps back.

Let’s get back to the issue at hand… General Hospital SPOILERS! The carnival kicks off this week and as with every GH stunt, yes I am completely ready to be back on the Port Charles train with my eyes glued to the TV. Apparently even after a couple months off, I’m still a sucker. Eddie Q is drugged and running his car right through the carnival. Who will be hurt, who will die and who is behind it all? Andrea Floyd is the one drugging the Quartermaine patriarch after PC’s first lady learns that Edward saw her leaving the MetroCourt the day Brianna Hughes died.  Who is Claudia staring at on that stretcher? Is Sonny hurt trying to protect Kristina? Did Sonny finally interact with his daughter? Remember, I’ve been on a hiatus.

Jake is hurt! It looks like Jason and Elizabeth’s son will be ok but will it bring Lucky and Liz closer? Will Jason see Elizabeth in a lip lock with Nikolas when he goes to check on his son? Are we finally getting that brother vs. brother storyline?

He looks like a carny, might as well play one on TV. Ethan works a booth at the carnival. Rebecca and Nikolas go together but what game is the Cassadine Prince playing?

RANDOM RUMORS… Will Olivia have to tell the truth about Dante when a classic soap twist hits? Is someone lurking at the carnival? Matt misses the carnival. Who will be The Jackal’s best man? That shouldn’t even be a question! Is Alexis fingered as the one who drugged Edward?

It’s great to be back! I’ll be dipping my toes in this week and hopefully I’ll be diving in next week.

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  1. Profile photo of mdiaab

    Can’t wait for the spixie wedding!!! I really hope they say I do.

    ETA: I REALLY hope they don’t go too much further with this Nick and Liz pairing. It’s just gross. Something about it is way off for me. And I don’t think TC is sexy AT ALL!

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    It is great to have you back
    I am also with you on that Anthony Geary didn’t win he didn’t deserve that ..
    GH best writing ???? don’t know the Michael shooting was a great story but did the all year deserve this award ?? don’t know ??
    I have to say that I think that GH is really good at this moment and I am looking forward to this story , by the promo it looks amazing…..
    Spixie wedding – Jason is the best man so it is not a real mystery .! I do wonder if they do the all thing.. I have a feeling that no ……………

  3. Profile photo of blackjack21

    eeeeee!!! good to hear from you regan!

    i’m so excited to see the possibility of an umbrella story on this show. i am so hoping that they don’t mess it up.

    does anyone know which episode they nominated for the writing? as most, this baffles me.

  4. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan so good to have you back…

    There are a ton of rumors floating around out there. Can you tell us which are true and which are false

    Is CrAZy behind the carnage?

    Hotshots Soapnet promo says LikNiz “has the sex” rumors say while Jake is in the hospital??

    Lucky proposes??

    Jason mad at Eliesalot because she loses Jake at the carnival.

    Carly delivers?

    Jason and Sam climb the outside of the ferris wheel to save lives?

    GH LOVER I heard Spin, in typical Spin fashion, chooses 3 best men. Dont know if thats true or if they are just wedding party.

  5. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    They submitted Michael’s shooting for best writing. Was it a good storyline, yes. IMO, writing submissions should cover a couple storylines to gage more of what truly hits our screens.

  6. Profile photo of arielade

    He looks like a carny, might as well play one on TV. Ethan works a booth at the carnival.


    I needed that, thanks Regan! Hope you are doing better!

  7. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’ve seen EET’s list out there, not sure what is 100% and what is exxaggerated.

    Spin MAY ask Patrick (huh), Coleman (HUH) and Jason to be his best men. In the end it SHOULD be just Jason standing up there.

    There are RUMBLINGS that ZaCrazy has some unfinished business.

    I heard that contractions MAY be starting.

    I’m sure Jason and Sam go into hero mode.

    Not sure about Jason yelling at Elizabeth.

    As for NIZ…. RUMORS have them hitting the sheets anywhere from mid – September to early October.

    As for "losing" Jake at the carnival, my nephew was lost at a huge waterpark. It happens, its scary as hell, but it does happen.

  8. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    I really was hoping for a Kirsten win. But I was even more shocked Bree Williamson lost. Like wow!

    So theres a Spixie wedding but their might not be ana ctual wedding?

    And welcome back!!!!

  9. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    I was surprised that GH was the only soap that ran a comercial during the emmys, smart on their promotion department. I am so looking forward to it. Sonny is out of a suit, ya.

  10. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “As for “losing” Jake at the carnival, my nephew was lost at a huge waterpark. It happens, its scary as hell, but it does happen.”

    I lost my nepher in a KMart once. It turned out he was only five feet away playing hide and seek but it was scary as all get out.

    As for Liz losing Jake, it seems like Jake is the go to guy for the angst. It used to be Michael.

  11. Profile photo of HockeyGurL

    As for “losing” Jake at the carnival, my nephew was lost at a huge waterpark. It happens, its scary as hell, but it does happen.******************************************************
    It does happen my nephew was lost at Walmart scary as hell.

    Wtf Jason is angry at Liz about Jake, but yet hes with the same women who watched get kidnapped gmafb.

  12. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yep Jake is the new let’s see how much we can torture a child…

    Spixie wedding… a wedding was filmed but will there be a marriage? Maxie has high anxiety and frozen feet from what I’ve heard.

  13. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Regan, great to have you back, and I hope all is well.

    I am looking forward to the carnival if just for the cast interactions.

    Wow oh Wow on GH winning best writing, I mean the one constant from all of us fans was that the writing sux, and they win for shooting a child. Watch out Jake your next few years are going to be filled with child endangerment

  14. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i’m guessing if jason has an issue with liz it’s either 1) because he saw her making nik her priority or 2) peeved that he’s given up custody because liz promised she’s provide a better, safer life.

    if it’s 1 and 2 or just 1, then he has a right to be mad whether he’s with sam or not.

    however, if it’s not 1, then he has no grounds – being a parent or in charge of someone else has no guarantees and scary stuff happens.

  15. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I may be a little bitter or jaded (for personal reasons) however IMO, when you decide to not be a parent to your child, for whatever the reason may be or circumstances, you have no right to criticize.

  16. Profile photo of ahanshew

    Great to see you back Regan!

    “I may be a little bitter or jaded (for personal reasons) however IMO, when you decide to not be a parent to your child, for whatever the reason may be or circumstances, you have no right to criticize.”

    I ditto this completely.

    I am really enjoying GH right now. I love Jolivia and the Dante storyline. Lulu has been very tolerable and I can even deal w/Jason and Sam. I am still in denial though. LOL!

    Spixie – I can do without.

  17. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Jason has been the primary care giver for all of Sonny’s children and look how many situations they have been in where they were missing and/or kidnapped. He really has no reason to criticize Liz.

  18. Profile photo of diallo41

    Well come back R.

    I am jaded and bitter with you because i agree, when you decide to walk away you don’t get to be pissed or yell. Jason already knows crap can happen not just his dangerous life. Remember the fire! He said just as much by her bedside then, and he still walked away so oh well…

  19. Profile photo of blackjack21

    fair enough about jason. but i think since liz, from the get-go has pretty much touted herself as the better parenting choice – to the point where she originally planned to lie about paternity – jason might be a smidgen annoyed with her.

  20. Profile photo of ghaddict

    I don’t really make a habit of defending Jason but Elizabeth did ask him not to claim his son….Jason didn’t just decide to abandon his son like some deadbeat dad…I do agree that he doesn’t get to criticize though….

  21. Profile photo of Soaptime

    As a Jasam fan, I was thrilled with the love scene and was reminded why I loved the pairing so much… Plus, I love me some shirtless Jason… mmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm :-)

  22. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    About Jake in danger maybe this is a way for the writers to fix the Jake stupid S/L…
    The all story about Jason not involve with Jake is stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It doesn’t make sense any more ..
    I know that LIAOSN won’t happened I get that ,,But Jason can be a father for Jake and still be with Sam ……..
    It happens all the time in soaps …. looks at Sonny .
    Everyone knows that Jake is Jason’s son every mobster with a brain will figure it out after the Jake kidnap 2.0 sow why isn’t Jason Jake father ????

    Regan any word about who is dead ???
    they said in the promo of the carnival that some one dies and that a tragedy will bring Jason and Sam closer ?? what it is ??

  23. Profile photo of Soaptime

    Oh, I forgot to mention!!! I’m backing ‘Niz’ or ‘Lic’, whatever they are called.. I have really enjoyed the pairing so far! Lucky and Liz just don’t have the chemistry I’m seeing with Liz and Nicholas.

  24. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i’m not trying to trash liz.

    as mentioned how many times have michael, morgan, and kristina been in peril?

    the crazy nanny took spencer.

    tony kidnapped michael when carly turned away for a second.

    alcazar took lila rae from skye.

    jake’s already been taken and cameron started a fire.

    things happen; it’s part of soapland, i was just saying depending on how what liz is doing when jake goes missing, jason might have grounds to be annoyed with liz. i haven’t read that he bites her head off just that he might say something to her.

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Sage is reporting that a church “gets blown up”. I assume that is Spixie’s wedding. What are you hearing about that?

    Is it two deaths at the carnival? And do we have a clue who dies? I assume they are counting Andrea as 1. Who’s under the sheet at the promo.

    As for LikNiz, I agree with blackjack. I think the issue could be in part what it is that she is doing at the time Jake goes missing. And really, being annoyed would be the expected response from Jason – not perhaps logical from a “your not in it, you cant judge” perspective, but as a knee jerk response to your kid being in danger and the stress that comes with that, completely normal. I hear this is, coupled with encouragement from Carly and Sam, is the catalyst for Jason to request visitation?? Is this the direction you are hearing Regan?

  26. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Regan, glad you’re back. Sad to see you don’t have any spoilers for us yet. Who do you think Claudia is looking at on the stretcher? If Guza won for the Michael shooting storyline than LW should have received a best actress nomination.

  27. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Forgot to ask (LOL….I’ve had all these questions and no one and nowhere to ask them :0) ) Any news out there about the birth certificate Helena retrieved?

    Is Sam’s father coming…Soaptown has something about Alexis seeing a familiar face and asking Luke to “let sleeping dogs lie”

    Any story coming for my favorite guy on the show…GREG VAUGHN????!!! When does he find out his girl and his brother have stabbed him in the back and what is he going to do about it?

  28. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m a Liz fan and I wasn’t on board with the stay away request or arrangement. I’m not sure if this will facilitate Jason being with his son more. It certainly would make sense to go that way but who knows.

    Church blowing up… there MAY be something that puts a halt to the wedding thus getting Maxie a reprieve. I’m going to look into that one more.

    Sam’s father has been RUMORED for years now. It’s definitely a storyline that should be done IMO. As for Alexis telling Luke to let it go, it could be about that brunette possibly coming to town with him and Hells.

    Greg V has the brother vs. brother stuff coming up. Stuff with Elizabeth about Jake.

    Who dies… Andrea Floyd is the leader. I saw that the child may be a dayplayer or a friend of Molly’s. Remember GH produces great promos but they tend to be misleading as well.


  29. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    More Spixie Stuff… Is Robin the Matron of Honor or just someone the Bride-to-Be confides in? It looks like Robin and Maxie will have scenes about Maxie’s marital apprehensions. But we’ve been talking all day about the wedding happening, just not the marriage. Wouldn’t that be three weddings in a row that are stopped in their tracks? Scrubs, Skate and now Spixie? Is the S a bad omen?

    ZaCrazy SHOULD be back.

    Who will get closer to Elizabeth? Lucky or Elizabeth? Why must they write Lucky like an oblivious idiot?

    Do coma patients remember? Will Michael remember?

  30. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Just think that in the 3 weddings Jason was and is there , is he a bad luck?

    I hope not I want my Jason to be the best luck he can be ………

    They said that a tragedy will bring JaSam closer any news about that ???

  31. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Okay a few more. DD say ABC did a focus group on Rebecca a few months ago with lousy results. Based on the data, ABC “mandated” that they go “back to what worked” and “I do not mean Niz”. You wont see the first hint of it until Oct, but it will be the Nov big twist.

    — True or False? I take this to mean Helena made Emily Rebecca???

    The other comment was that there is “is another 180 that should be apparent as soon as a certain character drops her load” as “Their goal is to bring back the couples that worked in the past”

    –Are we getting CarSon?? I love me some Carly and Sonny, but when they talk about what worked, I hope tptb realize that it worked with SJB and TB. I dont see the saw chem with LW and MB. Where would that leave Claudia, Jax and Olivia?

    Several sites are saying Maxie will be preggers. Some say Matt is the dad, some say Johnny. Spin will think he is the papa.

    — What are you hearing on that.

  32. Profile photo of LLinda

    If Jason is mad at Liz as a kneejerk reaction- I am okay with that. I am a Liz fan (and Jason, and Sam). If he is mad at her for losing Jake- well- kids run off. (not so okay with that) It was wrong of Liz to ask Jason to stay away from his son, but later she changed her mind and wanted them to be a family. Jason could still be in Jake’s life if it was up to Liz (I think) but he decided that it was too dangerous after the Jake kidnapping in Dec of 08…. I thought that was the final ‘danger’ that led to the Liason break up.

  33. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Nice to have you back Regan!!! :)

    I actually have to do some work today, so I could only skim through the blog and the comments. I’ve also seen spoilers about Jason being mad at Liz, or giving her his Cold Stone Stare, but I doubt it’s going to happen. I’m thinking we’ll see some “Jason staring” stuff (of course!) but it’ll be sad staring – you know, “I’m so sad I can’t be with my son” stuff.

  34. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    All I want is there to be growth. I mean knee-jerk reaction is the only acceptable one because he is far from one to give advice. I mean you did just do the nasty with Sam, when you were suppose to be looking for two missing kids.

    I don’t even care if Jason is like WTF, but I do want him to see that she hasn’t sat around mourning him. It is written that JaSam is on some path back to what they were, because according to Guza there is so much unexplored for this pair…I call BS, but that IMO

    I want Nik to be there for Liz, because like I have said Lucky and Liz are beyond no chemistry and boring. If there is going to be a custody fight, I don’t want all the hypocrites coming out of the Port Chuck woodwork cramming some notion that Jake would be safer with Jason over Liz, because I would much rather take Cassadine crazy over shoot em up Morgan anyday

  35. Profile photo of soapfan_incognito

    So glad to have you back Reagan! It is hard to wade through all the rumours out there without your input, I have been taking everything with a big handful of salt. Other than Jasam, I really hope that they do not go back to old pairings (although I love S&C they only worked back with TB and SJB, as Carly not Claudia) I am enjoying the shake down NIz, some Sonny Alexis interaction, Matt/Lulu/Dante, Maybe Lucky/Rebecca. As a soap they need to keep it fresh.

    As for the “best writing” emmy, I also agree, it is not deserved. The storyline ideas always sound so exciting until we get to see what plays out on our screens and that is no fault of the actors.

  36. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    JMHO I dont think anyone will ever say Jake is safeR with Jason, just as SAFE…and all the spoilers I have seen that indicate Jason will step up have J and L jointly deciding to share. I havent seen one spoiler anywhere about a custody battle, but what do I know. The more interesting custody battle IF they were to go there would be Lucky vs. Lizard. I could see him being angry with her over Nik and if he went for 50-50 or even shared custody but with Lucky having primary physical custody, would she fight him? And what if he played the “I will out Jason” card? That would totally beg the question – you cut Jason out because he wasnt safe, would you give up custody 50% of the time to keep that secret. It would finally be HER making the sacrifice in that scenario. And if she called him on it, would he really go through with outing Jason, because if he did he loses Jake forever. IF it looked like Lizard might lost primary physical custody what would Jason do in that scenario? SO many ways that would be interesting, but I so dont see tptb going there, esp. if the conflict comes from LikNiz chosing to be together and then learning Reb is Em.

  37. Profile photo of soapfan_incognito

    Even as a Jasam fan (with an extreme dilike for Liz) I do not want to see Jason get angry at Liz. I would rather see both of them deciding that Jake and Jason shouldn’t be apart and that each of them happily moves on with new partners, no drama because both of them have realized that their love affair was based on circumstances and long term friendship not real depth of emotion (JMO).

  38. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    HMMM LuvSonny, I guess load could mean that? As much as Sonny and LW’s Carly doesnt totally excite me, Sexis turns me off entirely. Here is a woman that kept Sonny away for 15 years of K’s life, now she is going to hook up with him again?? UGGH Plus i never did like the way Alexis stalked Sonny while he was in love with Carly. It was sort of similiar to the other dreaded triangle that shall not be named LOL. The woman in the relationship totally saw what was going on, the mobster in the middle was clueless, and the other woman just hung out waiting for her moment. How long were Sonny and Carly apart before Alexis ended up first on the island and then in his bed? ICK..ICK…ICK… and LOL a ONS led to a WTD pregnancy story. The more I think this through, the more I see the “blue bin” in all of it LOL. So, yeah, NO to Sexis.

    The other couple of things I am seeing…T or F…

    Solivia sex coming….???

    Johnny injured and someone surprising at his bed side??

    Dominic/Rebecca sex???

    Dominic in need of a transplant?? I wonder if that is true, will Lulu mention how every transplant in GH, including her own, leads to the discovery of an illegitimate child LOL???

  39. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Who is coming up with these s/ls? Guza should be out of a job with the mess he is coming up with. Hey, tiic, the ratings are tanking and fans are not happy with another Sonny romp. Have the man celibate for a year before hooking him up with another woman.

  40. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    There is no question about that …
    like Kris needs Sonny Jake needs Jason ……

    Niz they look good together BUT this will be the same thing with Jason .. Lucky will get hurt again…………….
    CaRson – I don’t know I think that LW and MB have a great chemistry .. but as for Sonny and Carly I had a feeling that they moved on.. like they are both in a different place it will be bizarre seeing them kiss again .. sonny and Carly work well now as parents and as good friends ………..

  41. Profile photo of mdiaab

    I really hope that Maxie doesn’t get preggers with someone elses baby. Let Olivia get pregnant with a little Zacharra, or Lulu have a little Carinthos by way of Dante.

  42. Profile photo of Teach19

    I know Guza is putting Jasam back, but wouldn’t it be a great s/l if Jason realizes that Jake can be in danger with or without him as a parent?? Then we can have a triangle with Sam/Jason/Liz. Liz and Nik gross me out!! There is something incestuous about that relationship! I don’t see any chemistry, at all. The ratings are up for GH–why???? This is for Regan.

  43. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Glad you are back Regan.

    I am happy GH won something because of the actors who toil tirelessly and it helps them to shine. However I am livid at the content of their Emmy reel seeing a kid shot in the head to be awarded its not saying much for the violence that is rampant on this show..

    I’m really sick of guns and shootouts it is so old…I’m looking forward to more compelling storytelling without the violence. My mom stopped watching after 30 odd years she just got tired of seeing guns aimed at heads.

    I’m looking forward to the Elizabeth Webber and Nikolas Cassadine/Lucky Spencer triangle and Jake/Elizabeth Carnival storyline

    hope this too get the good writing it could be a powerhouse storyline.

    …loving Scrubs…and seeing Alexis in a promo? Will wonders ever cease….

    Me likes Dante, Here’s for more of my favs getting airtime in front burner Kick A story lines…

    Congratulations to all Daytime Emmy Winners!!

    I missed seeing Jaimey and Nelson I’m hoping they will be on uTubes.

  44. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    welcome back Regan…I’ve missed your spoilers.

    I’m hoping they don’t pair up CarSon again. I like CarJax better. I agree if TB still played Carly then I would like a CarSon pairing but I don’t think LW and MB have good chemistry together. I wouldn’t like Sexis together either. I don’t think they work as a couple. I would like to see Alexis in a relationship though. Don’t know who would really work for her though…mac?

    can’t wait for the carnival. I’m hoping no kid on the show gets seriously hurt. Can’t wait to see who Claudia is looking at on the stretcher.

    Heard some rumors that Sam may end up pregnant…have you heard anything on that Regan? Would love to have a JaSam baby.

    I am liking the Niz pairing. I think they have chemistry together. I know its wrong what they are doing to Lucky but I have always liked Nik and Liz together.

  45. Profile photo of ahanshew

    “I don’t even care if Jason is like WTF, but I do want him to see that she hasn’t sat around mourning him. It is written that JaSam is on some path back to what they were, because according to Guza there is so much unexplored for this pair…I call BS, but that IMO”

    I’m not sure what Jasam has left either. They’ve done the entire ‘cloak and dagger’ too many times to count. Other than having a child, there’s not much left. Sam can’t have kids, unless they re-write history and none of us seem to be fans of that. Adoption is out of the question. Hitmen don’t seem to be too high on the list to give kids too. LOL

    I have enjoyed Kelly back on screen. I enjoy watching Sam, just would prefer her with someone else besides Jason.

  46. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I disagree, I think there’s plenty of story left for Jason and Sam. Even beyond the cloak and dagger stuff (which is great if written properly), there’s no reason why they can’t have the same type of stories that other couples have had on soaps for decades. They can go through joys & heartaches, sicknesses, triumphs, family tragedies, etc…

    For instance, when Jason finally claims Jake, then Sam and Jason will be coparenting with Liz & Lucky (or whomever Liz is with). That’ll give them plenty of story. And adoption isn’t out of the question (private adoption for instance.)

    Plus, we still don’t know who Sam’s father is, and that opens up lots of storyline potential depending on what direction they want to go.

    My point is that writers are only limited by their imaginations. I think writers tend to think the only thing they can do with couples is to keep breaking them and putting them back together, but imo that’s lazy. Watching couples go through life experiences together is great drama. One of the things I loved about JaSam the first time around is that we watched them overcome obstacles together as opposed to being torn apart by them.

  47. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Ahanshew, I actually hope tptb get that this JaSam reunion should show an entirely different aspect to them as a couple. Sam has changed. She is more mature, more independent, more confident. In some ways losing Danny was the last tie to an old way of being. Then to lose Jason – she was totally alone at that point and at rock bottom in virtually every aspect of her life. Instead of giving up, she fought back and prospered. SHe now has her own place in the Davis/Cassadine/McCall family – not just some DNA connection, but a real and permanent place with them as a sister and as a daughter. She has also found her calling professionally. And I think she has a richer life now with more and deeper friendships. I hope the writers honor that growth within this reunion.

    I actually wasnt going to say this, didnt want to open pandora’s box so to speak, but one part of yesterdays show that I didnt like was Sam looking at Jason while Michael and K were discussing how their escapades would effect Carly. I want Jason chasin and for Sam to continue to be hesistant. For me, they still have a lot of ground to cover in terms of discussing the past – promises to make, and forgiveness both to grant and to receive. What I dont want is for the writers to steal a page from the Jason/Lizard book and have them doing all these moon eyes at each other. Its boring. One of the best parts about JaSam is when they are written as challenging each other and drawing one another out. Where J/L was a passive relationship, I have never seen JaSam that way. Thats the part I am once again looking forward to.

  48. Profile photo of

    IF they show that deadbeat say ANYTHING to the ONE parent that is NOT screwing the psycho that wanted the kid dead twice, they think the ratings are bad NOW? Frons seems intent on sinking this show. STFU Jasbot, screw your baby napper, and keep your fat pie hole SHUT about ANYTHING to do with the kid you abandoned as your life was too dangerous, BUT you’d screw the chick that TWICE endangered him. THAT is stupid EVEN for you dork boy. They really are trying to ruin that guy and sink this show even lower in the rankings it seems.

  49. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Elwood, why is Lizard NOBLE when lies to everyone about Jake’s paternity to protect him from the mob lifestyle, but Jason is a deadbeat if he stays away from him to protect him from the mob lifestyle.

    And what if Sam is the one who finally convinces Jason TO step up. Will you give her credit where credit is due?

    Plus lets not forget there would not even BE a Jake for J and L to so much as discuss if it wasnt for SuperSam rescuing him from the Russians.

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