36th Annual Daytime Emmy Ladies, Autumn Hues

As the World Turns'  Marie Wilson

Photo by PR Photos


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That dress is 2 die for. Luvs everything about it.

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1 April 2009
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I agree on Gina Tongnoni looking the best here. I actually didn't think much on the rest though!!

Collen Zenk Pinter - cool dress; awesome bod, but the Bucket of Crisco slathered all over- - ALL OVER her was just too distracting.

Ewa De Cruz? Needed a strappy shoe with that dress. THEN she would have been "my favorite"

Victoria Rowell (!!!!) Dress and Hair were decent, but the makeup needed something more..

And since I'M SO PERFECT (LOL!) that's my summation.

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Liked Gina Tognoni's dress, Susan Lucci and Melissa Archer (reminded me of Cinderella)