First Impressions: Lindsay Hartley As Arianna Hernandez

What are your First Impressions of Lindsay Hartley as Arianna Hernandez on Days of Our Lives? I don’t know why, but seeing her, as Arianna, snark at Brady (Eric Martsolf) brought a smile to my face. Arianna just became a whole lot more interesting.

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    I saw a scene of the two of them together in bed… i thought to myself.. wow that reminds me of Ethan and Theresa on Passions…. I swear that they look just like them…….

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    To me Adrianna became a viable character with Lindsay taking over the role, sure the former actress was ok but Lindsay I feel like brings more to the table. I think they probably should of cast her first or an actress that had already been in the business instead of hiring a newer actress to soaps its nothing against the former actress I just believe they wanted to ask more from her that she was ready to deliver.

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    Love Her, Lindsay was the only reason that I tuned into the awful mess that was passions. I’m so happy to have back on my screen. Not to mention that her & Eric still have great chemistry which is nice suprise since when two people who where a couple on one show get paired together on another show it almost never works.

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    I think LH is a competent actress, but I can’t get over the way this show treated the other actress FT. It was crass and unnecessary.

    If Tomlin was so hot for more of the Passions unemployed, why not hire LH in the first place?

    If the writing for Days was better I think I might be more positive about any changes. But so far I have been underwhelmed with the kickoff of the time leading up to the make or break period. The summer was an utter waste of time and stories did not move at all. Now we get LH and the Ethan/Theresa redux is off like a whirlwind. I think I have whiplash. Finally I am so sick of random hookups with no romance. Romance is a staple of soaps and DH and Co. have redacted the word from their elemenatary school dictionaries.

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    First this smell like the sabine singh debacle at amc.But im a die hard ethan and theresa fan.Im thrilled that lindsay is bacl on daytime and with her true love ethan i mean brady lol.She is kickingg ass on days.I would’ve loved her as adriana kramer 2.0.But first impressions she is awesome as arianna

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    I rush home to watch DAYS everyday.

    I remember years ago when Nicole came on screen as a waitress at a cafe in Salem Place. Now she is driving story and going up against the big hitters (Sami, Stefano). I know they’ll take Arianna in the same direction. They already have her paired in scenes with Victor.

    I’m glued. I’m in love. I’m on a high. I can’t wait til her story takes off. Happy Days are here again….for me at least.

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    FT was wishy-washy. Unsure of her footing. And trying too hard. She was attempting to develop a character but didn’t know how.

    LH is a force. She’s strong. Aware. Confident. She knows her cues and when to hit them. This girl is no amateur. She helmed Passions for 9 years. Give her time and watch out. She’ll take over. And I can’t wait.

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    How did TPTB treat FT badly? :quest: I recall FT was fired & replaced with LH but I don’t remember seeing negative comments about FT from anyone on the show or behind the scenes nor the show doing a horrid thing like “the real Greenlee” campaign.

    I am very much enjoying LH in the role. She’s bought a lot of vibrancy to the role. I didn’t mind FT but I saw an immediate spark to Arianna with the re-casting of LH.

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    Lindsay is a pro. “The universe unfolds as it should.” They’ve brought some of the best from Passions to Days and that will be the redeeming factor. This will rescue the only NBC show I bother to watch. But if Days gets crappy again, sayonara baby.

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    I have been sampling Days for Lindsay. I hate all the storylines on this show, and it’s really lacking something without Deidre Hall.

    Lindsay is very good and seems comfortable in the role. It was nice that her first scene was with Ethan and Luis…I mean, Brady and Rafe!

    It’s just odd seeing Arianna and Brady together and happy…I am used to Theresa longing for Ethan and wanting to be with him but not being able to get together. I kinda hope they break up soon so we can get back to Lindsay and Eric’s characters lusting for one another.

    P.S. If they really want to heat this show up, cast Travis Schuldt as Eric Brady and do a Brady/Arianna/Eric triangle.

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    Like gush, I would’ve loved to have seen LH as Adrianna on OLTL. An Adrianna recast would’ve have made so much more sense than creating Stacy out of thin air. But LH is making Ariana more interesting and, as others have pointed out, she still amazing chem with EM.

    Personally, I like having EM, LH and GG on Days. They’re all strong actors and, IMHO, have added something to the show. And with CC coming in from GL, along with an improving cast and writing staff, I am cautiously optimistic about the future of Days.

    For better of worse, and YMMV, I think Days is doing what GL seemed incapable of doing — saving itself. GL waited until it was already too late to kill off Grady and bring back Philip. Bringing on James earlier might have helped. As would have keeping Mallett and Dinah together. Josh and Cassie and Reva and Jeffrey pairing up also drove viewers away.

    But Days has made hard, unpopular decisions that, IMO, have helped the show immensely this year. My 91-year-old neighbor misses John & Marlena but I really don’t. Or Chelsea or Max or even Nick. I think that Days is making due with what they have effectively enough — although I wish the writing wss just a bit better.

    I like how Melanie has evolved and seeing more of Maggie and Lexie (especially her interaction with E.J.) is good. The teen scene sucks but so did the Touch The Sky storyline.

    Generally, I think Days is the most watchable soap on the air right now, much more than OLTL. But that’s just me…

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    As long as Dena Higley is headwriter, Days will never be a truly good show. And the longer its most iconic supercouple remains fired, the worse it will get.

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    Looks like the ten PASSIONS fans are out in force on the net to tell us how we should not be unfair to the Passions actors, how DAYS is lucky to have them and Tomlin and how they are going to save DAYS because they are so much better than the no talent SN, or MBE or TP or DH. And they remind us of how DAYS now with original stories like the evil step mother (er mother-in-law) feeds the beautiful young girl a poisoned apple is so much better than the DAYS of the Hortons, Bradys and decades of love and family.

    I see the PASSIONS actors come on and I switch the channel. And no I don’t have to give them a chance. I saw PASSIONS. I know crap when I see it and don’t have to keep watching to be sure. If not for Bo, Hope, Melanie, Nathan, and an occasional glimpse of Maggie, or Victor DAYS would not be worth even watching once a week. Maybe talent like LS and CC will bring something to the show. But with GT and DH in charge, PASSIONS II will never go past being a cheap trashing of a once great soap.

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    Whine, whine, whine. Days picked the best of the Passions actors to cast, and the ones with the most passionate fans. Go ahead and don’t watch and be a sucky sue, but that’s awfully immature.

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    I never watched Passions, but I think LH is wonderfull in the role. Till her arrival Arianna was a background character, all her scenes seemed to be forced and she dragged EM down. LH effortlesly slipped into the part and imediatelly put the character on a completely new level.

    Yes, she was on Passions before. So what? She was just actress happy to have a steady job. It says zero about her acting abbility.

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    I watched the clip on Youtube and I really like her in this new role. She seems to be a departure from Theressa. I liked her interactin with Galen Gering and she seems to even have some chemistry with Eric Martsoff in this show and I never liked him as Ethan 2.0

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    Even at its worse, Days is a far cry from Passions. LH, EM and GG add to the show and had nothing to do with what was wrong with Passions. That was in the writing.

    To not watch Days because actors from Passions are on it is to deprive yourself on watching a show trying to save itself better than GL has done — and the improving ratings bear that out.

    Simply put, Days is a show in a dying genre on a network who could give a crap about renewing it. But I think Days has got the right idea and moving in the direction of surviving at least for a while.

    Although NBC could care less, I have read that Sony Television is interested in keeping Days alive because of its international profitability.

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    Speaking of Nathan, have they ever mentioned his parents Melissa and Pete? Please tell me they are calling him Nathan Jannings and not Nathan Horton.

    (“Horton” wouldn’t even be correct as a last name because his mother’s last named was Anderson)

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    Love love love her. She was one of the reasons I watched Passions, and I was amazed when she did not return to a daytime drama, so color me pink that she is on my all time fav show

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    I think Lindsay needed a nice year-long break after being front and centre on Passions for nine years. She appeared in the most episodes of Passions over every other actor on the show.

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    AlistairCrane: I’m curious about this whole Nathan thing too… I haven’t watched DAYS regularly in awhile, so I’m really out of the loop. I don’t understand how he can be Pete and Melissa’s son. I don’t remember them having a child together. And didn’t Pete get killed shortly after he and Melissa divorced? I’m so confused, lol

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    Pete is alive and well, but when Melissa left the show, they were seperated..however, since Nathan is Melissa’s, it makes sense for the writers have him be the child of her and Pete, since they were a popular couple, and an off-screen reunion would be nice.

    When Melissa returned in 1996 for Bo and Hope’s botched wedding (remember, Hope found him naked in the Horton cabin with Billie?), she was pregnant. (Well, Lisa Trusel was pregnant, and Melissa by default was pregnant)

    I think it’s safe to assume Nathan is the child she was pregnant with in ’96, and now he’s been rapidly aged.

    Melissa was last seen in 2002 for Zack’s christening, but I have no idea if she mentioned a child or Pete because I wasn’t watching regularly back then (plus it’s been 7 years).

    Also, since I don’t watch Days, I don’t know if they’ve actually even mentioned Melissa by name…Nathan could actually be the son of Sarah Horton!

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    AlistairCrane: Thanks! I could have sworn Pete was killed by a serial killer, but my memory must be playing tricks on me, lol. Well I always liked Pete and Melissa, so if Nathan is their son I’m happy, lol

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    AlistairCrane: Thanks for the link! I remember most of what’s written on there (I didn’t remember him trying to rape someone when he first came on the show?! I can’t imagine sweet Pete doing that…) It’s so weird. I don’t know why I thought he died. Maybe I’m thinking of a character on a different show that died that way around the same time? Who knows, lol!

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