Whitney Houston on Good Morning America

Whitney Houston kicked off her comeback, and the debut of her new CD I Look to You, with a performance on Good Morning America. Next week she sits down with Oprah. What did you think of her performance on GMA? Watch it after the jump and see more photos from the event too!

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    All I can say is “Welcome back Whitney!” The album is pure gold. When you take the time and listen to the words, you realize that she is telling her story of survival. I have seen here twice in concert. I have hoped for her recovery and wishes do come true. She is a truly remarkable entertainer and a strong woman of class!! “Welcome back Whitney!”

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    Whitney is amazing. Her voice was not up to par but that was due to the fact that she just completed a 7 hour interview with Oprah that included her singing. With the damage that she did her voice needed more rest than it got prior to this performance (which was taped yesterday to air today). She gave it her all and she looked like a “million dollar bill”.

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    I love Whitney too. I’m one of her biggest fans since her first record. But if you saw her on GMA, it was obvious she was on something. This wasn’t just exhaustion from taping an Oprah the day before. No, she didn’t spend 7 hours with Oprah singing and talking. Her unplanned rambling 7 minute version of My Love is Your Love is total proof. She rambled on and on, bringing on her daughter who could only bleat “clap your hands” over and over. Her voice was terrible. And also, I believe the Gawker.com story that her voice was “sweetened” especially on “I Look to You”. Her voice was coming through the speakers and her mouth wasn’t even moving in parts. No way can she do a tour. She won’t be able to get insurance coverage or pass a legit drug screen. Of course this is all allegedly. There is no proof that she’s back on drugs. This is just my impression.

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    I do not believe that she is back on drugs at all and I really don’t see where you got the impression of that from the central park performance. She was not sweating, frail and thin etc. and showing the signs of drug use that were evident in years past. This woman was glowing and full of life. She was overcompensating for the fact that she was not up to par by trying to get audience interaction.
    I believe that her voice was damaged from drug use. I think that there is no way for us to say what the damage was so in her case a 7 hour interview (which was the full length of the taping- she is now going to be on Monday’s season premiere of Oprah and then all of Tuesday as well and maybe some of Wednesday) may have made her voice irregular.

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    I loved me some Whitney back in the day. Kiss my asss! I keep seeing her yelling that on Bobby Brown’s reality show, oy. I’m glad she’s back and she seems to be doing better. My heart broke when she was up there, clearly on drugs, picking up Bobby Brown in limos as he got out of jail, yelling I love you Bobbie in court. Got to support her, she’s a fellow Jersey girl now. Ya, her voice isn’t like it use to be for sure, but she’s singing better than Mariah Carey who has clearly lost her voice. Nails on a chalk board now to hear MC sing. She looked great.

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