36th Annual Daytime Emmys’ Best and Worst Dressed

The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet had a lot of fashion hits and misses. Daytime Confidential’s Regan and Jillian make their Best and Worst Dressed picks. Find out why Jillian chose Van Hansis, Jon Hensley and Jacob as her worst dressed men after the jump.

Jillian’s Pick: Worst Dressed Men

With the scarf and bowl hat Jacob Young looked like a pimp, confused between reforming or going back to his life of crime. Even though it was the Daytime Emmys, it was an award show and Jon Hensley should’ve dressed the part instead of donning something you would wear to a school play or family reunion. Van Hansis appeared as a frat boy, wearing his first suit at a formal event. The Sonny Crocket look can only be sported by Don Johnson!

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Find out who Regan chose as her Worst Dressed Men on the next page.

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  1. Profile photo of Mark

    I actually really liked what Van was wearing. Now, I’m not a fashion expert (not at all) but I loved Van’s choice for a white suit. And IMO he looked great in it. I like it that he picked something else than the usual black tux/white shirt.

  2. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Good picks gals. My picks for worst dressed man is Jon Hensley and Windsor harmon and I actually think Jon Hensley takes the cake. It looked like he borrowed his neighbours best sunday suit. It was ill fitting and not appropriate for the Emmys. The other guys looked awful as well but at least they had some immagination.

    I thought the worst dressed woman was Nadia Bjorlin, she is absolutely gorgeous but she wore a white bra underneath her see through dress and it didn’t fit right over the bust.

    Best dressed woman was Marcy Rylan, I thought shew looked lovely, I also thought Tamara Braun looked great.

  3. Profile photo of shanejm

    OK…Call me crazy…but I actually LIKED Brenda Dickson’s dress. It was NOT my favorite and it would have been better looking if her hair was died brown rather than red/orange…But I still liked it the same. I know…call me crazy! I guess the reason I’m OK with it is because she has not been on a soap in years and she cannot be terribly rich after that terrible divorce…so she may have gone with a dress that was a bit cheap…She is pure soap DRAMA from head to toe and I believe that is what she was going for…and honestly…there were A LOT of worse choices of gowns and suits/tuxes. She should have just gone with brown hair.

    The Suit I HATE was Van Hansis…I know he is trying to go for hip and cool…but to me I felt that all he needed was some gold “bling” around his neck to make the statement…”How tacky can I really be?”

    I personally thing the 2 best dressed for the entire night were Christian Leblanc and Ricky Paull Goldin…Hands down. They looked classy all of the way And looking back…I feel bad for the both of them…it was over 100 degrees that afternoon!

    And I really want to say something about Stacy Haiduk…Her bringing that stuffed cat as a date was friggin’ awesome and total soapy! You can tell she is an actress who loves the role she is in…now I only hope they figure out a way to keep her around!

  4. Profile photo of StarGyal

    Great picks. Susan Lucci looked incredible, so did Tracey Bergman.

    My worst picks would be Judith Chapman and Elizabeth Hendrickson. Not very Emmy-like attire from either one.

  5. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I agree with all of Regan’s picks and most of Jillian’s! The one I disagree with Jillian about is Terri Colombino. Her dress was overwelhming and unflattering in my opinion. Also, Kate Linder’s dress was hideous! She looked like a mermaid!

  6. Profile photo of sodsince16

    It’s an odd bunch because they don’t all seem to be going to the same party.

    Some seem dressed for the Oscars and others were ready for a picnic in Malibu.

    However, where o’ where was Ms Judith “Chewy” Chapman and her modified evening hoodie or Ms Susan Flannery – who stole a classic Mr. Miagi ensemble from Stephanie Forrester’s closet – on your worst dressed lists?

    Also, Coleen Zinc Pinter should lay off the spray tan, she was bronzed and wearing bronze and it looked like she reflecting some mad heat on her peers on the carpet.

  7. Profile photo of Karissa

    Worst Dress Male- Ron Moss. Really Ron? Blue velvet in the hot sun and a scarf to boot. Someone call Tim Gunn we have a fashion emergency. Don’t forget to pick up Windsor Harmon you can’t miss him in that Steve Harvey suit. Shine on Windsor

    Worst Dress Women- Judith Chapman what are you on wearing that thing on your head go stand next to the other fashion victims. Jeanne Cooper rhinestone cowgirl, Brenda Dickerson – What!? What! What a hot mess. Everyone Brenda is going to part the red carpet has been disaster walking.

    Best- Ricky Paul Goldin

    Best- Tamara Braun was the first one I saw and said wow, Chrisell Strause,

  8. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Best Dressed Women

    3. Michelle Stafford
    2. Nadia Bjorlin
    1. Tamara Braun

    All three ladies looked stunning! Their gowns were elegant, chic and appropriate for the occasion.

    Honorable Mentions: Elizabeth Hendrickson – Very Chic! Susan Lucci, Victoria Rowell

    Best Dressed Men

    3. Darin Brooks
    2. Christian LeBlanc
    1. Galen Gering

    With his outfit, Brooks brought something different and he definitely pulled it off. LeBlanc and Gering were proof positive that a man can NEVER go wrong in a classic, well-tailored tux.

    Worst Dressed Women

    3. Tanya Lee Williams & Jeanne Cooper (a tie)
    2. Brenda Dickson
    1. Kate Linder

    A Y&R quad! Tanya and Jeanne were dressed as if they simply did not care that they were going to an industry event that is highly publicized and photographed and their pictures would be plastered all over the place. As much as I LOVE Brenda Dickson, that outfit was all shades of WRONG; as is her current hair color. (I STILL love Brenda and I would love to see return to Y&R as Jill Foster Abbott.) Kate Linder? There simply are no words. At least the words are not printable.

    Worst Dressed Men

    3. Greg Rikaart
    2. Winsor Harmon
    1. Ron Moss

    Bad. Badder. Baddest. And not in the good bad way.

  9. Profile photo of LUCIANA

    I really loved what Van Hansis was wearing : I loved the white suit that made him look shinny with his blond hair. I loved the brown shirt that matched the brown belt (very classy and great) and the brown shoes. I loved the fact that Van went for a white suit when all the others were wearing black. Van looked very beautiful and should be in your BEST dressed list!

  10. Profile photo of Danielle

    OMG!!!!!! I didn’t have to watch the Emmy’s to see why the ratings where so low! People retna’s were burning! Winsor Harmon looks like gay pimp and Jacob Young could be his side-kick Stiffy! It appeared that John Henson and Greg Rikkart came from an all night meth-party!

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