Is Thorsten Kaye Staying in New York?

The biggest question many All My Children fans have had is "will Thorsten Kaye move to L.A.?" It looks as if that may not be happening. TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco has this tidbit in Friday’s Suds Report.

The Suds Report overheard Thorsten Kaye (Zach) telling friends at the Emmys that he will not be making the move to L.A. However, Cameron Mathison (Ryan) has reportedly finally made up his mind — he will be moving to Cali. Not too surprisingly, Susan Lucci (Erica) is still undecided.

If Thorsten Kaye stays in New York do you want him to return to One Life to Live?

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    I know I’m in the minority, but no. Not because of Thorsten himself, but because I know that Frons will try and force Ron and Frank to make the whole show revolve around him, like the current state of AMC. I also worry who they would fire to keep him, since for the most part I love all the actors on OLTL, even though they’re not all “superstar” status.

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    If it’s true, I kind of guess he wasn’t staying cause of Susan speech at the daytime emmys.I agree as long as the show doesn’t revolve around him, i’m ok with it. Love the Patrick/Marty/Todd/Blair/Tea storyline in the 90’s.

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    I would love to see Thorsten back on One Life to Live. That show is so dull I can hardly watch it. Marty’s only choices are McBoring and a rapist. Please, please, bring Patrick back.

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    AMC will def. be on life support. I really hope if he is on his way back to OLTL its as Ian not Patrick. They dont need to go into all the silly vampire stuff, just that he use to live in Port Chuck and was married to Lucy, but they are divorced now. That way he is free to be paired with anyone.

    OR bring him and Alicia on as Zendall.

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    A show with both Thorsten Kaye and Michael Easton? That would drive me nuts! Can you imagine their scenes together? It would be full of blank stares and contests on who can whisper the loudest!

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    A show with both Thorsten Kaye and Michael Easton? That would drive me nuts! Can you imagine their scenes together? It would be full of blank stares and contests on who can whisper the loudest!

    ROTFL! GossipGirl, Thorsten wouldn’t play Patrick like he does Zach.

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    Granted Season, I’ve never seen Thorsten as any character other than Zach but for some reason I just picture his acting style being the same. If he were smiling, I wouldn’t be able to pick him out of line-up. I mean, Thorsten was glaring at poor little Elmo at the Daytime Emmys! LOL!

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    Let’s just pretend Thorsten was never on Port Charles. Remember when Susan Haskell appeared as Patrick and Ian’s SISTER Granya?!?

    I still feel yucky knowing Patrick married a woman who looked identical to his dead sister….

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    I would love to see the character of Patrick. One, it would give Cole back his father. Two, it will give Hope a new grandfather, and three, i would love to see his reaction when he sees his son with Starr.

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    Lily Taylor17

    I’m actually hoping he leaves and takes Alicia with him that way I won’t have to watch that god awful show anymore. I’ll gladly watch him and Alicia as any characters as long as Pratt’s not doing the writing. He’ done enough damage. Bring The Slaters to Llanview and let Marty and Kendall slug it out over Zach or John and Zach compete for Kendall.

    I have faith in Ron and Frank to know how to write for them, because Pratt clearly doesn’t.

    It would be interesting to see Patrick with his child and grandchild.

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    Thank God!! I can’t stand Zach. Now this could make me want to watch AMC again, of course La Lucci has to stay and Pratt has to go, like yesterday.

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    If this is true it doesn’t surprise me, I am sure Frons will do everything he can to make sure TK goes back to OLTL.
    And if Alicia doesn’t go either I am sure Frons will have her on there as well. We’ll see next week who else is staying in New York.

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    I’d love to see TK back on OLTL as Patrick or as Ian. however, I’d also be worried about who they’d have to cut to afford him. The first person I can think of is ME, but lord knows Frons isn’t letting “McPain” go anywhere, and he’d add an interesting dynamic to the Marty/Patrick/Blair/Todd/Tea/McPain sextangle (you’re right; it DOES sound dirty!). I know, let’s get rid of Stacy and the rest of the Vega family. Anyhow, I’d love to see TK go up against TSJ in scenes. HOT!!! :-p

    On the other hand, if AMC loses Zendall, I think that’s the final nail in their coffin, and what’s the point of moving the show?

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    Yeah, he’s an incredible actor, you know! I’ve watched All My Children for many years and even if Zach’s character were to be excluded from this LA move, then I’m absolutely confident as an AMC fan, the show can go on with or without Zach’s character. Erica Kane and the Martins are the themes and hearts of this show, overall.

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    I’ll wait for the official announcement to be released by ABC on who is staying or going, then listen to more gossip. With that said, if Thorsten Kaye elects to remain in NY, then my preference would be for Thorsten (and if Alicia Minshew remains in NY) to be picked up for a well written, primetime show that actually utilizes their acting talents. These actors are truly an amazing on-screen pair – and could soar under a writer that actually knows what they are doing.

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    I’d love Thorston to come back to OLTL as Ian, but I heard Brian Frones doesn’t *want* him to return to that show since he wants it cancelled, so we’ll have to see.

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    Maybe OLTL won’t be cancelled if TK joins the show.

    Frons doesn’t get to decide what gets cancelled. Why would he want one of his shows to get cancelled, especially one as good as OLTL?

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    I couldn’t care less about whether TK stays or not, especially considering how badly Zach & Kendall SLs have sucked this year.

    And if TK went back to OLTL, all that would culminate from it is a boring McBain-Marty-Patrick triangle — and I don’t give a damn about any of ‘em. OLTL is unwatchable enough as is without adding another freakin’ character back from the dead.

    No wonder audiences for these shows are dwindling — the writers have no spark or imagination.

    Let TK go play King Lear someplace and pretend he’s Richard Burton or whoever. And, instead of moving it to L.A., why doesn’t ABC put AMC out of its misery?

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    UGH, I have been trying to enjoy OLTL. I can’t see that happening if I have to sift through Michael Easton, Todd, and Zach Slater. Zach is the only character I have ever seen the actor portray and I really don’t care for him and Kendall. They eat the show. AM I the only one who wants Annie to beat him? I find her far more interesting.

    McPain is super annoying and I don’t like rapists so it is really hard to find someone to root for there. ABC doesn’t make this soap fans life very easy.

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    sueboo, Patrick Thornhart is nothing like Zach Slater. He’s a much better, more interesting character. I’m not a TK cheerleader, I just really like Patrick. He and Marty are awesome together.

    Imagine the sparks if Patrick came back and left Marty for Tea!

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    Not saying Jamey is wrong, but saying I never really believed that.

    As for Kaye, I wouldn’t mind him coming back to OLTL as long as it’s not at the expenese of ANY of the current cast.

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