21 Daytime Questions With Jillian

1. Will soaps come back in style like 80’s clothing?

2. When will fans see "love in the afternoon" again?

3. Why won’t  Bob Guza and Co. beg Vanessa to give them one more chance?

4. What happened to the corporate raid with Jabot/Newman/Chancellor?

5. Doesn’t it annoy you to see Meg Snyder being Oakdale’s man eater?

6. Wouldn’t you enjoy watching Brooke Logan punch Ridge and Taylor in their mean mugs?

7. Are we supposed to believe Steffy Forrester is the hottest catch in LA?

8. Is Evangeline ever going to return to Llanview?

9. Will Neil and Sharon acknowledge being friends post-Dru?

10. Are Y&R’s Keemo and Kyle Abbott still breathing?

11. Will someone tell Ellen Wheeler "I told you so?"

12. When will Chris Goutman & hatchet girl Jean P. finally take their heads out of their…… sandboxes?

13. Is Roger Howarth sorry for ditching OLTL?

14. When will Agnes Nixon start playing with her Chuckie doll to save AMC?

15. Is Beth Ehlers cursing the day she turned down Y&R when she watches Mr. Pu C. Benson stealing scenes?

16. Does Genie Francis cackle with glee when she hears about GH?

17. Does the PR dept. of DAYS buy Tums in bulk when Ken Corday gives interviews? 

18. Wouldn’t it be nice for Sarah Brown to become Victoria Newman?

19. Aren’t we all excited for September so Kim Zimmer can unleash it all?

20. Why isn’t Monica Q getting her cougar on again?

21. What if Marlena came back to DAYS ala Kim Z?

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    1. I think we’re more likely to see leg warmers making a comeback than soaps :(

    2. “love in the afternoon” is back – check out JaSam on GH :P

    3. Because she doesn’t have a penis.

    6. I’d rather see Brooke and Taylor hook up and kick Ridge to the curb. Go Tooke!

    7. Only if you believe Ridge is Mr. Magic P*nis.

    8. No. Apparently, OLTL has it’s quota filled for African American characters |(

    11. I believe Kim Zimmer spray painted that on Ellen’s car on the last day of shooting.

    21. I’m gonna pretend I didn’t read that!! LOL!

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    1)Will Chuck Pratt ever write long story?

    2)Will Michael Easton stop making the Zoolander face in all of his scenes?

    3)Will we ever get an explanation as to why Daisy became younger than Lizzie?

    4)Will Amelia Heinle ever comb her hair?

    5)Will GH ever stop trying to remake Brenda?

    6)When did “General Hospital” become “General W(hores)”?

    7)Is Luke Snyder the most annoying queen you’ve ever seen?

    8)Is Marie Wilson so cold that she has to fold her arms all the damn time?

    9)Will Paul ever see his son Ricky again on Y&R?

    10)Does anyone actually like Ryan Lavery?

    11)Why do tptb think Natalia Livingston is popular enough to waste money on?

    12)Will tptb ever realize we don’t like long-lost twins,we like the original?

    13)Does Jamie Luner rank among the top 10 miscast recasts?

    14)If Stacy Morasco was on AMC,would she be considered a saint in comparison to the rest of the characters currently on the canvas?

    15)Is Randi Hubbard the dumbest hooker to ever be on a soap?

    16)Does Nathan Parsons have the un-sexiest accent you’ve ever heard?

    17)Why is Lauren Fenmore a stepford wife?

    18)Is Jessica Buchanan the new Cassie Callison aka the victimized crazy?

    19)Why does Tony Geary want Luke Spencer to be an a**hole?

    20)Is Sabrina Costelana Y&R’s answer to Gh’s Lily Rivera? aka the heifer nobody liked but gets referenced constantly cause they died tragically.

    21)Am I the only one still mad at Paul Rauch for killing Jenna Bradshaw on GL?

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    1) Do you think ABC could afford Vanessa Marcil?

    2) ATWT’s Chris Goutman seems to have been listening because the show has been firing on all cylinders. It’s night and day (with the exception of boring Luke and Noah).

    3) Beth Ehlers as Patty Williams? Nope! We’re lucky to have the EXCELLENT Stacy Haiduk as Patty as we are to have Michael Muhney as Adam. (Like Beth but Stacy has totally immersed herself into the role to become one of the most horrifying daytime villains.)

    4)Monica Q & Bobbi(y?) should find love in the afternoon with each other! I kid! But why the heck aren’t these two on GH? It makes no sense that Monica doesn’t have her own storyline. Y&R set the example of an older woman being able to LEAD a soap with a dramatic storyline. GH should get off its butt and follow.

    Similarly, Bobby Spencer lives in Port Charles. Why wasn’t she there to support her daughter during her all of crises? Why didn’t she celebrate Michael’s return?

    5) Meg Snyder has gone from being every man’s dream to being the third wheel on the Damien and Lily two-wheeler!!!

    Love Paolo and Noelle!! Hot! Who needs Meg or Holden? Not I!

    6) Keemo and Kyle are probably in L.A. teaching Paul’s son how to play catch! (Didn’t Paul go through a custody battle for his kid only to dump the boy on his in-laws??)

    Kyle is the same age as Abby. Why isn’t he on canvas to help create the Glow by Jabot teens 2.0?

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    2)Never as long as men are doing all the writing.
    3)Have y’all seen her new post plastic surgery face? That won’t look right in HD, seriously it won’t.
    4)Just like 95% of the stories on Y&R, they get dropped. What happened to Devon searching for his father?
    8)I can only hope Evangline comes back. I would love to see her v Tea with both wanting Todd. Blair can go stalk someone else.
    9)Sharon is too busy being a liar and dreaming of Nik to think about others.
    10)They are still breathing but with the way they drop storylines at Y&R, Kyle/Keemo would be gone after one episode. Also Jack is too busy trying to raise Newman kids.
    16)Ms Francis is too busy making tv movies to think about GH
    18)I love Sarah but no. For me she looks to manly. She has to gain some weight so she could look feminine.
    20)No, she’s no Jackie from B&B. Her plastic surgery didn’t take.

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    22. Will Victor Newman ever get the long overdue major beat down/downfall/karmic payback he deserves or is it in Eric Braeden’s egotistically written contract for that not to happen?

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    I have only one question for the ages (and the ageless):

    What’s more offensive, fictional gay characters kissing on-screen…or closeted gay actors kissing women on-screen (as well as being pegged as their respective series’ leading men AND winning Emmys to boot)???

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    Hilarious! But as far as #21 goes…I WILL NEVER FORGIVE GL FOR KILLING OFF JENNA! Or Maureen for that matter! Or for dumping Michael Zaslow when he was diagnosed with ALS! I hope the revolving door of regimes who ruined this once-mighty soap all get what’s coming to them! In spades!

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