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Here’s the Scoop! 09.08.09

Everyone ready for the carnival madness? Wait, it’s happening east coast time as I type. Say buh-bye to Andrea Floyd as the mayor’s wife has no one but herself to blame for her demise. What about Jake? He’s hurt and mommy’s so relieved to see Uncle Nik she plants a big fat kiss on him. Kristina? Where did she go? Finally gets a few scenes with her pops and she vanishes. Will Michael ride into the rescue? What does Kiefer have to do with the missing Kristina?

Morgan is ok thanks to his brother from yet another mother. Will that bro need some medical assistance of the DNA kind? SPOILERS say Olivia is relieved when Dante doesn’t need a transplant but is her secret already out? Speaking of secrets… will Michael remember his comatose days? Will Jax burst Claudia’s bubble, finally? Will Michael start playing some games of his own with step daddy dearest?

Who else is getting their kiss on? Sonny and Olivia! I can’t decide if I like these two together or not. Some ASSUME a Sonny – Olivia hook up means Sarah Brown is exiting when her time is up. Beware of the fortune teller! Jax and Carly both get some frightening news. Edward is A-OK. Dante pulls through. RUMOR has it one of Molly’s friends dies at the carnival.

The promo says one family will have to deal with a death but who the heck is kicking the bucket? ZaCrazy is back in action, will Johnny be a casualty of his father’s revenge? Once again the mob prince steps in and saves the Jackal.

The Spixie wedding goes up in flames. Another GH stunt or just a way to stop Spixie from saying “I Do?” Although Maxie admits her cold feet will it be Spinelli who stops the nuptials? Is Jake’s the setting of their non-wedding celebration?

More LL2 re-do? It looks like in the wake of Jake’s accident Lucky proposes that he and Elizabeth tie the knot for the boy’s sake. How will Nikolas react and is it possible that while Elizabeth is debating Lucky’s offer, she winds up in bed with his brother? RUMOR has it, Elizabeth says yes. Did she not learn anything from the last time she married him? Will Elizabeth revoke her acceptance?

Please someone give Matt Hunter a storyline. Please! RUMOR has it Patrick figures out the Olivia – Dante connection. Didn’t Kate already spill those beans to the doc? Patrick wants Olivia to fess up to Sonny and Dante.

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  1. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Despite all the spoilers, that final scene today sent shivers down my spine! AWESOME!
    The production values never waiver, here’s hoping the writing finally catches up!

  2. Profile photo of arielade

    Thanks Regan! It’s so funny/annoying how EVERYONE knows all of these secrets, yet they still have to come out in the “open” for the remaining two people
    in the dark. :-)

    I’m not sure how i feel about all these redos and rehashing of couples. Can’t they make some new pairings? Matt, Kate, Lainey, the ob/gyn lady, are all woefully underused, and I’d rather see them in the mix then LL2. Wouldn’t Kate and lucky be hot? Or a hospital triangle with Matt, Lainey, and someone else??

    I am looking forward to the carnival though.

  3. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Yes! Give Matt a storyline – PLEASE!!!!

    I’m hoping that the whole “someone loses a family member” part of the promo was bull… I’m so scared that it’s actually going to be Edward :( I saw pics of him in the hospital with Embecca and he looked really bad… But if you say he’s going to be okay, then I’ll relax, lol

    Bradford posted (briefly) a twitter pic of him and Kirsten at the Spixie wedding (they were all dressed up) and yeah Regan, it looks like you’re right – it seems like it’s at Jake’s.

    And I’ve already decided about Sonny and Olivia – NO!! LOL

  4. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I’ve decided that I plain ole don’t like Liz I think i’ve actually had it with her she’s playing “tiddlywinks” with Lucky’s heart again and yes it was wrong for Lucky to cheat on Liz while they were married but this is the second time she’s lead Lucky to believe they have a future seriously has she looked at that boy I know TC is good looking but damn Greg Vaughn is fine. On another topic thank god Edward lived.

  5. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I don’t agree Regan I do think that Lucky is in love with Liz he is there is no question about that ..
    And can someone please tell me WHY ISN’T JAKE WITH JASAON????????????????????

    I hate seeing the pain in Jason eyes everytime he sees Jake I just hate that !!!!!!

    And I am also so happy that Edward is alive.. long live the Q’s

  6. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    If Lucky isn’t in love with Liz then thank God let her move and and let him move on although I can’t help but feel icky during her scenes with Nickolas. I actually liked Lucky with Sam but since that ship has sailed I wouldn’t mind seeing him with…anyone no seriously I’m about to ship Dante/Lucky! (J/K LOL)

  7. Profile photo of Dillon

    Daisy you wanted to know some of my cast nicknames on other boards I refer to Lucky as Ducky, because of my love of Pretty in Pink. He is the guy you love but doesn’t get the girl

  8. Profile photo of chiknpotpie

    Connie/Kate isn’t Dante’s aunt. Since Olivia & Kate are cousins, that would make him either a 2nd cousin or 1st cousin once removed. That cousin family tree stuff always confuses me.

    In any case, I don’t think that Kate has ever even met Dante, right? Didn’t she say that she never made it back to the old neighborhood?

    How about Lucky + Claudia = Clucky

  9. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Katiebug9624: LOL! That’s how I felt about Johnny and Logan. I wanted them to be the first gay mob supercouple! Go JLo!! But it was not to be :(

    Dillon: Awww…yeah, I can see the Lucky/Ducky parallels!!

  10. Profile photo of Dillon

    Ok I have one huge beef with the JaSam thing and the carnival, all spoilers keep saying that these two continue to reconnect, uhmmm what was that down in Mexico. Can you still reconnect after having sex twice, I mean what more is there to connect, their hearts, according to some they never stopped loving each other, so why the need to reconnect. It’s not like they moved to different countries and haven’t seen each other for 10 yrs.

    Happy that Big E will be ok, still don’t know how I feel Liz being all uber jealous about someone she keeps pushing-kissing-pushing away. I do know that Ducky will be left holding the perverbial bag

    My heart grows sad at the thought of his royal hotness (Johnny) and Dante getting hurt.

  11. Profile photo of Spauldingfield

    I vowed to stay away from soaps after Guiding Light ends. Well, the commercial with this gimmick of the carnival reeled me in! I thought I would try it today. It’s been a while for some good soapy drama. It was good to see Laura Wright. Made me remember her Cassie days. I liked some characters like Olivia, Dominic, and Michael. I was intrigued with the fortune teller talking to him about the “gift.” I really was annoyed with that Spinnali character but what I read on the board, he’s a fan favorite. I just don’t know why.
    One question though…. The way I understand is Christina caused Claudia’s miscarriage, but is Claudia being sincere when she says she wants to put things behind her or is she doing that to get revenge?
    I loved the dramatic ending but the previews at the credits ruined it for me. I definitely will stick around till the end of the carnival.

  12. Profile photo of Teach19

    Why can’t we have Jason realize he needs to be in Jake’s life after he is injured!! He said Jake would be safe without him—Jake was not so safe at the carnival!!!
    Why, oh, Why redo Liz and Lucky???? I am still fighting for Liason–so many s/l possibilities!!!!

  13. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Please, please, PLEASE can you end the boycotting of JaSam spoilers? There are NEVER any JaSam spoilers on here. I was willing to let it go when KeMo was only on once per week, but come on!! The picture of JaSam reeled me in, yet there was nothing here to read about them.

    Teach… I think they’ve decided on Lik/Niz, which I’m willing to give a chance. We’ll see how this goes. I am still hoping against hope that notEmily is the real Emily, but nobody finds out until her an Lucky start getting it on in the wake of their Lik/Niz heartbreak. Then there can be a custody battle between LL2 when Lucky finds out Jake is really his son.

  14. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Dillon… I believe they need to reconnect because although they realized in Mexico they still love each other, there are still huge trust issues. They have to get past everything they did before to hurt each other.

  15. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    There honestly any spoilers for JaSam that hasn’t already been posted and honestly I can only say they go into hero mode and they get closer in so many different ways. Trust me if there was more out there, I’d give it to you. 

  16. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    mayjadjor: You might appreciate this – a few weeks ago I heard someone put it so well – Sam trusts Jason with her life, but not her heart. I was like, YES! That’s exactly it! So yeah, I agree…they have some obstacles to overcome before they can truly be together.

  17. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Well, let’s hope that Monica comes back from the airport to tend to Edward, eh?

    Anybody else notice that Alexis and Mrs. Mayor were wearing the exact same clothes (or close to the same). Gee, I wonder if there’s any significance to that, eh??? hehe

    Had to laugh….the class system rocks in Port Charles. All the volunteers at the carnival are the service people (Alice, Coleman, Ethan…) Ummm… none of the high muckey mucks volunteered? LOL

  18. Profile photo of engradypind

    Liz has more chemistry with the Cassadine Prince than with Luke’s Cowboy. An LL2 re-do for any reason other than unrelenting passion is a mistake. These two make great friends but not great lovers. Liz has that passion for Jason when she stops her brain from taking over completely.

    Is GH going to make Michael a psychic? Bo Brady on DAYS is psychic now, so why not Michael.

    I do hope Spinelli calls a halt to the wedding even if he has to stop it at the altar. I like his character and I like the redemptive influence he has had on Maxie — but a little more intellectual pursuit on her part would be nice.

    So glad we will be seeing the end of the murdered mistress and the mayor’s wife. The story was strung out too long to keep anyone interested in it.

    What is next for Scrubs? Another mystery? I’m game. Robin would make a credible “Bones”.

    Please, please, please let Claudia die taking a bullet meant for someone else but in fact on target to take out Johnny. Let’s get rid of the Zacharra family once and for all. I can’t believe that Sonny doesn’t have someone on the inside who can take the old man out in his sleep.

    Bring back Raynor of the FBI and pair him up with Alexis.

    We need a good Cassadine story that does NOT involve Nicholas and a woman. Pit Jax against Nicholas again. Nicholas seems so useless except to be the Cassadine Prince.

    Bring back Luke and involve him and Tracy in something other than their marital squabbling. Put them on a path together toward a lucrative goal.

    Give Mac something intelligent to do.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    The spoilers I have read have Lizard saying yes to Lucky, telling Cam “daddy’s coming home”, sleeping with Nik, and then calling off the wedding. Poor Lucky. Even if its mostly friendship, he deserved a lot better than this type of disgusting behavior.

    Regan if you hear any more about the upcoming JaSam heart to heart I would love to know. Any idea how much they will discuss.

  20. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I like the chemistry between Sonny & Olivia…sorry Skate fans but I see the chemistry between Sonny & Olivia that I think we were SUPPOSED to see with Skate. It seems natural and Sonny actually looks happy for a few moments a week ALTHOUGH…I’m still a Sucker for Sexis. Did you ever notice that Sonny uses big words when Alexis is around? AND uses them properly in a sentence??

    Sarah Joy Brown…love her. Claudia…ehh. I don’t hate her with Sonny I just can’t get behind her completely. I couldn’t tell today if she wanted to get K up in the Ferris Wheel only to shove her out or if she was genuinely trying to score brownie points with her husband by mending fences. SJB’s facial expressions have thrown me off a little.

    I’m glad they’re not taking this opportunity to kill off another Q. Long live Edward Quartermaine & the 1 1/2 that remain!

    I don’t care about Matt Hunter. He’s Scrubs filler and a Dante hurdle and that about sums it up for me.

    I would rather see Elizabeth become a hookering, dumpster-sea-diving con-artist than to have her be with Lucky for 2 more seconds. Ewww…and barf. Put a fork in them…THEY ARE DONE! I’d rather see her with Nik (a phrase I never thought I’d utter) than be with ElStupido any day of the week. Better yet…bring back Lo, let them hook-up and see what kind of fireworks ensue then. :) OK…the last part is just wishful thinking but it’s not a TERRIBLE idea.

    That kid playing Michael will say or do something and it SO reminds me of Jason Morgan when he was younger…I don’t even think he’s meaning to do it and he doesn’t do it all the time but once or twice an episode I notice it.

    Is it pathetic that the most romantic couple right now is 1/2 Spinelli? I love Spixie…but really GH???

    Thank you for the Spoilers, Regan…it’s fun to speculate!

  21. Profile photo of justloveskate

    As to what the physic said to Michael about him being one of them. My thoughts are that she was referring to what he will remember rather than what he will see about the future. JMHO but I think it is letting us know that he has the “ability” to connect with his “unconscious mind” and will eventually remember everything that was said to him while he was in a coma. This being a plot point for the outing of Claudia and Jax “secrets” among others.

  22. Profile photo of diallo41

    Pls liz say no to Lucky! You can do it.

    R. I like the idea of Sonny and Alexis she has had more time with him of late are they toying with the idea of throwing her into the mix?

  23. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I vote for Mac and Alexis! I also thought they are going to turn Michael into a Bo Brady. While I wish the fortune teller was just saying Michael would remember stuff, it was pretty obvious to me that by her saying “you’re one of us now” and it’s because of the accident etc., that she meant he’s not a fortune teller.

    And if Edward’s car already started careening into the carnival, how will we see Carly’s scene with the fortune teller unless they mess up the time continuum somehow..

    Thanks Regan. :)

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