Hey General Hospital, Dig The Knife in a Bit More Why Don’t You?

Today’s episode of General Hospital was an evil manipulation of Liason fan’s emotions. Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) may be cute, and I’m willing to admit they have chemistry, but they shouldn’t be the endgame.
When Jason spotted Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Jake together, the look of pain from being separated from them which flashed across his face was proof positive that Sam is nothing more than a romantic crutch he’ll hobble along on until the day comes–be it ever so distant– when he reunites with Elizabeth and his son.

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    Ahh Luke! You’re plucking the strings of my Liason lovin’ heart. Moments like these are the reason the Liason fans have held on for 10 LONG years.

    On a more cynical note…as a long-time Liason fan we ALL know why TIIC do it…they know a lot of Liason fans are tuning out so they throw us a bone to boost their ratings…AND we do. Then they get to credit it to their marketing genius and their current couples.

    BS…we ALL know the truth.

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    You said it! (I’m a bigger lover of Liz and Lucky than I am of Liz and Jason [though I enjoy them as well], I confess, but considering the alternative to Jason is not currently Lucky but NIK, I’m hurtin’.)

    Also, the promos for this week make it look like Jake will be injured and it’ll bring Jason and SAM closer together??? But not Liz and Jason, Jake’s biological father? Or Liz and Lucky, Jake’s legal and de facto father? What the what?

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    This site makes me laugh sooo much. I love when you guys try to act not bias and then you post shit like this which deflect readers from your site. Jason was longing for Jake not Liz anyone with two eyes could see that. Jason was looking at Liz wondering why she wasn’t going after Jake. Instead she was standing with a stupid look on her face. Liz and Jason make absolutely no sense to me. I hate what they do to each others characters and I am a Loz fan. She acts like a school girl with a high school crush on Jason. She is sooo pathetic around them. I love how people on this site like to forget Jasams long relationship the first go around and how much time they spent together. Liason ten years in the making makes no sense. They were barely in each others orbit for more than two straight years. If Jason is destined to be with anyone it should be Carly. They have been through more together than Jason, Sam and Liz combined.

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    truth be told, i think jason only cared about his son. he longs for his son and i don’t think liz has anything to do with that. i don’t think he or liz think about each other at all these days

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    I have reconciled myself to no Liason, but please let Jason acknowledge Jake, at least to Monica! I’m afraid they’re hedging bets so that they can change Jake’s paternity on a dime. At least let us Liasonites have Jake!

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    I would love for Jason to acknowledge Jake as his own but he is obiviously not going to and its a stupid plot point. Change the paternity to Lucky or someone else that will at least lead to good drama

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    She acts like a school girl with a high school crush on Jason.

    She WAS a school girl with a high school crush on Jason when they met. He didn’t want to leave her but did because BOBBY convince him to let her go so she could have a life aside from the violence. But he always returned to her…he always will.

    IMO they’ve never stopped longing for each other…they may understand intellectually why they can’t be together but in the end their hearts always betray their convictions.

    Jake was the EXCUSE Jason was looking for all these years to be with Elizabeth…they thought it would work, they came to an impasse, they stepped away (again)…BUT…Liason will ALWAYS be the endgame.

    Sam is just a tourniquet…

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    Sorry Liason fans but I can’t stand lizbeast. They can’t be together because Liz isn’t strong enough to handle Jason’s lifestyle. Jason is never going to be the 9-5 guy or the head of ELQ. He is a hitman for the mob and unlike Carly or to a lesser extent Sam. Liz is weak but not pure.

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    Um, you really see what you wanna see, lol. I think Jason was more struck looking at Jake, not Liz. I’m surprised he remembered he had a kid. Liason sucks. Everything Jason sucks.

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    Doodlenoodle that’s the point she isn’t a school girl any more she is an adult with two children yet the whole time her and jason werw together the past two yeara she acted like one constantly. All she did was constantly whine and cry. She would skip every obligation to chase after Jason. That’s my problem with liason I have always seen them as brother and sister type relationship nothing more

    As for morals no one on this show has any real morals. Some characters are written in a better light that’s it. They all cheat steal lie etc

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    All today did was prove to me what I have been saying ALL ALONG about Liason. Jason loves Jake. The whole Liason relationship was about Jake. The look he gave Jake today PROVED to me that all those longing looks across the room from him to Elizabeth were about his son and not her. Jason didn’t look twice at Liz until she got pregnant with his son. Sam makes him happy and always has. If he wanted Liz so badly he would be with her because all she did was stalk him and beg him to be with her and he wouldn’t. He loves Sam whether she has his child or not.

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    samlizfan…”The heart wants what the heart wants”…

    I think the goal in life and love is to find someone, no matter what your age, who makes you melt with one look, who makes your heart race with the touch of a hand, who always, and under any and every circumstance or opportunity…makes you feel like a school girl. :bigsmile:

    Who the heck wants to be an adult anyway? I’ve been doing it for years and I personally believe it’s highly overrated…

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    This is my opinion on the scene, take it or leave it.

    Jason hears Lucky talking to Liz and Jake while taking their picture; and the look in his eyes to me says, “I should be that guy over there, hanging out with my family and taking their picture. I’m not, and it’s painful to stumble upon it.”

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    Guza said himself that JaSam is endgame. No matter what fake history Liason fans have made up in their heads, that’s all that matters. I’ll bet any kind of money that they end up making Jake Lucky’s son in the not too distant future, and once they do, Liason will never happen again. I mean, they barely EVER happened in the first place. All you got from them the past 2 years was Liz chasing him and Jason sometimes submitting to booty calls. They never had an exclusive relationship… not ONCE in the past 10 years.

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    you got all that from that 10 second scene?????you need to take off your liason lovin shades and watch it again…lol…
    at least you acknowledge the cuteness of Jasam…I’ll take what I can get….

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    GHAddict the phrase I love is “proof positive”. See I go by what Jason says, not his “looks” like when he said to Sam I have never loved anyone like I love you and the statement I love you and I always will. but hey interpreting stares is much more definitive…LOL

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    Jason and Elizabeth can’t be together because TPTB won’t let them. Don’t fool yourselves that there are any other reasons.

    Overcoming impossible odds are what great soaps used to be about. Painting Liason out of the corner Elizabeth and Jason have been put into is easy for great storytellers, just read fanfiction.

    On a side note, this Elizabeth fan doesn’t want the same old tired Jason back in her life anyway. He needs to change. It is Jason who is the weak link here. He can’t handle Elizabeth’s life choices.

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    This is why I LOVE Tamilu on Soap Central that does the Two Commentary for GH….

    This site is so biased its pathetic

    Tamilu gets why Jason and Sam are reconnecting, she gets why Jason and Liz should’ve had a chance, she gets why Jason and Sam are awkward with another, she’s right when she says that Jason deserve to have a family whether its with Sam or Liz….you know what’s the similarites are?


    You and Jamey and Reagan amuses me at the crap that you decide to post about Jason and Sam…you make any Jasam fan happier at your displeasure and Liason fans angrier

    Do you know there are angry Liason fans tweeting SB and harrassing him about the Jasam reunion…are YOU KIDDING ME?

    Then you come here and this shit you post only fuels ignorant people forgetting that this show is fictional and they start coming after the actors


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    Question: Is Sam at the Carnival like an Alien being reunited with the Mother Ship?

    I just finished watching and the only scenes that were even bordering on ridiculous to me were the JaSam ones.

    Do you think Jason yanking out a gun at a carnival to win a little pink thingy for the woman who WATCHED his son get kidnapped and then refused to help when she was BEGGED to make an appeal on her el-lamo television show and the later ARRANGED for his son to kidnapped is the equivalent (relatively speaking, of course) of the late, great Michael Jackson dangling his baby over a balcony?

    What the HELL was he thinking? It’s like I’m watching normal Jason most of the time until he’s in a scene with Sam then he becomes a complete TOOL. Isn’t this Urkel syndrome in reverse?

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    Why are Jasam fans so angry? Who cares what Liason fans are saying? Jasam is together (or will be soon) and you know that is true because Guza said so. So why are you so mad and letting Liason fans opinions and point of views bother you. Let us Liason fans be bitter and angry. Our couple never got a fair chance, and Jasam gets round two. If I was a Jasam fan, I’d be sitting back and enjoying the show, not letting stupid comments bother me. Now if Jasam was still up in the air and there was a chance they might not happen (which was the case for Liason) then I can see wanting to defend them and convince the writers that they are better. You think Jasam rocks and Liason fans don’t. But does it matter what Liason fans think, Jasam is happening no matter what they say. Just enjoy what you’ve all been wishing for. I would gladly trade places and have Liason happening and Jasam fans bashing them. I would gladly deal with the Liason hate if it meant that Jasam fans were just mad b/c their couple lost…

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    Oh boy, I haven’t been watching GH for many reasons, but mainly because of my Liason devotion, but I’ll have to try to catch this eppy for a mere glimch of my couple.

    Thanks for posting Luke!

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    As to why and how can Jason can forgive Sam? Well let’s see…

    Bobbie forgave Carly for intentionally sleeping with her husband knowing full well who he was…

    Jason forgave Robin for spilling the Michael secret and was one of her confidantes during her PPD storyline…I can even recall him sitting by her bedside when she bled out after giving birth to Emma…

    Laura forgave Luke for raping her and still married him even after the fact….

    Alan Spaulding over on GL has been forgiven so many times for his countless misdeeds I would need a whole post for it

    Marty eventually forgave Todd for the horrific gang rape that occurred in the 90’s

    Jack forgave Carly after he learned she slept with someone else right before their wedding over on ATWT

    Lily and Holden? Didn’t he sleep with Carly who was Lily’s best friend…did she forgive him???


    Lizzie forgave Jonathan for running off with their daughter Sara to keep her away from A. Spaulding on GL

    You see its not unimaginable to think that Jason could forgive Sam….maybe some of us should look that up in the dictionary because if everyone in the world could forgive the person who did them wrong, what the hell is wrong with Jason forgiving Sam?

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    I just finished watching todays epi and I have to say it was one of the best epis of daytime I think I have ever watched. It had everything. I loved pretty much all of it. The end, with the music was down right chilling. Visually it was beautiful. I know we always say LOL, but I actually did laugh, OUT LOUD, when both Lulu and Dante bribed Alice and then she left. I laughed OUT LOUD when Jason MISSED at the shooting games. I loved the kick that Sam got out of Edward finding someone who puts a kick in his step. I loved Sonny calling Coleman out on cheating and the joy that Molly and Morgan had when he won his yankees hat. I even liked Sonny and Olivia reminiscing. (I could like them together if they moved Claudia into a real story, but I am afraid Solivia marks the end of SJB on the show) And you know I got a tickle out of the way Ethan called Lizard a “paragon”. We had romance with JaSam, Spixie (how adorable was Maxie taking off Spin’s makeup), Solivia and Lute (and post romance with Scrubs). We had cast integration. We had danger with Edward and Anthony. (I think today was suppose to be Friday’s cliffhanger) The show totally was awesome. I didnt even mind the lame Nik revenge plot, mostly because it wasnt on much.

    How about a thread talking about how much the show has IMPROVED instead of more fanbase baiting. Catgotyourtongue was right in the respect that the internet seems to jazz up some of things nutjobs to the point that they are harrassing Kelly and Steve on line, not to mention what was done to SJB when she was bombarded with calls AT HER HOME. SCARY.

    As for Jason’s look, personally I stand by how could anyone know what he was thinking by one glance. That said, he was standing in front of Sam when he saw Jake. He looked at Sam for a decent time and then looked again at Jake. If he was looking at Lizard as a romantic interest, I doubt he would have done it so brazeningly in front of the woman he is currently involved with. He wouldnt feel the need to hide his longing for his son, he WOULD feel a need to hide his longing for another woman. I think therefore that just based on human nature, its far more likely that look was about Jake. And why when Jake runs off is Lizard so much more interested in oogling Jason then grabbing her kid in the middle of a crowded event? I think she needs to velcro that kid to her going forward.

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    Why are Jasam fans being so disgruntle? You have your couple, be happy and enjoy the show.

    We all watch and hear what we want. For example: when Jason warned Sam that “I will kill you” I believed him. Its a soap and such up for a certain measure of interpretation.

    I am not going to say the Jasam don’t have a past because they do, so please don’t be silly and say the Liason don’t have history because they do. It did not take place over 4 yrs – Jason and Elizabeth’s history and relationship are 10 yrs deep.

    Jason gets something different from both women, we all have differing views on who he should be with.
    I adore Jason and Elizabeth!

    I do agree that GH is digging the knife deeper into Liason fans. If the direction is now Jasam and Liz/Lucky/Nik then why can’t they just get these miserable stories going and over with.

    Nothing is ever permanent on soaps. Also, if Luke and Laura were not endgame what makes any one think any other pairing is?

    As of late GH is full of plot points but no actual plot.

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    Why are you hating on Liz? You know perfectly well that Jason was looking at both Jake and Liz and Jasammers refuse to admit it but why since their couple could only pull in a 1.7 for their Mexican sex romp. I saw Jason’s pain at wanting to be with Liz and Jake. I don’t even think he gave a Sam a second thought when he saw Liz and Jake. Well when TPTB findly figure out that this couple is not working and go back to Liason many Liason fans will return to watch the show again. Thank Luke for writing the truth about Jason missing his family(Liz, Cam, Jake). Jason is only settling with the bed warmer at the moment until he shakes her and grows some balls and to go and get his family back. GO LIASON.

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    As a JaSam fan I am happy that my couple is back together but I don’t like is when Liason fans call Sam a skank or slut and harass the people that play these characters. there is no need to do that.

    As for today’s show I do not think Jason was looking at Liz wishing he was still with her. If it was her by herself and he was looking at her then I could understand that but he was looking at his son wishing he could be around him. Being around him has nothing with him getting back with Liz. As we will see it’ll only bring Sam and Jason back together.

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    Jamey Giddens

    This isn’t a political site. We don’t have to be fair. We don’t like JaSpam. LOL Sorry. You’re getting your forced, contrived reunion on the show (which should be enough), don’t expect us to sit up and cheer on DC.

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    “As we will see it’ll only bring Sam and Jason back together.”

    What in the world does Jake have to do with Sam & Jason getting back together? If he was thinking of Jake AT ALL she would be sporting a bullet hole in her forehead and going on feed the fish dates with Lorenzo Alcazar.

    “If it was her by herself and he was looking at her then I could understand…”

    BTW…it kind of was her by herself when Jake wasn’t in the frame and they were staring at each other like deer caught in the headlights…

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    Actually Jamey, yes it would if that was a steady diet pulled out of nothing but a 30 second glance. And no, I dont think the site has to be “fair” or “even”, what I said was that I would like to see some recognition regarding the IMPROVEMENT the show has had in the last couple of months since we have had plenty of posts about how much you and Luke love “Lizzie beth” and nothing about how much the show overall has changed (is it the addition of JoshG to the staff – that would be a column I would love to read) I know we have a ton of posts every day so you dont necessarily know what I have been saying, but I have said repeatedly that I think the show has been better because of cast integration, better dialog, more romance, better story movement – all things that I see but not necessarily solely because of JaSam.

    Moreover, I am far from being “disgruntled” or “hating” with respect to where i think Jasons intentions are(my post didnt even address “history”) – I have my POV, others have theirs (to each his own) – but you also have to understand that while most JaSam fans are happy with whats happening with our couple, most of us that are involved on the internet are fairly outraged at what happened over the past week. The nature of the comments received by Steve on twitter were disgusting and beyond the pale (ie: he’s a traitor and Kelly is a whore), so can you at least see where we all might be a bit sensitive? Never in all my years of internet participation and witnessing fanwars have I seen ANYTHING that compares to what has happened both with respect to KeMO and SJB over the last two months – and no, I am not talking about Sam or Claudia bashing, but abusing facebook pages, calling them at home, etc. etc. Yes, in the past, some Lizard fan’s have had a history of going “over the top” regarding their actresses playing their girl’s rival, but NOTHING like this.

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    “Jason and Elizabeth can’t be together because TPTB won’t let them. Don’t fool yourselves that there are any other reasons.”

    TPTB are just that, THE POWERS and these are fictional characters, they ARE what the writers say they are. Right now the writers say that Sam is Jasons true love and that they are endgame. That could very well change, but for now no amount of so called “longing looks” can overcome the fact that Jason and Sam are on the road to coupledom and Liz is headed to yet another triangle with two men whom she has had far more than 10 years of history with.

    Also, Jake and Cam are far more Lucky’s family than Jason’s. He (Lucky) has been the one who has been there for them thier whole lives, Jason is virtually a stranger, why would anyone wish that on two kids? There is far more to being a dad than biology.

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    1 more thought…

    If there is any question about whether the show is getting better…

    If I told you two months ago that much of a sweeps epi would center around Edward and that he would be the focus without him ending up dead would you have believed it?

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    EET…in regards to the crazy people…ICAM. I think it’s more an accessability issue than one of fan war escalation. Steve has never opened himself up to the fans the way he has the last few weeks, and if I were him I never would again. He didn’t even keep up with an official website until recently but in spite of that he’s being a good sport about it now in spite of all the whack-jobs.

    I’ve worked for 2 people who were high-profile in 2 different arenas at 2 separate times in my life and I can tell you from first-hand experience there are many, many, many people who would be deemed certifiably insane if they were exposed. In all sincerity it is actually extremely frightening because there are far more than a handful and because many of them are usually alone in their psychosis and today’s technology allows them to rant without restriction AND anonymously they are usually very vocal.

    In light of that information I don’t think it’s fair to pin what’s happening to Steve or Kelly on “Lizard” fans because I can promise you that, all things being equal, if the shoe were on the other foot the same thing would be happening from the other side.

    Crazies is crazy! They’re everywhere… S)

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    TPTB are just that, THE POWERS and these are fictional characters, they ARE what the writers say they are.

    You actually made your own point. The “longing looks” are also written, blocked and performed. The camera angles don’t lie!

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    I guess I shouldn’t be an angry JaSam fan and try to answer all the nutjobs on this site that seem to believe Jason and Liz are real people. Liason fans are right… we should just sit down, shut up, and enjoy our couple while they continue to harass the GH writers and actors. That way they’ll never get their “couple” back. I use the word “couple” loosly, since THEY WERE NEVER A COUPLE TO BEGIN WITH!! Seriously, why would TPTB want to reward a bunch of lunatics who stalk the actors on the internet and send daily packages to the sets? Deal with reality, Liason fans. Or not. Either way, you’re not getting Liason back.

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    I personally see the “longing looks” directed at the absolutely adorable baby Jake, but you can interperet them however you like, I prefer to believe that Jasons actual words and choices far more clearly show where his heart is.
    Who says that the directors didn’t block and tape Jason looking longingly at his child?

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    sidenote: sorry I really shouldn’t comment I haven’t yet watched the episode, I generally come here first to see whether it is worth it, however, I still stand by the belief that Jason wants Jake, not Liz!

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    The only longing look I saw was on the ride and yes, Jake was in the frame. I guess we have to see more of the last bit for there to be a true discussion one way or the other – at least if you ask me. I thought he was looking at her like…UMMM there goes are son, you think you might want to go get him??? But until I see more, I cant really argue that point.

    As for the crazies…no its not ALL lizard fans or even MOST…however I have not seen any sort of non-random anti BECKY movement on the net – not now and not in the past two years. In fact, most of the comments I saw from Sam fans on Steve’s Twitter account were pro JaSam, a few were anti J/L and NONE were directed at Becky. I worked for a high profile politican for a number of years, someone controversial, and I can honestly say as bad as it got, even his mail didnt come close to what I saw on twitter last week. And yeah, access makes it worse, but still…..

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    ♥♥♥Oh Luke♥♥♥ You think Jason and Sam are cute and you think they have chemistry???!!! EEEEEE!!!! I am thisclose to starting a Luke Kerr Appreciation Society facebook group, lol!

    The negativity has just gotten way out of control. And the twitter stuff is insane. SBu, poor guy, tries to keep it under control… today he had to ask people to please stop cursing. “don’t mind the hate but please don’t swear” and “you can hate all you want just be respectful.” Can you imagine?? I hope he doesn’t close his twitter account :(

    Well I for one am tired of all the fighting. I’m THRILLED that my couple is back together!! EEEEEEE!!!! I haven’t watched today’s ep, but I can’t wait :) They’ve been so sweet, cute and sexy together, and I’m enjoying every minute of it!


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    First of all I am Jason fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved all his couples Liason and JaSam ….
    Stop blaming Jason for all the wrongs Liz is also to blame she said that Jason will not be with her that she is moving on with a loser name Lucky …
    Oh yes also with his brother who is like her brother :bigsmile:
    Jason needs to have a brain and take Jake ………………….
    Liz sees her youngest son running away and all she does is looking at Jason???????

    About the actors stop it they are just people who have a job doing what they been told
    I really hoping Steve will not stop his tweeter it was really nice reading what do and asking him questions ……
    and Steve is looking amazing … he is getting better with age

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    Just wow, as a Liason/JaSam fan (yes it can happen) I am ashamed. What I saw today was a man still torn between the life he has and the life he wants. Why can’t fellow JaSam fans ever admit to this, why do they think it will diminish his feelings for Sam if he admits to still wanting to be a family. I will always believe that he will always love Liz, and yes this JaSam fan believes that Liason or Jarly are endgame.

    Odd that someone mentioned Liz acting like a schoolgirl on a crush because that is how I saw Sam portrayed today. Sorry but JaSam today was so out of place, and the gun come on.

    I cannot understand why some continue to reference the attacks the actors are receiving on facebook or twitter as if the remarks were made by people here. Unless you know someone here has made one of these statements to SBu or Kemo its not here or there. Also maybe the person who has been freely using the term “nutjob” to describe people on this site really needs to look in a mirror. Also, why the need to constantly bring up past posts about Liason fans who called Sam a skank, has it been brought up here and now, if not it should be counted against the Liason fans posting in that thread.

    Also, maybe Jamey and DC don’t write an article about the improvements in GH because maybe they don’t see it.

    One more point in my rant…catgotyourtongue if this place causes you so much angst and you enjoy Soap Central so much…then GO. No one forcing you to stay and no one should force DC to comform to what YOU see as unfair.

  41. Profile photo of catgoyourtongue

    Clearly Jamey this isn’t a site that you can get both sides of the story..such a shame since DC have really great posts but if your response to the critcism is ‘oh well this site isn’t fair’ and ‘you don’t care….’

    Why do you write to begin with?

    I don’t see the same bashing over on the Y&R section with Schnick (Sharon/Nick) and Phick (Phyllis/Nick)….

    You don’t help the situation whatsoever and if your response is simply a ‘I don’t care’ thread…my suggestion to you would be…

    Keep your day job sweetie

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    I Think that about the comment about the peopel who write to Steve and Kelly bad things was in general not to the people who are in DC ..

    about the show – Sam did not acted like a school girl she acted fine today .. she was just enjoying herself like everyone who is visiting a Carnival .. behaving like children ..
    See Dante / Dominick , Sonny and lets not forget Nick…..

    And I have to say that I have another point in the Sam VS Liz debate ….
    I couldn’t help but noticing that when Sam found out that Edward is the one who is visiting the woman that she is investigating , she decided to drop the case, so to help Edward , Jason’s grandfather, she was turning down the money to help him .
    I even liked when she told Jason that she can’t continue because Edward is his grandfather ..
    Sam was helping Jason’s blood family , not like Elizabeth !!!
    Elizabeth could have told Edward and monica after Emily died , after She found out that Monica is in really bad shape that they have Jake , that he is Jason’s son ..
    Even Jason asked her to tell , BUT NO , Liz said no !!
    Jason didn’t want to do a thing behind her back so he didn’t tell..
    Liz in last november was asked by Lucky to tell Laura the truth and what Liz did , she told the truth, behind Jason back .. yes she told him after but only after !!!
    Just another point to think about…

    I am Jason fan first not a sam fan but I do think about that ….

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    i only saw the end montage – but i knew liz lovers were going to go nuts over that look! i’m not even sure i will read the other posts because i can guess what will be said.

    i will say, why can’t jason just be saddened at not being with jake? why must it be a package deal? i’m just sayin”…

    what the hey, i’ll read some and let you glory in the couple that refuses to be whether sam is around or not.

  44. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Good point blackjack… Jason could have had Liz a million times. Especially when Sam was with Lucky and Liz was throwing herself at him like crazy. But he didn’t want her. Yes, sometimes he would show up for booty calls when she’d beg and dangle pictures of his kid in front of his face, but that was the extent of their relationship, even after all these so called years of history. Sam was nowhere around to get in the way. She had moved on and was in a happy situation with Lucky. But it seemed every time Liz saw LuSam together, she got jealous of that too. See, it seems the PC incubator just always wants what she can’t have. Some women are like that. But Jason is the one who kept coming to Sam for advice about Michael’s shooting, for help finding information, and he is the one who came after her in Mexico and has been coming after her ever since. Compare that to more than a year of Liz crying and begging him for sex, and you should be able to see the difference.

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    lmao this site is hilarious. Really keeps me entertained what some delusional people think. People once again seem to forget that Jason longed for a family with Sam, but Sam can’t get pregnant because of Jason’s enemy Manny shooting her. He never looked twice at Liz until she got pregnant. In my opinion his look at her yesterday was wtf arent you going after our son. Why aren’t you holding his hand at a Carnival.

  46. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    In my opinion his look at her yesterday was wtf arent you going after our son. Why aren’t you holding his hand at a Carnival.
    I doubt that’s his concern. Obviously, according to the writers, he doesn’t care anything at all about his son’s safety. If he did, he wouldn’t be back making goo goo eyes at the woman who placed Jake in danger, not once, but twice. This JaSam reunion is a complete and utter rewrite of Jason’s character study. It took him years before he could forgive Robin for simply telling AJ he was Michael’s father, but he has not only forgiven the woman who stood by and watched a maniac kidnap his only child, but also hired thugs to terrorize him. I give major props to Kelly Moncao, she is doing a Herculean effort to try to sell this drivel, but she’d have a better time convincing a Eunuch to purchase a condom.
    Wy are two 35-year-olds dancing around each other like awkward teenagers? Some see romance, I see ridicule. They didn’t break up because Sam danced with someone else at the prom. Huge, insurmountable betrayals took place. I’m sorry, this reunion is contrived and apparently a lot of viewers agree. They tuned in initially, but now the ratings are free falling yet again, with the day of their blessed JaSam sex being the lowest rated day of the week. I hope Fronsie is happy.

  47. Profile photo of BigDede

    La Viva Liason!!!

    Also JaSam fans relax, you will have JaSam for a while.

    TPTb doesn’t think KeMo have it to be with other characters and develop other romantic interest. Jason has had lots of loves, well everyone has except Sam. TPTB doesn’t think Sam is a good enough character to be apart from Jason.

    Also it doesn’t look like KeMo will become that breakout star everyone was saying she was going to be. Her deal with ABC went nowhere. Every other GH star has a show coming out this primetime season but they never hooked up her with a show. So she will be on GH for days to come.

  48. Profile photo of season1217

    People once again seem to forget that Jason longed for a family with Sam, but Sam can’t get pregnant because of Jason’s enemy Manny shooting her. He never looked twice at Liz until she got pregnant.

    And I’m sure the same could be said that Jason never would have looked twice at Sam if he hadn’t felt obligated to look after Sonny’s pregnant leftovers so Sonny could reconcile with his wife.

  49. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Season… yes, JaSam’s friendship started because of her baby but they didn’t fall in love until after the baby died. If Jake had died, Liason would have never happened at all.

    With regard to Jason forgiving Sam, I believe Sam went crazy because of all of Jason’s betrayals, and I feel like he understands that. He saw Brenda go nuts after what Sonny did to her and he felt horrible about that as well. That is the only way I can explain it, because to me, the whole kidnapping/gunmen in the park hoopla was contrived and totally out of Sam’s character. Jason also thinks Sam could not hurt a child because he was the only one who stood up for her years ago when everyone thought she kidnapped Kristina and he said she wasn’t capable of hurting a child.

    BTW… BigDede’s post is exactly what I mean about bashing KeMo for no reason and without making sense. TPTB do not keep Sam with Jason because they don’t think her character is strong enough to be with someone else. LuSam was great and Guza even said they kept that coupling together longer because they were so impressed by it. JaSam is back together because they are a supercouple and because SB is a lead and KM is a lead. KM would not be a lead if they didn’t think she was strong enough. Get your facts straight. Or at least try to make sense when you talk out of your ass.

  50. Profile photo of diallo41

    Okay, i haven’t been in for a minute (work/life over load) and popped in for a quick catch up and wow!!

    my two cents….

    I may still FF through the JaSam bits but I am not jazzed by a longing look at Jake to think more of it than what it is. Quite frankly it would just be odd to have Jake in the same place as Jason and for him not to look.

    hmm…to me the real question is as a mother do you allow jake to be around Sam after well you know what…so if jason forgives should liz be over it as well enough to let Sam have contact? because if jason decides he wants contact that becomes part of the story…

  51. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Diallo… Liz forgave Sam while LuSam was still together. Sam went to the hospital to have a heart to heart with her and apologize for what she did and she told Liz that she was totally heartbroken and out of her mind and did something she never would have normally done and will never forgive herself for. She said she was just hoping that Liz would allow Sam to be around the boys when she was with Lucky so they could all be together and Liz agreed. After that, she allowed Sam to be around the boys whenever. She even let LuSam take the kids away on a camping trip, so I don’t see how she could have a problem with Jason having Sam around the kids. The only way I could see her bringing it up is in court if there is a custody battle, and that would only be in order to win her case. Plus, after Sam saved Liz, Cam, and Jake in the cabin when the Russians were after them, plus saving Jake’s life when he was kidnapped, all things were totally forgiven.

  52. Profile photo of BigDede

    BTW… BigDede’s post is exactly what I mean about bashing KeMo for no reason and without making sense. TPTB do not keep Sam with Jason because they don’t think her character is strong enough to be with someone else. LuSam was great and Guza even said they kept that coupling together longer because they were so impressed by it. JaSam is back together because they are a supercouple and because SB is a lead and KM is a lead. KM would not be a lead if they didn’t think she was strong enough. Get your facts straight. Or at least try to make sense when you talk out of your ass

    You need to relax. You are a JaSam fan no matter what so whatever I say will never make sense to you because you refuse to hear other people’s opinions on the matter. So don’t get rude with me because I stated an opinion. Everyone on that soap has had a chance to be in long term relationships with other people and establish a life. Sam hasn’t. TPTB had her with Lucky for a little while then she was back to being around Jason, the man that threaten to kill her. LuSam was marvelous but TPTB didn’t think Sam would work without Jason. It might be my opinion but it’s looking like a fact. She hasn’t been in one relationship yet. She hasn’t had a chance to establish herself without Jason. Robin was able to have several great relationships and a life without Jason. So was Liz and others. Also KeMo was suppose to be this big hit and she did sign a contract with ABC for a show deal. She never got one yet Jamie Newman and others are getting or have primetime shows.

  53. Profile photo of Dillon

    I finally get to see Jamey Giddens in action, that was by far a great post, and pretty much nails why I am not on board this time around with JaSam.

    How is what BigDede said Kemo bashing, it was pretty much rumoured that Kemo would be a showcase star, so it is odd when people are getting nighttime gigs left and right. I see it as Frons hedging his bets and keeping his girl on his show

    Season – Thanks for the “pregnant leftovers” my keyboard is now in need of cleaning :)

    Thanks Dialo – I am just a mixed up Saliason fan who would probably self implode if they ever did a triangle

  54. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Diallo… probably not, but I think that would have more to do with Jason than Sam. Liz and Sam were on good terms for months before Liason cut ties and LuSam broke up. Lucky even told Sam after she saved Jake’s life that noboby was blaming her anymore for what she did in ’07. Liz was fine with Sam being around the kids. I feel like her only problem was with Jason’s work. If he was not the #2 of a criminal organization, I don’t believe she would have a problem with JaSam having joint custody… even after what Sam did. Like I said, what Sam did in ’07 was totally out of character, but TPTB needed to break them up to make way for Liason. I just think it was overkill and that’s why a lot of Liason fans are up in arms right now. I actually think it was good that they broke up for a while because Sam really grew as a person during that time. Now that they are back together, it can be a more even relationship.

  55. Profile photo of strawberrygurl22

    As a neutral watcher of GH, I sorry but this is not the Jason that I knew and love. I think the last blow to the head mess up whatever little brain cells he had left.Question: why do Sam fans always bring up that she safe Liz and the kids during the stupid russians story? Did you all forget that if Liz didn’t shoot the russian that was going to kill Sam, she would be dead by now. I truly believe that the only ones who truly are enjoying this Jason & Sam reunion are Sam fans because this Jason is a stupid. Sam had no right to do what she did to Liz and her kids…Elizabeth has never done anything to her but help her out. Did we forget she help sneek Sam out the hospital when Ric was trying to put her in jail or when Sam need surgery and Alexis wouldn’t let happen that Liz was one of the nurses who was willing to lose her nursing license to assist on the surgery so she wouldn’t died. Did yall forget these thing cause I have not. Those are reason I will never like this character Sam. One of the scenes that made me hate her even more was when she came to Liz house after the kidnapping and told Liz “now we both have dead babies” that line was it for me. The writer could whitewash her all they want but I will never forget her past deeds.

  56. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    So EET if you only believe what Jason says here’s a couple

    Jason – Just stop talking about me and Elizabeth. Stop coming up with reasons that we should be together. I know we should be together but we can’t be.
    Jason – I don’t want anything online. I love Elizabeth. We have a child together. I don’t want to be with anybody else.

    Jamey truly does get to the heart of the matter.

    Strawberry – I remember the dead baby comment, but I did forget about the hospital stuff.

    I agree that I do not know who this Jason is and personally it is making me cringe.

    Oh wait don’t forget Sam did practically have to shove the gun in Liz’s hands Please people she killed a man to save her son

  57. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Where to even start….

    I am going to work backward LOL

    Strawberry..”Elizabeth has never done anything to her but help her out. Did we forget she help sneek Sam out the hospital when Ric was trying to put her in jail or when Sam need surgery”

    And why was Ric trying to put her in jail and why did she need surgery? Good memory to remember that…let me see if I can…um…I think it was something about Lizard STEALING evidence from the PCPD and then letting Sam take the fall for it, giving Ric the perfect opportunity to go after her. All our little paragon had to do to put a stop to it was tell the truth, so I think the LEAST she could have done is try and save Sam from dying when she put her in the situation to begin with.

    And as memory serves me, Eliesalot did shoot the Russian, because with one gun between them, Sam GAVE IT to her so that SHE could be safe instead of Sam. Were it not for Sam’s selflessness, she wouldnt have even had a gun to shoot the Russian and if it were not for Sam literally throwing herself on top of her when the bullets started flying and then killing some Russians herself, TinLizzie would have been too dead to shoot anyone.

    BigDede, it is Kelly bashing when you imply that she wasnt good enough to cut it in primetime and that “Every other GH star has a show coming out” – who are these GH stars crossing over? Becky? Laura? Steve? Maurice? Bradford? I guess they are all untalented losers in your book because they dont have nighttime shows either.

    Jamey – Jason’s capacity for forgiveness has been tested big time on 3 different occassions, Robin (as you mention), CarSon, and now Sam. When he was with Robin, he was still new to his post brain damaged life and only had Sonny “BETRAYAL” Corinthos to pattern after. His anger at Robin wasnt about her simply “telling” but rather it was about the price he paid (losing Michael) and the price Michael paid (getting shuffled around and dragged through endless custody challenges) because of the “telling”. But more importantly, SHE LEFT and didnt COME BACK for years. He waivered with full forgiveness every time she saw her and then almost the minute she moved back into his orbit in a real capacity, he was over it. CarSon, HE left for a year and then he came back and all was forgiven — didnt he serve as best person not long after. With Sam, he avoided her for a year. She made several attempts to apologize and took FULL RESPONSIBILITY for her actions each time(a concept ELIESalot could stand to familiarize herself with) after she recovered from what appeared to be a breakdown and then she proved her remorse with the heroic rescue of Lizard and Jake at the cabin – he saw that her regret was so great that she was willing to give up her LIFE just to try and atone for what she did. He then saw it again when she was delusional after extreme exposure to the elements – what was the one thing weighing on her mind? – it was the terrible things she did to Jason’s son.

    Season – ya know I adore you, but after Sam lost Lila, Sam packed her bags to leave and it was JASON that asked her not to go. There was no baby between them then, no demands from Sonny, no prior romance, nothing. To say it was all about the baby forgets that as Sam was getting into the elevator it was Jason that couldnt live with the idea of a life with the love of his life.

  58. Profile photo of blackjack21

    in regards to robin. someone said awhile back that jason may have forgiven her sooner if she would have been living in pc – which i thought was an excellent point.

    when i call them the couple that refuses to be, i really mean no disrespect. it seems, though, that they have ample opportunities to be together and yet never are. they choose not to be no matter what happens. that’s on them (and yes i realize they are not real people, but it is how they are written).

    in regards to kelly monaco’s other projects, she was cast in a show that wasn’t picked up. also, from what i’ve read she chose to stay on the show, just like all the other actors that are given a choice. it is tough times for everyone and having a job is a good choice regardless of the job. steve burton was in a steven spielberg pilot that didn’t get picked up either – steven spielberg for pity’s sake! i don’t think your current job denotes your level of talent. george clooney was in attack of the killer tomatoes. nuf said.

    and just because jaimie newman is in a show doesn’t make it a great show. eastwick is not getting great reviews, however she’s also on eureka which is a critic’s favorite. one actor doesn’t make or break a show. back to you with kelsey grammer and patricia heaton – i thought – was very entertaining, but that got axed too.

    my point is don’t get me started on entertainment stuff because i can and love to talk/debate that all day :)!

    finally, liz/jason fans enjoy what you will – i’m still waiting for aj and carly to get back together – hahaha! say what you want, but sjb and both bw and sk had great chemistry and the love hate thing – like alan and monica! we love who we love and so it goes!

  59. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Eliesalot! LMAO More cutesy names branding Liz a liar, from the fan of a woman who conned five men into marrying them and killed one. Obviously characters lying don’t offend you, or there’s no way you could be a fan of Sam. ;-)

  60. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    GH Lover thanks for coming to my defense. Dillion, I didnt call anyone here a nutjob, just the people that posted the nasty comments about Kelly on Twitter. I never claimed it was our posters, however there have been several instances of Kelly being called a harlot or a skank or nasty right here. (to be clear, not SAM, but KELLY) The issue was raised because Catgotyourtongue kind of got slammed for questioning the “balance” of this site and the fact that it fuels some of the hate. While I disagree with Cat that the site has to be “fair” and have appreciated some of the threads of late featuring JaSam, I felt that I had to perhaps put Cat’s sentiments in to a context…that Sam fans have seen a lot of Kelly bashing of late, something that was never done to Becky in this fashion, and it raises certain concerns. Moreover, there does seem to be a small but vocal group on the net that appear to be Stecky lovers, not just J/L lovers, who talk like they want to see them together in real life – considering they are both married with small children and that this desire is based on the actions of FICTIONAL characters, yeah I think that qualifies as a mark of someone thats a “nutjob”. You may not consider that here or there, but frankly this is a board for saying whats ON OUR MINDS, and that happens to be one of the things with which several of us are concerned.

    Jamey – Dillion claims that perhaps you havent written a column about the improvements at GH the last few months because you havent seen any. I guess that begs the question – HAVE YOU?

    GH Lover thanks for mentioning the Q stuff. That gets glossed over. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see ELQ hire McCall Jackal as its corporate PI. I use to love Eddie and Sam scenes and would love to see Tracy and Sam connect.

  61. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jamey I am glad you liked it. Perkie said she wanted me to change it up a bit, so I am trying my best. I guess I could try to find some that dont have anything to do with lying no matter how often she does. I guess I need to work on something that reflects her love of lead pipes – ElizaLEAD, PIPEabeth…okay they need work – will have to put my thinking cap on.

    Now how about some attention to my improvements question and my theory on Jason’s capacity for forgiveness. (ps. blackjack I am glad my theory on Robin being gone made you consider things differently)

  62. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    I love Liason fans also seem to forget that before Sam was in the picture Jason had a chance to be with Liz again, but who did he chose? O yea thats right he started dating Courtney.

  63. Profile photo of blackjack21

    no problem, i always felt robin got shafted for being honest when everyone lying was supposed to be right. but it took five seconds of her being home for jason to forgive her.

    and while we’re talking about jason’s capacity for forgiveness, i seem to recall him immediately forgiving liz for keeping jake a secret from him. he did forgive his parents, heck he even had a scene of forgiveness and understanding at aj’s grave. we’ve already talked about how he forgave sonny and carly. so maybe we can just say that he is a forgiving person and be done with it.

  64. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Besides the fact that Jason obviously has a HISTORY of forgiving people for things they’ve done to him, Sam is the love of his life. He forgave her for a bunch of stuff he probably wouldn’t have forgiven others for. Ric comes to mind. I can’t even count how many times Jason said he never loved anyone as much as he loved Sam and that he’d never stop loving her. I don’t recall him saying anything like that to PC’s resident stairmaster. Even though this is a fictional show, it can be said that in real life you sometimes find that one person who you love so much that you overlook a bunch of stuff you normally wouldn’t. Sam is that for Jason and he is that for her. As out of character as I thought the whole Sam hatchet job in ’07 was, Jason betrayed her so badly on more than one occasion that I believe he finally broke her by lying about Jake. She had a mental and emotional breakdown, and I’m sticking to that rationalization. :)

    Also, as angry as he ever was with her, it never stopped him from coming to her rescue (TMK, Jerry on the boat, the pit of doom etc.) or confiding in her (Ean Devlin, hit and run, Claudia, Michael, etc, etc, etc.)

  65. Profile photo of Dillon

    Evil Erica – Did I miss a post I made because I don’t remember calling you out on that particular subject, but if you feel guilty about something.

    So unless you can show me where I said EET said such and such, do me a favor don’t call me out.

    In regards to my mentioning of the threats made by fans, some people are acting as that is a good reason to treat all Liason fans with contempt. Which is why its a moot point because it does not invovle people on this site.

    Also, I never said he hasn’t written an article I said maybe he didn’t feel it was getting better.

  66. Profile photo of BigDede

    How is what I said bashing? It’s a fact. ABC signed her to a deal to develop a show for her and it never came about yet people who were bit players got shows coming on ABC. Not just Jamie but that Dr. Delvin is on a show and Diane will be on Cougars. So where is KeMo’s show? Just because the show isn’t getting good reviews, it’s still a show she’s on and KeMo isn’t. KeMo isn’t even getting guest spots on ABC shows. At least the execs. can give her guest spots. Also where are her tv movies. That’s how most soap stars get popular. She still hasn’t done a tv movie. She could do one for Lifetime or something. Fact of the matter, she’s stuck on GH and the writers don’t want to really establish her character at all so they still her with Jason.

  67. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Jamey, you said huge, insurmountable betrayals took place w/ Jasam, but to a JaSam fan it doesn’t matter. In an ABC thread from awhile back we talked about different couples that had done awful things to each other: Alan/Monica, Carl/Rachel, Luke/Laura, Laura/Bill, Holly/Roger and you pointed out that they’re soap operas and if a couple hits a cord with you, you’ll suspend disbelief. And that’s how I feel about JaSam.

    That said, I also made the point that for *me* Todd/Blair were unacceptable because of Todd’s continued abuse of Blair and the children (Todd even kidnapped Blair’s baby and let her believe he died.) Now obviously, it’s all a matter of opinion. For me, Todd/Blair are unacceptable, but to you they’re not. And for you JaSam is unacceptable, but for me they’re not.

    But here’s my question: (correct me if I’m wrong) You think that the continued decline in ratings are a result of people not accepting JaSam, so… Do you think OLTL’s ratings decline is a result of the Blair/Todd/Tea triangle – or to go further, the show’s insistance on making Todd a romantic lead?

    **I ask this w/o having a definite opinion myself. I’ve always said that ratings are not dependent on one couple or character. And while I would *like* to believe that ABC’s decline in ratings has something to do with the misogyny displayed by the network/shows, I can’t say for sure that’s the case**

  68. Profile photo of diallo41

    blackjack — how about I am still waiting for Holly and Robert to get back together the original super couple. 8) But as you can already guess I don’t seem to pick winners. :bigsmile:

  69. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Daisy Clover, I think the Blair and Tea fanbases are not nearly as polarized or organized as the Liason or JaSam fanbases. People aren’t going to tune out in droves because Todd is with one woman or the other, I think that is the case with GH. I think Liason fans tuning out have caused the ratings to tank. Liason fans were tempted and teased, but never given a real coupling. That pissed us off. The same cannot be said for JaSam. They had three long years. Liason fans have been toyed with by this show for a decade, without ever so much as a hint of payoff. They feed us lines of bull about Jason having to sacrifice being with Liz and their family, yet Sonny has populated three counties. I don’t think Todd causes fans to tune out of OLTL. If anything a lot tune in because they love to hate him. All of Todd’s unspeakable acts tend to cause ratings spikes. I think OLTL’s ratings are down because they aren’t pimped one fraction of the amount GH is. We didn’t see a commercial for OLTL during the Daytime Emmys on the CW. 

  70. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Well I certainly respect your opinion Jamey, but I don’t know that I believe GH’s continued ratings decline is about JaSam or OLTL’s decline is about them not having enough ads/promos. But like I said, I genuinely don’t know what to think about the ratings (for any of the shows – including DAYS’ increase).

    I don’t know if we’ll get a blog about the improvements on GH (as EET suggested) but I’d like to throw a suggestion out there – a blog about fan wars, lol!

  71. Profile photo of soapfan_incognito

    I think, more than anything else, that the ratings decline is due to far less women staying home, especially in the last year. For more families, having one parent stay home is not an option anymore and for those of us who do work where do we catch up? Online, DVR, ect… and those channels don’t count towards ratings. I highly doubt that one couple, no matter how suprisingly popular, is affecting the ratings of ALL soap operas.

  72. Profile photo of blackjack21

    bigdede – resisting the urge to be distracted by your impossibly hot avatar, i have to say perhaps you weren’t bashing miss monaco, per se, but your allusions to her not doing much outside of gh seem to imply you don’t think she is talented. obviously i disagree.

    i am not privy to actors’ contracts, but i do think – as has been widely discussed – the women on gh get a lot less leeway than the men with outs. having said that, there are plenty of very talented people on the show that remain solely on the show and don’t pursue other things.

    i think your point was kelly wasn’t the break out star that someone assumed she would be. i don’t know who said that or why she would be singled out. so i can’t argue with your logic there.

    but being successful doesn’t mean having a huge resume, if one or two things on that resume last for a very long time.

    now, i’m going to back to staring at the lovely brilliance that is eric – thank you for that:)

  73. Profile photo of Teach19

    Jamey after watching today’s show all I could think about was what a cruel joke to the Liason fans! I for one thank you for writing, “Dig The Knife in More..” I wanted to scream at my TV. One last rant and then I am done–Tptb want us to believe Jason and Liz separated b/c Jason’s life was soooo dangerous! Well, is Nik’s life soo calm with crazy Granny returning???

    kgbmc—ITA tptb control want is written or not written!!!

  74. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    And the beat goes on……….

    I thought Jason heard Liz’s voice say Jake’s name and turned his head to look at her. Why wouldn’t he? It is his kid and he has spent an inordinate amount of time discussing how he wants to be a family with Liz and her boys but his life is too dangerous. He saw Jake. He saw Liz. They both looked at Jake. They both looked at each other. Freeze frame. This is a soap. They freeze a lot. Edward crashed through. They both started running after Jake and towards the accident. That was the moment Jason forgot Sam existed. He didn’t think of her again until she spoke to him in the hospital. He walked away from her when Jake was taken into the hospital. Cue the music.

    This isn’t a slam against Sam but Jason did what any other father would do and immediately started thinking only of his son. Thinking of your child often includes dealing with the other parent. Liz and Jason have had a long standing friendship for over ten years. I have never been sure why fans of Sam feel the need to ignore that. Jason and Liz have toyed with romance throughout that friendship. Jason told Courtney he loved her. He told Robin he loved her. He told Sam he loved her. He has told Carly that he loved her. I think once upon a time he even told Keesha he loved her. He also told Liz that he loved her. Doesn’t that just make Jason a fickle one? So, he told Sam he never loved anyone like he loved her? He hadn’t yet told Liz that he loved her.

    TPTB have never allowed Jason and Liz to really be a couple. That is a fact. They put them in scenes together and constantly put Jake in peril because they want to cater to a devoted fanbase. They get phone calls and letters and gifts from fans of Liason. They do court these fans. A few fans of Liason send wierd messages to GH and the actors. That does not mean all Liason fans are nutjobs. Also, just because Becky doesn’t have a twitter page does not mean she doesnt get wierd letters from Sam fans. The odds are that she does. Does that mean all Sam fans are nutjobs?

    Some of the comments on this thread imply that DC should stop writing threads about Liason. Why? If Luke and Jamey like Liason, why are their preferences not as valid as Samfans? That hardly seems fair. I have stayed off this site for weeks because Samfans have conveyed this attitude. I have been called a Nazi because I don’t share the opinion that Kelly Monaco is some great actress. Sorry!! That is my opinion. I haven’t been calling her and threatening her. I haven’t been spreading rumors about her family like at least one devoted Sam fan on this site has done in the past about Becky and her family.

    My point is that this fan war will continue and that is a good thing as long as the fans remain respectful of each other. It means we still care about the show. At least, I hope that is what it means. I don’t share the viewpoint that the show is all that improved. They are still only using vets for gimmicks. They still have plot holes that Edward could drive his car through. They still have a young cast that is comprised solely of Sonny’s spawn. They are still treating women with disrespect. They still have characters acting completely out of character. They are still trying to make Rebecca happen. Don’t even get me started on this silly Jason and Sam reunion because that makes zero sense.

    Jason forgave Robin and it took years. By the way, he forgave her for telling the truth. What a crime!!! Sam endangered his child and taunted the child’s mother about it. The two crimes do not compare. Robin acted on what she thought was the right thing to do. Sam got mad because another woman had the object of her desire. How long do you think it will be before they start having Sam ask Jason for a child? Where will the character growth be?

  75. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Sueboo, *no one* on this site has called you a Nazi and a poster did NOT spread rumors about ReH’s family on this site – that person was pointing out that they COULD attack ReH personally the way Kelly has been attacked, but they choose not to. While I could say more, I’m *trying* not to get caught up in this nonsense.

    How about we talk Soaps instead of trashing each other???

  76. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Thank you doodleynoodle.

    I think Becky is smart to distance herself from the fans. She does fan events and that is enough access. I like that a few celebrities allow fans to get a glimse into their show or life. But, that opens the door for the few not so sane ones. It is smart to keep a layer of protection.

  77. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Nothing in my post was trashing anyone. Thank you for making my point for me though. The moment someone makes any post that goes against Sam, there they are to drop the hammer.

    Thanks again!!

  78. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    EET…maybe another name for Liz could be have to do with her being an incubator because she seems to get pregnant by different men. I’m hoping they don’t do a storyline with her being pregnant and not knowing if its Nik or Lucky’s.

    As for someone saying jason getting back with Sam is completely out of character I feel if Liz gets with Jason then thats completely out of her character. Liz is suppose to be portrayed as some saintly character who does no wrong and puts her family first but yet if she is with jason then she is putting her life and her kids life in danger.

    I hate people saying that the decline in ratings is because of Jasam. I wish they would realize its the writing and the show as a whole that the show’s ratings are in decline. But I’m sure all the Liason fans only believe the ratings would go up if there super couple that’s been in the making for 10 years get back together…yea right.

  79. Profile photo of soapfan_incognito

    Even as a Jasam fan I support most of what you said. I admit that it is fun to argue about who our favourite/most hateful couple is. I agree that LIason wasn’t given a chance and I really regret that because it means that we have to endure however many more years with the possibility of throwing a wrench into our (Jasam fans) favourite couple via the Lizzard(as a supercouple jason and sam *must* go through at least a few more awful breakups right?). It would have been far better for us if jason/liz had thier chance and had a horrible messy breakup and then that would be the end of it.

  80. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    jasamfan98 – There seems to be a mistaken idea that all Liason fans think alike and all Sam fans think alike. How could that be true when no two people think alike? I for one do not think that Liason is the answer to GH’s prayers. Do I like Liz? Yes. Have I been a fan of her with Jason? uh, yeah. I do not believe that putting them together would be the salvation of daytime television. I do think that Liz and Jason are two veteran characters who share a child that belongs to most of the core families on the show. Quartermaines, Webbers, Hardys, and Spencers. Did I miss any? It makes a lot of sense to write story that involves Jake. It doesn’t make sense to have Jason and Elizabeth never have contact. It doesn’t make sense that everyone in town but the Q’s know about Jake’s paternity. I have said it before and it appears that I will say it forever, I am a fan of a GH that makes sense. I don’t care who Jason is paired with as long as the writers stop writing nonsense. People do not have the same conversation every day for months. People do not break up and never ever run into the person they have declared to be in love with. People do not forget about past relationships. I was very happy to see Johnny acknowledge Lulu this week. They were in love, broke up, and dropped out of each other’s orbit. When does that happen? They are completely missing opportunity for snarking and discomfort. Of course, this means Johnny will be seriously hurt or die and Lulu will be now remember how she was saying she loved him a few months ago.

    No, I don’t think Jasam are ruining the show. I don’t think Liason would be the answer. I do acknowledge that GH only has so many fans left. Why slap a devoted fanbase and dare them to drop you when you can write a triangle and get the fans to tune in?

  81. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Elizabator…oh soapfan that is an INSTANT CLASSIC.

    Sue, I am not going to have the same old tired arguement with you about what I did and did not say more than a year ago. Needless to say Daisy is right.

    Also, wasnt the whole point some of us were making was that Jason WAS looking at Jake. Who was arguing that Jason didnt notice him or care about his safety? And where was the post about him being faulted for thinking solely of Jake when his son got hurt. But hey, thanks for explaining to me what a parent thinks…without your explanation I would have been lost..um, yeah….

  82. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Since I asked the question, I thought I would share….I hear Jamey posted on his facebook page that in spite of the fact that he hates JaSam, GH is on FIYA. So lets hope that leads to a blog about how much the show has improved!

  83. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I was just stunned to see them on the screen together I figured the babysitters would be there then when they actual were allowed dialog “alone” without Jason’s third leg…I was flabbergasted…

    This is the only show I watch where visual manipulations are employed to separate couples eg Looking for Jake Jason on one side Elizabeth on other partnered up…

    After the soapnet call I didn’t bite the carrot I figured it would be more of the bait n’ switch type of scene…got a little hug about the kid he wouldn’t fight for…but I am kind of sick of them using Jake as a prop for Jason’s storyline…like Ric always said he’s a little slow on the uptake so maybe someone can spell it out…

    Life is short something can happen to his son that has absolutely nothing to do with him and he’s spent zero time with him…. Y/R is a bit more fun for me to watch there even when characters break up they are allowed screen time and even have screen time “alone.”

    What a concept.

  84. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    Elwood…the accident at the carnival wasn’t mob related so I don’t understand what Jason and sam being there has to do with anyone getting hurt. The accident was caused by Edward. just because Jason is not involved in his son’s life doesn’t mean he’s not suppose to care about him. Hopefully this will make Jason see that Jake can get hurt when he’s with Liz and make him want joint custody.

  85. Profile photo of blackjack21

    elwood – i’m unclear: do you like sam or not? you go back and forth. :)

    also, again, if we’re going on shear numbers of sexual partners since introduced to the show, i think the ladies are pretty even.

    to me, jason having a gun was no more out of sync for a carnival than all those women in stillettos. geez, people.

  86. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    to me, jason having a gun was no more out of sync for a carnival than all those women in stillettos. geez, people.


    Bad Blackjack..guns around kids never a good thing :P – besides if some of these chicks didn’t wear stillettos the cameraman would have to pan out 1/4 mile just to get couples in the same shot. :)

    Personally everyone has had musical partners..I mean even LooLoo is catching up. My only thing that bothers me still is the reference to Liz and the oven thing/# of baby daddies, I mean really Carly is going 3 for 3, so it’s not that uncommon.

    Elwood, I really think a prozac is needed and this coming from a diehard Liason fan

  87. Profile photo of blackjack21

    ravennite – i hope you know that was a joke. the prozac this was very funny.

    also, that was my point about partners. i don’t know how names can be applied to one without the other.

    daisy, i think you’ve stumbled onto something – we should start a survival care package for the denizons of port charles.

  88. Profile photo of luvLnL2

    Liason fan here that has been biotch slapped for the last time by the writers! Jason barely mentions Jake or Elizabeth! For all I care, the paternity can be changed with JJ coming back! I don’t want elizabeth anywhere near Jason right now, he doesn’t deserve her!

  89. Profile photo of josser

    The_Moustache said,

    Jason’s chest is bigger than Sam or Elizabeth’s!

    OMG! You are so right! What the hell has happened to Steve Burton and Tyler Christopher? They are both HUGE. I swear, I’m worried that in a fit of hunger they might just go Godzilla and eat all of Port Charles!

    That’s not a look of pain of separate Jason feels about Liz and Jake, that’s the struggle about which one should eat first! To be that big, Jason must be eating a ton of protein!

    Run Liz! Run!

    No, Liz! Turn the other away! Don’t go near Nicholas! He’ll eat you, too!!!

    They must, they must, they must increase their (muscular) busts!


    Those two have been drinking too much Monavie!

  90. Profile photo of mrmrsnever

    thank u jason longs for jake
    he doesnt need to long for sam anymore he has her back and yes!! this site ignores the 2,5 yrs jasam were a super couple
    they have awsome chemisty and have so many s/l dont forget they are a destiny couple

  91. Profile photo of mariari00

    Oh samlizfan I love you! What you said was right on the money! I haven’t been a Liz fan in years since JJ’s days as Lucky, but I must say I do LOVE Niz! They have awesome chemistry! If anything they have been in the making for over 10 years! Are we forgetting Nikolas helped her through the whole Lucky dying stuff? Oh and Nikolas kissed her back in 99! I wish it was Tyler then, but still it was Nikolas! Niz should be endgame and Jasam! That’s all I have to say about that! It’s my opinion! I do agree though that Carly could be a possibility for Jason again! It’s a soap people not real! So anything can happen!! Helena could try and freeze the damn world again and turn out to be a damn Transformer! You never know! Remember when Robin befriended the Alien?

  92. Profile photo of

    They’re ratings hell. What were those to mobsters even doing at a carnival full of kids? Remember, Jason’s OWN words, I shouldn’t be around ANY children, so he brings the mob whore who used his OWN child twice for revenge to the frigging place? Then the asswipe pulls out a REAL FRIGGIN gun at a CHILDRENS CARNIVAL? It’s like they’re TRYING to tank the ratings. Could they make this guy anymore of a hypocritical moronic deadbeat? Jason/Sam/Jake = ALL bad. If he’s gonna be with that slut, NO JAKE, EVER. That walk of pain just cemented his douche bagness. Pain for WHAT? What YOU did to your OWN son with the psycho bitch from hell right next to you? Please. They deserve cancellation.

  93. Profile photo of leslyn

    I dont think the look of pain is because of being separated from Liz but his separation from his son. I hate that he doesnt know Jake and I hope they get to know each other. Liz doesnt belong in his world, but I think but jasam and liason have great chemistry.

  94. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Yep as you say they are playing out ‘EVERY’ Liason beat in this bike ride, the close up shots of the hand holding…

    its “all Jason’s relationships encompassed into one”

    its a copy cat its sad they have to retool Liason for them to work oops that’s right they aren’t

    maybe Franco will give them that V-8….

    Under the sweeps umbrella….
    nothing says I love you like a death threat and a shot in the back…stay tuned…

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