Chris Coghill Returns To EastEnders

Everyone's favorite pedophile Tony King (Chris Coghill) is returning to EastEnders to terrorize Whitney and Bianca one last time, as the trial of Whitney vs. Tony began filming last week, and will air in November.

Tony was last seen in November when the pedophile storyline wrapped up. For more on this story check out Digital Spy's news story here.

Are you glad to see Tony go to court for what he has done? Or do you wish that storyline would have just been dropped?

Thanks DaisyClover for the tip!


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Sounds good, I am loving EastEnders right now - I encourage anyone who hasn't seen it, watch it on youtube! The british really no how to make a soap opera!

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17 March 2009
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I'm a big Hollyoaks fan. And when this storyline came about I watched a few clips from what I could and I was TOTALLY enticed by it. Is there anywhere I can watch it? Usually on youtube, they only post little clips.

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Thanks for the shoutout John Smile

Unfortunately I haven't been watching EastEnders regularly since Danielle died. I'm mad at myself for getting so far behind. I've got to start watching again!

The Bianca/Tony/Whitney story was amazing!! And even though Tony is a complete creep, Chris Coghill is a really good actor and I'm glad he's coming back and they're following through with a trial.

Now if they could just somehow bring my Jase back from the dead...

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I agree Daisy...

and i haven't been watching as well.... *working on a potential blog post now >.>*

Okay class is starting, i can't wait for this trial!!!