The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Ellen

The Real Housewives of Atlanta dropped by the Ellen show on Tuesday, and while Nene is my favorite of the Housewives, it was the recent scenes of Sheree pulling Kim’s wig that interested Ellen. The topic quickly deteriorated into an argument about bounced checks, name calling and accusations of affairs with married men. Ellen tried to separate Sheree and Kim by sitting on the couch between them, but by time they cut to commercial, Ellen almost looked relieved.

When they came back from commercials, the Housewives played one of Ellen’s favorite games, blindfolded musical chairs, and hilarity ensued.  Watch a clip of the entire appearance after the jump.

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    Tonight’s airing of the Housewives of Atlanta was an eyeopener for me. It remindes me of why I do not have any “girlfriends”. The way Nene conducts herself is tragic. Every episode her true personality really surfaces. It is clear that she only gets along with males of the other persuasion. She is a very jealous person and is quick to get offended and tear others down. NeNe is not a DIVA in the slightest form. The title INFANTILE seems much more accurate. Kandi, you are awesome, very talented and I admire the fact that edifing others comes natral for you. Kim is making a wise choice to be around you more often. Kim steer clear of the raging bull(Nene) she is constantly tearing you down and is uncapable of finding the good in you. Sheree, Bravo, it is wonderful to see you so happy with your newfound independence. Work it girl. One word of advise: support your friends whether they are good at what they do or not. It is possible for two friends to share an interest in fashion(wink wink). Lisa, kudos to you for following your dreams. I think you can also be alittle hard on Kim inspite of her faults(which there may be many)but God loves us all.

    Hope Springs Eternal 0:)

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