Guiding Light Triubte on 60 Minutes This Sunday

During the Bauer Barbeque, 60 Minutes Correspondant Morely Safer visited the set of Guiding Light to film a tribute on the 72-year-old sudser. The tribute will feature classic GL clips and interviews from the cast and crew. Be sure to check it out this Sunday, September 13th at 7p.m. ET/6p.m. CT.

For long time Guiding Light fans like myself, be sure to bring the tissues!

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    When 60 Minutes airs segments such as these (profiling actors, musicians,etc.) , they usually don’t air the dirty laundry.

    I hope it’s more like a valentine – this show SURE deserves one! Don’t get me started on that daytime Emmy show fiasco.

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    I don’t buy that it’s CBS censoring Otalia. They let Nuke kiss and have sex, eventually, and when they finally did it was no big deal.

    I think it’s Wheelie. Every instinct she’s had has been wrong. Every idea she’s had has been terrible. The gender relations on the show are extremely offensive. And all the while she actually sees herself as some kind of revolutionary genius because of her TinkerToyCameras, HootervilleSpringfield, and being “daring” enough to ruin every character and destroy every real couple. I think the same thing is happening here. She thinks she’s done something daring just by “going there” when in fact, the lack of physical intimacy has made a mockery of the notion that this is a romantic couple at all.

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    J Bernard Jones

     PREDICTION: The 60 Minutes pice will be less a "tribute" than about 1/3 making fun of GL, 1/3 pointing out how "ridiculous" soaps (and their fans) can be, and 1/3 a declaration that soaps are dying/dead.

    As a loyal viewer of 60 Minutes since the 70’s (Point/Counterpoint, anyone?), I wait — and hope — to be proved wrong.

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    I hate to bring up anchient history, but didn’t Nelson say stuff about Wheeler and Otalia not happening back in December? He made some sort of claim about Wheeler being Mormon in the article and that having an affect. Maybe someone can refresh my memory.

    Otalia not happening would only be a small part of the dirt I would like to be revealed. Otalia never got me, partly due to how Wheeler messed with Olivia already. I was already tired of the show and had quit watching it for months when I stumbled upon Olivia and Natalia’s friendship. I doubt Otalia, partly because of the past. I think Otalia could of been less physical, but the writing made it not fesible. The fact they are a cause causes their not being depicted just so to balloon in importance when in fact they aren’t that important to the show’s cancellation.

    I’m sure this is just a profile story. They didn’t dig up any dirt on that blind autistic kid that could play the pano, did they?

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    Just so you all know, looks like rain-delayed U.S. Open will NOT be affecting GL now that the finals are pushed to Monday. I was wondering if they were going to have to preempt GL with the rain delays. But turns out ESPN2 will cover the Open on Monday afternoon and then CBS will pick up coverage at 4:00 Eastern after GL has aired Monday.

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    I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch it, it’s really going to sad to see it, GL is really good right now there emotions are really coming out, shame. How much you want to bet that GL will be preempted by that tennis shit or news break. I sure hope GL finally get the respect they truly deserve, I doubt it.

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    I enjoyed the 60 minutes piece on GL..It was great…Typically they don’t do awful segments on the performing arts , so I wasn’t expecting a ‘hit’ piece or some frivilous commentary about soap fans.

    It was well done.

    Thanks 60 minutes

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    I liked it too. i was surprised that they interviewed so many great actors abd took them all seriously. I could’ve done with a little less Ellen Wheeler but at least she wasn’t givem us much praise as she has been in the past.

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    The only truth I want to find out atm is who censored Otalia. Since it was most likely CBS, I highly doubt they’d put their own investigative news show to dig that one up.

    CBS= Censoring Broadcasting Bullshit

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    This will NOT make me happy at all, the Y&R part since Y&R airs at 4 pm CT M-F (here in St. Louis, Missouri) which means I’ll miss Monday’s show. Ugh!

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